Top 16 Nonprofit Website Design Companies

Top 16 Nonprofit Website Design Companies
Enhance your online presence by working with professional nonprofit web design firms.
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Nonprofit Website Design Companies: Our Top 16 Firms

Website Design Tools for Nonprofits

The Top 16 Nonprofit Website Design Companies

Top Nonprofit Website Design Companies

1. Morweb

Try one of our top nonprofit web design companies, Morweb.

Overview of This Web Design Company

Morweb is a nonprofit CMS platform designed to streamline the entire web design and development process, giving your organization more time to focus on creating great content. 

With Morweb, you don’t need to know how to code or have extensive technical experience. 

Using their Live Editor, nonprofits can arrange content exactly how they want with intuitive drag-and-drop functionalities. Through their CMS, you can fulfill your online vision and generate high-quality blogs, visuals, and more that will boost audience engagement. 

Need guidance? Morweb’s customer support team will work closely with your nonprofit to answer questions and make your ideal website a reality. 

Why We Love This Web Design Firm

One way Morweb stands out from the crowd is by offering a wide range of nonprofit website templates tailor-made for many types of organizations. 

Whether you’re a healthcare organization, a community association, or an animal welfare nonprofit, Morweb has an expertly-designed website template for your needs.

Even better, Morweb’s templates are completely customizable, so your team can tailor any of their templates to perfectly serve your online community and align with your organization’s unique branding guidelines.

Nonprofit Web Design Pricing

Morweb offers a variety of packages depending on the needs and scale of your organization. Their starter package is priced at $149/month and comes with SEO tools, live-chat support, a blog module, and more.

Morweb is the top nonprofit web design company for organization that want a simpler approach to web design and development.

2. Cornershop Creative

Cornershop Creative is a leading nonprofit web design company for nonprofits of all sizes.

Overview of This Web Design Company

For 100% customized, full-service web design support, Cornershop Creative is a leading choice for nonprofit organizations of all sizes.

With expertise in visual design, user experience design, custom web development, and CRM integration, the professionals at Cornershop offer everything a nonprofit needs to make the most of its website.

Their services are particularly well-suited for small to mid-size grassroots organizations that are focused on growing user engagement. Intuitive design and streamlined features enable these nonprofits to fully engage online supporters and drive their missions forward.

Why We Love This Web Design Firm

Many web design firms, especially those geared towards larger organizations, wrap up their design projects without offering any additional support over the long run. But Cornershop Creative prioritizes the long-term relationships they build with clients, empowering the organizations they serve with complete training and documentation services, no matter the scope of the project. Plus, their maintenance services ensure clients’ new websites stay at peak functionality and security.

Nonprofit Web Design Pricing

Cornershop Creative’s design and development services are completely customized for each nonprofit, so costs vary. Contact them for a quote, to submit a request for proposal, or to just discuss your needs.

This is a screenshot of the Cornershop Creative website.

3. DNL OmniMedia

DNL OmniMedia is a top nonprofit consulting firm.

Overview of This Web Design Company

DNL OmniMedia, a full-service consulting firm, understands that a strong website is central to your online presence. Their nonprofit technology consultants will work in collaboration with your team to create a website that communicates your mission, resonates with your target audience, and facilitates online fundraising.

Team DNL takes a user-centric approach to web design, ensuring that your site is not only visually appealing but also intuitive and accessible to visitors. Plus, they respond quickly to changes in user preferences and technology trends to guarantee that your website remains relevant over time.

Why We Love This Web Design Firm

DNL OmniMedia specializes in more than just web design. Their experienced team of consultants can oversee all aspects of your technical strategy, including communications, software management, fundraising, and analytics.

After conducting a comprehensive needs assessment, they will identify areas of dissonance within your technology stack and provide recommendations on how to fill in the gaps. Whether you need to make improvements to your existing technology or implement new software, they will ensure your efforts are a success.

Nonprofit Web Design Pricing

DNL’s web development solutions are tailored to meet individual needs. Contact them for a personalized quote.

Visit this top nonprofit web design company today.

4. Kwala

Kwala is our top website design company choice

Overview of This Web Design Company

As our top web graphic design company, Kwala excels in creating high-quality web graphics for nonprofits and mission-driven organizations. Web design firms will often create the layout of a website but not necessarily create high-value graphics — that’s where Kwala steps in.

The skilled graphic designers at Kwala are equipped to transform your nonprofit website with images that will make your content easier for potential supporters to absorb. In addition to web graphics, Kwala also offers a variety of other services, including printed materials, t-shirt graphics, and logo designs.

Whether you’re looking to elevate your website with new graphics or revamp your nonprofit’s branding altogether, Kwala is there to help mission-driven organizations with whatever graphic design needs they may have.

