11 PayPal Alternatives for Nonprofits That Want to Raise More

11 PayPal Alternatives for Nonprofits
Online donation and payment processing tools like PayPal (but better!) that will help you raise more money for your mission
These are some of our favorite PayPal alternatives.

The Best PayPal Alternatives

These are some of our favorite PayPal alternatives.


Best PayPal Alternative

Snowball is an excellent PayPal alternative for nonprofits.

Snowball’s complete suite of fundraising software offers the greatest functionality of PayPal alternatives and was designed specifically to cater to nonprofits, religious organizations, and educational institutions.


Best Affordable Alternative

Fundly is our favorite affordable PayPal alternative.

Organizations that want a cost-effect alternative to PayPal should check out Fundly. Organizations can create a fundraising page on this platform for free! Users can access a host of customizable features and social sharing capabilities.

Soapbox Engage

Best Alternative on Salesforce

Check out the best PayPal alternative on Salesforce!

Soapbox Engage is the best PayPal alternative for Salesforce users, offering an extensive suite of integrated apps. Organizations can ensure that all of their donations are easily and efficiently made while saving the data straight to their CRM.


Best Events Alternative

Qgiv is a favorite PayPal alternative for giving at events.

Qgiv is our favorite PayPal alternative for events. With their many on-site and mobile giving options, supporters can easily show their support wherever and whenever is most convenient for them. Even better, they offer a full suite of online giving tools, too.


Best Alternative for Churches

Donately is a great PayPal alternative for church giving.

Donately is a powerful online fundraising platform that churches can use to easily collect tithes and offerings every week. Plus, their software is easy for congregation members with all levels of technology experience to use!


Best Alternative for Recurring Donations

Donorbox is our top PayPal alternative for recurring donations

Not every donation tool is optimized for recurring donations, but Donorbox’s easy and comprehensive donation process makes it the best choice for quick and secure recurring donations!

Our Favorite PayPal Alternatives For Nonprofits

1. Snowball — Best PayPal Alternative

PayPal Alternative Overview

Snowball offers a complete suite of fundraising software, including customizable donation pages and mobile giving, which allows donors to give in the ways they prefer. This way, you can boost donor engagement, drive increased fundraising revenue, and streamline the entire process.

Find out how Snowball can work for your mission and bring your fundraising practices to the next level! Donors will appreciate the easy-to-use donation tools, and your fundraising team will appreciate how quickly you can raise money for your cause.

One of the best parts? It’s free to get started with Snowball’s Essential Plan! Equip your team with a high-quality donation page, recurring gift functionality, and a built-in CRM dashboard to start bringing in revenue as soon as possible. Then, you can always update to the Premium Plan at $549/year for extra features like text-to-give!

Learn more about Snowball's online donation tools.

Why We Love It

We love Snowball because it’s perfect for organizations of all shapes and sizes— whether you’re a startup nonprofit or a grand-scale university (or something in between). Raising money with Snowball has never been easier!

By compiling a variety of giving methods to choose from, your donors are sure to find an option that meets their needs and allows them to jump right into supporting your mission. Plus, you can collect, organize, and analyze important donor information to help personalize your relationships and build stronger campaigns.

Learn more about Snowball's online donation tools.

2. Fundly — Best Affordable PayPal Alternative

PayPal Alternative Overview

Fundly Pro is a leading crowdfunding platform that has helped nonprofits (and individuals!) raise more than $330 million. This alternative to PayPal focuses on the power of social sharing.

As a result, nonprofits can create a fundraising page with social sharing options, making it easy for supporters to spread the word about your cause.

Creating a crowdfunding page on Fundly is completely free. Users will only pay a 4.9% platform fee and 2.9% + $.30 per transaction once they receive the first donation.

Fundly is a top PayPal alternative for affordable fundraising.

Why We Love It

We recommend Fundly because the fundraising pages are completely customizable, meaning that organizations of all shapes and sizes can use the platform to raise money.

Plus, Fundly comes with other features to help encourage supporters to give to your mission. Nonprofits can add giving levels and perks to their campaigns and post updates to keep donors in the loop.

Organizations can use this crowdfunding platform to expand their reach and raise more awareness.

Fundly is a top PayPal alternative for affordable fundraising.

3. Soapbox Engage – Best PayPal Alternative on Salesforce

PayPal Alternative Overview

Soapbox Engage provides easy-to-use Salesforce apps that help nonprofits use to get started on the world’s top CRM quickly. Their suite of apps will allow your organization to easily collect and then analyze donations in real-time.

Their core donation app includes a number of key features:

  • Direct Salesforce integration to save marketing and transaction.
  • Freedom to choose your payment processing service.
  • No per-transaction fees.
  • Unlimited donation form creation with full customization options.

Not only does the Soapbox Engage donation tool allow your organization to better accept and process donations, but your donors will love the ease with which they can give.

Soapbox Engage is one of the best PayPal alternatives!

Why We Love It

We recommend Soapbox Engage because its suite of Salesforce apps will seamlessly work together to help your organization operate smoothly. Accepting and managing donations can be incredibly easy when your donation app is solidly linked to Salesforce. This extremely affordable software will be the perfect addition to your Salesforce toolbox.

4. Qgiv — Best PayPal Alternative for Events

PayPal Alternative Overview

Qgiv is an all-in-one fundraising solution that offers your nonprofit the tools it needs to raise money online however you want. Create giving pages, collect mobile gifts, launch peer-to-peer fundraisers—the sky is the limit!

What really sets Qgiv apart is their flexible fundraising event tools that anyone can use.

Your team can leverage their giving kiosk to collect on-site gifts or use their text-to-give service to encourage mobile donations.

Qgiv is a great PayPal alternative for accepting gifts at fundraising events.

