Top Nonprofit Marketing Software: Providers to Know

Top Nonprofit Marketing Software
Use these tools to promote your campaigns and boost donor engagement.
Explore our list of top nonprofit marketing software tools.

The Best Nonprofit Marketing Software

Explore our list of top nonprofit marketing software tools.


Best Automated Marketing Software

360MatchPro by Double the Donation offers nonprofit marketing software that enhances matching gift fundraising.

We might be biased but, matching gifts are great! For organizations looking to improve their matching gift outreach, there’s no better tool than 360MatchPro. Nonprofits can identify potential matching gifts and send reminders to donors about submitting requests. Plus, organizations can track submitted requests to get a more accurate estimate of the funds raised.


Best Digital Marketing Software

MarketSmart offers nonprofit marketing software specifically for planned giving.

MarketSmart offers intuitive technology designed specifically for major and legacy gift fundraising. With their comprehensive tools, organizations can easily qualify, cultivate, and prioritize their prospects. When you have MarketSmart on your side, you’ll improve your communications and take major donor engagement to the next level.

Our Favorite Nonprofit Marketing Software

360MatchPro — Best Automated Nonprofit Marketing Software


360MatchPro’s marketing tools let you automatically receive matching gift eligibility information from supporters via emails and donation forms. They’ll help you send the right information to the right supporters with the help of email customization and analytical reporting.

With the help of their matching gift marketing tools, you’ll have the option to send mass emails and single emails.

Explore 360MatchPro's website to learn more about their intuitive nonprofit marketing software for matching gifts.

Why We Love It

360MatchPro lets you automate your outreach. This way, you can trigger response emails for different donor actions and make sure your messages are always personalized!


Give a representative a call or email to discuss pricing!

Explore 360MatchPro's website to learn more about their intuitive nonprofit marketing software for matching gifts.

MarketSmart — Best Nonprofit Marketing Software for Planned Giving


MarketSmart’s solutions enable nonprofits to interact with donors in a more efficient and genuine way. This way, you can secure loyal support from those who are interested in planned giving.

Using personalized surveys, invite donors to share why they care about your mission. To complete the picture, the system will track donors’ interactions with your website. From here, it will funnel all this data into donor profiles where each is assigned a unique engagement score. Using the intuitive dashboard, you’ll know who’s ready to be contacted and who isn’t quite there yet, so you can effectively market planned giving to the right prospects at the right time.

Take a look at MarketSmart's website to learn more about their comprehensive nonprofit marketing software for better planned giving.

Why We Love It

MarketSmart puts a major emphasis on treating donors with respect and authenticity. Their technology goes beyond wealth data and focuses on getting to know donors on a deeper level. With MarketSmart’s help, you’ll be on the fast track to identifying qualified leads and creating authentic, lasting relationships with high-value prospects.


Contact MarketSmart to discuss pricing and set your organization up for fundraising success!

Take a look at MarketSmart's website to learn more about their comprehensive nonprofit marketing software for better planned giving.

Other Nonprofit Marketing Software


Firespring is a nonprofit marketing tool that comes with graphic design assistance.


Firespring’s marketing software will handle all your marketing worries. They have you covered from email marketing to web design services, and their consultants can walk you through virtually any aspect of your nonprofit marketing strategy.

Plus, just to prove to you how well they can market your organization, they’ll provide you with an amazing return on investment you’ll be tracking with their metrics.

Why We Love It

By subscribing to Firespring’s software solution, you’ll also have access to their graphic design team! They’ll help your brand find its “corporate identity,” or in other words, solidify your branding.


Their plans start at just $89!


MailChimp is an email nonprofit marketing tool.


Mailchimp’s marketing platform will make sure your emails get sent out at the right time and arrive in the right people’s inboxes! You can make API requests and get detailed reports to make sure you’re drawing in new donations.

With easy-to-use email templates, your emails will fall right in line with your organization’s branding.

Why We Love It

Mailchimp can grow as you do and they’ll even help you do the growing with their advanced analytics. You’ll be able to check up on your donations and website activity with their reports.


Mailchimp’s services start at $0 a month!

PG Calc

PG Calc offers customized packages for their nonprofit marketing software.


PG Calc’s marketing services can help extend your online reach! You can carefully develop and craft every email so it connects with recipients and strengthens donor relationships. PG Calc will even help you build a trustworthy and professional-looking newsletter.

When it comes to your website, PG Calc allows for total customization and gives you up-to-date metrics.

Why We Love It

You can customize your own package with PG Calc! Pick from their services like website design, email and eNewletter marketing, direct mail, BatchCalc, brochures, and strategy and analytics to create your personalized package, tailored to you!


Contact PG Calc to discuss pricing!


ActiveCampaign is a nonprofit marketing software that helps automate your tasks.


ActiveCampaign’s marketing software helps you automate your nonprofit’s internal operations and marketing. You can import your contacts or donor profiles and then automate emails!

But that’s not all! ActiveCampaign will help your nonprofit with metrics. You can track page visits to give you real-time analytics.

Why We Love It

They’ll bring their analysis to your social media, too! You can set up automated reactions when your campaign is shared or talked about online.


Their packages start at just $9 a month.


Ortto is a top nonprofit marketing software solution.


Ortto has a great marketing software that keeps you in touch with your donor base. From emails to SMS messages to postcards, your organization won’t leave your supporters’ minds.

Plus, you can integrate your API or AutoPilot to get the most out of your data and personalize every approach for better engagement.

Why We Love It

You’ll be able to turn potential supporters into donors with Ortto’s tracking code (which you can use on websites and apps!).


Ortto’s smallest package starts at $29 a month!


Stelter is a nonprofit marketing software that offers branding services.


If you’re looking for branding capabilities within your marketing software and a focus on planned giving, Stelter is the provider for you. They’ll start your engagement off  by getting to know your organization’s goals so they can properly market your cause!

They’ll tackle your social media and online presence for you so you get as much exposure as possible.

Why We Love It

Stelter will check in with your organization on a regular basis, making sure you’re satisfied with their marketing software and your plan is on track!


Call or email Stelter to receiving packages and pricing!

Constant Contact

Organizations can create automated emails with Constant Contact.


Looking to craft gorgeous emails that will attract donors? Constant Contact understands and has your back!

They’ll automate your emails so your message gets to the right person at the right time. You can sort contacts into different groups to make sure every supporter gets a personalized outreach.

Why We Love It

Constant Contacts’ templates format perfectly for everything from 15” screens to social media snippets.


With no long-term contracts and a free 60-day trial, their packages start at just $20 a month!


With GreenRope's nonprofit marketing software, organizations can schedule social media posts.


Although they’re a traditional CRM, GreenRope can help with marketing too! Between website tracking, functioning workflows, and marketing automation, GreenRope will help your nonprofit gain a competitive edge.

They offer social engagement tools and surveys all to help you collect important data!

Why We Love It

You can schedule posts and track your social media feeds through GreenRope’s dashboard! And don’t forget the detailed reports that come along with their social integration.


Their packages start at $149 a month!


Organizations can use the nonprofit marketing software at Vertical Response for free.


Do your emails and social media profiles need some sprucing? Then VerticalResponse is your one stop shop!

If you’re not comfortable designing emails even with a template, don’t worry! A Vertical Response expert will help create a template that will suit your nonprofit’s branding perfectly. Don’t forget you can automate these gorgeously crafted emails, too!

Why We Love It

You can start using their services for free! With no expiration, no trial period, and no credit card required, how can you say no? As long as you have under 300 contacts, you’re set!


While their packages start at $0 a month, their next option is priced at $11 a month.

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