Why We Love This Web Design Firm

What makes Kwala unique is that it’s a subscription-based graphic design company. That means your organization pays the same price each month for an unlimited number of designs and revisions. You won’t have to worry about any fees beyond your monthly payment.

Additionally, Kwala has one of the most impressive assortments of graphic design offerings. While they provide plenty of web design resources, they also create physical materials such as business cards, flyers, brochures, and t-shirts. If your organization has a variety of graphic design needs, you can work with Kwala to fulfill them all instead of leveraging separate providers for web design and physical materials.

Perhaps the best advantage of relying on Kwala is its expert designers. With years of experience in nonprofit graphic design, Kwala’s designers are dedicated to conveying your organization’s mission and helping you rally support for your cause. They understand your specific needs as a nonprofit and are willing to go above and beyond to meet and exceed your expectations.

Nonprofit Web Design Pricing

Kwala offers two pricing options. They recommend their standard monthly pricing for entrepreneurs and small businesses at $439 per month. Agencies and larger businesses have an annual pricing option of $3,999 per year.

If you just have a singular project or task to complete, that’s okay, too! You can request a custom quote from Kwala.

Check out Kwala's website to learn more about the graphic design services they provide for nonprofits.

5. Fifty & Fifty

Fifty & Fifty is not only a frontrunner in nonprofit web design, but also in digital branding and marketing for purpose-driven organizations.]

Overview of This Web Design Company

Meet Fifty & Fifty, a digital agency that collaborates with nonprofits, foundations, and purpose-driven brands to drive social impact. Make no mistake—the Fifty & Fifty team excels in web design and development for social good. But that’s far from their only service.

You’ll also find solutions for digital branding, campaign, and marketing strategies. Whether it’s revitalizing your brand identity, brainstorming compelling social media campaigns, or developing dynamic websites, this full-service digital agency runs the gambit.

With Fifty & Fifty, nonprofits and other social brands can trust that their stories will be crafted into powerful digital experiences—both including and beyond web design.

Why We Love This Web Design Firm

Fifty & Fifty isn’t just an agency of web designers, but also strategists, writers, and developers who’ve dedicated themselves to the art of digital storytelling. Rather than just making something visually appealing, the Fifty & Fifty team takes the time to fully immerse itself in their clients’ stories and bring them to life in the most compelling ways.

Guided by this philosophy, Fifty & Fifty has made waves in the social good space. They’ve worked with organizations as far-reaching as the United Nations Development Programme to more niche missions, such as TUMO. Yet no matter the client, the Fifty & Fifty team always dives into each organization’s mission, brand identity, and goals to craft creative solutions perfectly suited to their needs.

Above all else, Fifty & Fifty is committed to crafting compelling and emotional digital experiences. While other agencies focus on revenue, Fifty & Fifty measures their success by impact, fighting to ensure that their clients’ unique stories are heard.

Nonprofit Web Design Pricing

Fifty & Fifty crafts unique solutions based on each client’s needs and objectives. You can’t put a flat rate on that kind of creativity as web projects can range anywhere from $30k to $150k+, but you can contact their team to learn more.

6. Kanopi

Overview of This Web Design Company

Established in 2010, Kanopi is a full-service web design and development company that has helped nonprofits of all sizes create beautiful websites using the Drupal, WordPress, and Mukurtu content management systems (CMS).

By staying on top of website and user experience best practices, Kanopi can walk you through the entire development process, from designing the website and determining a winning content strategy to ensuring you take full advantage of your CMS. 

With Kanopi, nonprofits can better reach donors and increase their fundraising without worrying about their website.

Why We Love This Web Design Firm

Kanopi understands that while all nonprofit websites are made up of the same building blocks, no two are the same. Many web design firms don’t necessarily take the time to get to know their clients as people, missing out on many of the unique principles and motivators that make the client stand out from others. 

On the other hand, Kanopi emphasizes building trust as the main priority, not building sales. With this mentality in mind, Kanopi works hard to prioritize client needs and values in order to develop the best website for them. This involves implementing a fully customized solution that emphasizes user experience and web accessibility. Kanopi works hard to get to know your true audience, and nonprofits definitely appreciate that when it comes to reaching their donors.

Further, Kanopi sets you up for success even after the website is launched. With a website growth plan, they’ll help you create a strategic foundation to support you going forward. 

Nonprofit Web Design Pricing

Kanopi has monthly support starting at $5,000/month, and full website rebuilds (including strategy, design, and development) starting at $150k. For a more personalized quote, contact them here.

7. Loop

Overview of This Web Design Company

Established in 2012, Loop: Design for Social Good is a full-service creative agency that specializes in strategic branding and web design for mission-driven organizations.