Why We Love It

We recommend Qgiv because their online giving solutions meet the needs of nonprofits large and small.

Depending on what kind of PayPal alternative your team needs to succeed, they have a well-rounded software package for you.

As your nonprofit grows, you can move from plan to plan and have access to new fundraising tools as you need them.

Qgiv is a great PayPal alternative for accepting gifts at fundraising events.

5. Donately — Best PayPal Alternative for Churches

PayPal Alternative Overview

If your church is looking for a PayPal alternative that really works, look no further than Donately.

With their intuitive giving forms and pages, congregants can opt into weekly or monthly tithes.

Since you can earmark gifts for different church fundraisers, your community will know exactly how their gifts are being put toward your mission.

Donately offers a great PayPal alternative for church fundraising.

Why We Love It

We recommend Donately because it’s a powerful online fundraising platform that anyone can use to create compelling online giving forms and pages.

Not everyone at your church is an online fundraising expert, but with their easy-to-use interface, Donately makes it simple for your team to reach supporters.

Even better is their pricing model: Donately rewards your church for reaching your goals by lowering their fees as you hit fundraising benchmarks.

Donately offers a great PayPal alternative for church fundraising.

6. Donorbox— Best PayPal Alternative for Recurring Donations

PayPal Alternative Overview

Donorbox makes donating online even easier by offering recurring donations. Donorbox accepts once-off and recurring donations from almost all online payment methods, making the process easy for all potential donors.

Even better, Donorbox uses radar and their own anti-fraud tools to ensure that all donor information shared through Donorbox campaigns are safe. Donorbox doesn’t store any card information and the entire checkout process is encrypted. 

By offering users a safe and reliable recurring donation platform, Donorbox is making fundraising that much easier for organizations.

Donorbox is a great Paypal alternative for nonprofits.

Why We Love It

Donorbox ensures that the donation process is easy and comprehensive. They offer customizable donation forms, integrations with users’ favorite apps, tax information and receipts, and analytics provided by Google and Facebook.

By offering features that enhance the donation process from the creation of the campaign through analytics of the campaign’s performance, Donorbox takes the guesswork out of fundraising. 

You can set up your recurring donation system in 15 minutes. From there, you can share your campaign, localize the form in 9 languages, and track your progress using Donorbox’s Goal Meter.

Donorbox is a great Paypal alternative for nonprofits.

Other Paypal Alternatives

7. 2Checkout

2Checkout is a PayPal alternative that has global donation options.

PayPal Alternative Overview

2CheckOut is a PayPal alternative that has a ton of useful features for nonprofits. This company provides organizations with global donation options, fully customizable pages, recurring gifts, and fraud protection. 

Nonprofits will pay a 2.9% + $.30 per transaction processing fee.

Why We Recommend It

While this tool isn’t specifically made for nonprofits, 2Checkout has features many organizations want to improve their online donation forms.

Additionally, 2Checkout offers two different types of forms: standard and inline. With inline donation forms, donors can complete their donation directly on your website.

8. DonorsChoose

DonorsChoose is a PayPal alternative made specifically for schools.

PayPal Alternative Overview

K-12 schools, colleges, and universities looking to raise money online should consider DonorsChoose. The staff will take all the money you raise and send the items you requested on your fundraising page. 

DonorsChoose takes out the cost of shipping, sales tax, fulfillment labor and materials ($30), and a 2% payment processing fee.

Why We Recommend It

Nonprofits can rest assured that they’ll get the supplies they need because DonorSearch handles all the purchasing and shipping.

Plus, by creating a fundraising page on their platform, schools have a better chance of reaching an audience that’s interested in supporting organizations with a focus in education.

9. Apple Pay

Nonprofits can use the Apple Pay PayPal alternative to collect funds from supporters.

PayPal Alternative Overview

Apple Pay, an online payment tool, has a “Donate with Apple Pay” option that nonprofits can add to their donation pages. With Apple Pay, donors can pay using the payment information linked to their Apple devices, saving them time.

Organizations can start using Apple Pay for free with the exception of payment processing fees.

Why We Recommend It

While Apple Pay is a PayPal alternative for nonprofits, it’s only limited to donors with Apple devices, it gives your donors another convenient option when they want to contribute.

Since your donors’ information will be linked to their phones or computers, they won’t have to fill out contact and payment information every time they give.

10. WePay

Nonprofits can use WePay as a PayPal alternative for crowdfunding pages.

PayPal Alternative Overview

WePay is a alternative to PayPal that offers e-commerce and online donation tools. Nonprofits can use their tools to create donation forms and crowdfunding pages. With their tools, your organization can take full control over how the page looks.

If organizations want to use WePay, they’ll pay a payment processing fee of 2.9% $.30 per transaction.

Why We Recommend It

WePay provides organizations with detailed reporting so that you can see which transactions have been declined and why. That way, you can be on top of your donations and avoid fraudulent charges.

Plus, WePay has the highest level of PCI compliance and uses tokenization to keep your donors’ information safe.

11. DonorPerfect

PayPal Alternative Overview

When you process payments with DonorPerfect Payment Services, you are simultaneously entering data, complete with gift designations, into your DonorPerfect system.

From your monthly giving program to your fundraising events – it’s all connected with the same payment processor!

Enjoy getting immediate feedback on the status of credit card payments and deposit of your bank transfers within 2-3 business days. Plus: no hidden fees.

Why We Recommend It

With DonorPerfect Payment Services, you can run an efficient monthly giving program, accept in-person and over-the-phone payments, collect online donations with integrated forms, and accept payments on-the-go with the DonorPerfect mobile app.

DonorPerfect also integrates with 360MatchPro by Double the Donation, allowing you to raise more from matching gifts while using DonorPerfect with our outreach automation tool.

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