Based out of Toronto, Loop supports progressive nonprofits both locally and across the globe. Their socially conscious team works with nonprofits in a variety of sectors, including environment, gender equality, human rights, LGBTQ+, and other philanthropic causes.

Loop assists their clients by providing ongoing training and support with their web and digital design services that include sitemap and navigation strategy, UX/UI prototyping, and web development via WordPress CMS.

Why We Love This Web Design Firm

While Loop certainly has the skills to support your organization in its web design and development needs, their commitment to personally understanding each of their clients sets them apart.

Their team takes a human-centered approach to design. Loop makes it a point to get to know and understand their partners on a deeper level and create with the perspective of the end-user in mind. That way, Loop can help your team produce comprehensive, consistently branded marketing materials (including an optimized nonprofit website) that accurately reflect your mission and engages your audiences.

Nonprofit Web Design Pricing

Loop’s design work offers flexible pricing for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Contact their team for a quote!

8. Elevation Web

Elevation offers web design services for nonprofits.

Overview of This Web Design Company

Elevation Web uses WordPress content management system (CMS) to build their websites, and they work exclusively with nonprofits.

The universality of WordPress gives nonprofits a multitude of website options that look great on desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Elevation Web also offers marketing services, branding, and WordPress support to their nonprofit clients. They have a whole host of digital tools for organizations to use to maximize donations and create a better online experience for their supporters.

Why We Love This Web Design Firm

Elevation Web has a “1 for 1” matching funds program. For every dollar an eligible nonprofit spends on web design or media-related work with Elevation, the agency will match that dollar, up to $800,000.

Nonprofit Web Design Pricing

You’ll need to contact Elevation Web directly for a quote. When you reach out, you’ll receive a phone call or email from one of their account managers, a cost estimate for your nonprofit’s project, and some strategies for how you can improve your current website.

Learn more about website design on the Elevation website.

9. Wired Impact

Wired Impact logo - nonprofit website tool suggestion

Overview of This Web Design Company

Wired Impact believes that every nonprofit should be able to build a website they’re proud to share with the world, and their services reflect this belief! Every website project includes both the tech and ongoing support nonprofits need to build a website they love, with pricing built solely for nonprofits.

Their web design process includes a dedicated project manager, structure development, tools built specifically for nonprofits, 30-minute tasks (where they’ll make website changes for you), and unlimited support.

Why We Love This Web Design Firm

Wired Impact makes it easy for even non-technical nonprofits to build a site that does their cause justice. The company focuses heavily on ease of use, while giving nonprofits the control to make changes to their sites whenever they’d like. And they connect to thousands of the most popular nonprofit tools out there, including Double the Donation!

Plus, they offer a free website trial so you can make sure it’s the right fit for your project before committing to anything.

Nonprofit Web Design Pricing

Wired Impact offers a variety of pricing plans starting at $99/month and scaling up to $329/month depending on the features you need. There’s no long-term commitment and you’re free to move between plans as your needs change.

Wired Impact homepage - nonprofit website tool suggestion

10. Firespring

Firespring has website design services that nonprofits can benefit from.

Overview of This Web Design Company

Firespring works with nonprofits to help them design websites that work for their fundraising and outreach needs. Once they’ve determined a website structure, they’ll help you create a design and develop branding and color schemes.

Their websites are customized and completely unique. Plus, website hosting comes with any package, and every site is 100% secure.

Your organization will also be able to explore blogging options that include both content and photos.

Why We Love This Web Design Firm

Firespring doesn’t just offer nonprofit website design! They also have fundraising tools, event registration options, solutions for members, marketing services, and integration options, just to name a few.

Nonprofit Web Design Pricing

Firespring’s basic plan is $89 a month, while their premium plan is $129 a month. There are also additional options that your nonprofit can add on to whichever package you choose.

11. We Are Immediate

Overview of This Web Design Company

For over 15 years, We Are Immediate has designed award-winning, powerful, game-changing websites for non-profit organizations. We distinguish ourselves from others by designing each page specifically to meet your mission and marketing requirements. A non-profit website must clearly and compellingly tell your story. This is what we do best – from designing your website to creating content to producing videos, We Are Immediate will help transform your organization. We are deeply committed to world-class technology and best-in-class design. Our websites are created to deliver on your most critical goals including but not limited to increased donations, grant funding, event registration, and memberships. In addition, they are created to raise awareness about your organization and those you support.

Your website is your most effective digital marketing tool…it is the entrance to your organization. Your website should make your goals easier to achieve.  All of our websites are enabled with state-of-the-art Search Engine Optimization (SEO), GDRP, SSL Certificates, Google Analytics (and other analytic tools), ADA requirements, and additional automated functionalities. Not only do we offer our own donation software but can also easily integrate other donation solutions. We also integrate with multiple CRMs including Salesforce. Most importantly we develop websites that are easy to manage for the least technical staff member and provide a video user guide. Additionally, our websites are designed for future expansion and are continuously updated to ensure the highest security possible. Our other services include branding, video production, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Marketing.

Why We Love This Web Design Firm

We Are Immediate understands that non-profit needs are unique and different from other types of organizations. Their process ensures that no requirement is left undiscovered and that your dream website becomes a reality. We Are Immediate works with non-profits of all sizes and provides the same level of care and support regardless of your budget. They are true partners in the long term, offering support and advice long after a website build is completed. Their free resource guide is an example of their dedication to the success of non-profit organizations around the world.

Visit their Portfolio:  A picture speaks 1000 words

Nonprofit Web Design Pricing

Visit We Are Immediate’s pricing page to get a quote.

12. Nonprofit CMS

Nonprofit CMS is more than just a nonprofit web design firm.

Overview of This Web Design Company

Nonprofit CMS uses multiple content management systems—WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Sitefinity—to give nonprofits the utmost flexibility over their web design approach.

Their team will work with you to devise a website strategy, conducting multiple evaluations to thoroughly understand your goals.

Once they’re done building your site, they’ll train you on the CMS so that your nonprofit can have full control over updating your site.

Why We Love This Web Design Firm

Nonprofit CMS doesn’t work for you; they work with you. By conducting multiple needs analyses and providing attentive training on your CMS, the company ensures that your nonprofit plays a large role in the web design process.

Nonprofit Web Design Pricing

Nonprofit CMS’ services start at $5,000 per project. Contact them for a personalized quote.

13. Ironpaper

Iron Paper offers web design services to organizations of all causes.

Overview of This Web Design Company

Ironpaper is web design firm and inbound digital marketing agency that works with both nonprofit and business clients.

Not only can they build you out a beautiful website that keeps your donors engaged, but they can also create a marketing strategy that will help you spread your reach and attract more visibility.

Ironpaper can even provide you with basic online fundraising solutions if needed!

Why We Love This Web Design Firm

Ironpaper’s services are incredibly comprehensive. Their multichannel marketing strategy goes beyond design and includes content, social media, SEO, and more to make your site as impactful as possible.

Nonprofit Web Design Pricing

Get in touch with Ironpaper for a quote.

14. Blackbaud

Blackbaud offers more than just nonprofit web design services.

Overview of This Web Design Company

Many in the nonprofit world know Blackbaud for its comprehensive range of fundraising software platforms.

The company also provides multiple web design services to help organizations build a stronger online presence.

Along with graphic design, the company offers user experience design, web development, and fundraising strategy and analytics services to provide you with an all-encompassing website solution.

Why We Love This Web Design Firm

Since Blackbaud is also a nonprofit software company, your website can be seamlessly integrated with your Raiser’s Edge CRM and other platforms, taking the hassle out of data management.

Nonprofit Web Design Pricing

Contact Blackbaud for an individualized quote.

15. Mighty Citizen

Try one of our top nonprofit web design companies, Mighty Citizen.

Overview of This Web Design Company

Mighty Citizen knows nonprofits, and they know web design, too. This agency helps nonprofit organizations like yours increase their impact and revenue by creating deeper connections with their audiences.

The firm offers an astounding range of digital services, covering everything from creative and user experience web design to branding, marketing and beyond.

With countless nonprofit clients, Mighty Citizen’s experienced team marries data with human-centered design to craft brands, creative strategies, websites, and marketing campaigns that produce measurable results.

Why We Love This Web Design Firm

Mighty Citizen knows the future of fundraising belongs to nonprofit organizations who invest in a relentless and compelling digital strategy, and your website is the most important vessel to accomplish this. If you work with them, your mission becomes theirs.

Nonprofit Web Design Pricing

Visit Mighty Citizen’s website to find out more about their work and how they can help you move closer to your mission.

16. Fat Beehive

Learn more about Fat Beehive's web design services.

Overview of This Web Design Company

Fat Beehive is a London-based web design company who is passionate about working with nonprofits.

The firm will develop a collaborative partnership with you, engaging with your organization as your supporters would to fully understand your needs.

Once they’ve pinned down your goals, they’ll build your website with a CMS and train you on how to use it for easy updates.

Why We Love This Web Design Firm

Fat Beehive’s approach to web design is incredibly friendly. Not only are they personally invested in your organization, but they also avoid web design jargon to make the whole process accessible.

Nonprofit Web Design Pricing

Get in touch with Fat Beehive for a quote.

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