Donor Management Software: Our Top 15+ Picks (Updated 2022)

Top 15+ Donor Management Software
Build better relationships and organize your outreach using top-notch donor management tools.
Check out our donor management software top picks.

Donor Management SoftwareBest Software For…Integrated with Double the Donation?Learn More!Visit Their Website!
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SalsaAll OrganizationsRead our review.Visit Salsa’s homepage!
BloomerangNonprofit CRM Read our review.Visit Bloomerang’s homepage!
KindfulDonor AnalysisRead our review.Visit Kindful’s homepage!
LumaverseDonor ManagementRead our review.Visit Lumaverse’s homepage!
DonorPerfectGrowing NonprofitsRead our review.Visit DonorPerfect’s homepage!
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Grassroots UnwiredCanvassing SoftwareRead our review.Visit Grassroots Unwired’s homepage!
RegpackEvent PlanningRead our review.Visit Regpack’s homepage!
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AplosBookkeepingRead our review.Visit Aplos’s homepage!

360MatchPro —Best Donor Management Software for Matching Gifts

Donor Management Software Overview

360MatchPro’s matching gift donor management software lets your organization manage, market, and automate your matching gifts. From automated matching gift identification to actionable insights for next steps, 360MatchPro has your back the whole way through the matching gift process.

With their match portal, email domain screening, automated outreach, and process tracking, organizing your matching gift data has never been easier.

Why We Love This Donor Management System

Because 360MatchPro knows how important your donors are, their software lets you automate customized acknowledgments for when donors submit matching gift requests and for when your organization receives the matching gift. No donor will go unthanked with 360MatchPro. Not to mention, it also integrates seamlessly with a lot of your other nonprofit technology—including other donor management systems on this list.

Donor Software Pricing

Contact 360MatchPro for a quote on their matching gift management solutions.

CharityEngine — Best All-in-One Donor Management Software

Donor Management Software Overview

CharityEngine equips nonprofits with a suite of tools that fulfill nearly all of your organization’s software needs, making this solution our top pick for all-in-one donor management software.

The majority of donor management software solutions focus exclusively on a few key features, forcing nonprofits to purchase and integrate many separate solutions to manage their donors effectively. Researching and investing in multiple solutions quickly wracks up time and money that could be spent marketing to donors and fulfilling your organization’s mission. 

CharityEngine’s donation management system provides nonprofits with a CRM, fundraising capabilities, donor profiles, event management features, advocacy tools, a payment processor, and reporting functions all in a single solution.

Why We Love This Donor Management System

Because CharityEngine‘s features and solutions are all a part of a single solution, all of your data is stored in one centralized location, making it easy to streamline data from one campaign to be leveraged for another and ensure important information is never lost. Plus, CharityEngine integrates with external solutions such as Double the Donation’s matching gift database.

Check out CharityEngine for your nonprofit's next all-in-one donor management software solution.

Integrates with Double the Donation

With the 360MatchPro and Charity Engine integration, your organization can take your fundraising to the next level with corporate gift matching. Corporate gift matching can help your organization raise more revenue without ever asking donors for money. 

After a donor completes a donation, 360MatchPro will then provide them with actionable next steps to complete the matching gift process directly to their inbox! With automated customizable matching gift outreach, 360MatchPro can connect donors to their matching gift program application with just one click – meaning more completed matches and more revenue for your organization!

The CharityEngine and 360MatchPro integration can be easily activated by following this step by step integration guide or watching and following along with this video integration guide.

Salsa — Best Donor Management Software

Donor Management Software Overview

Salsa’s donor management software allows you to track supporters holistically and make intelligent decisions to engage, retain, and connect with each one. This software solution is powered by SmartEngagement Technology, which combines industry best practices with machine learning and automation features. With SmartEngagement, nonprofits can optimize their fundraising strategy and maximize limited time and resources.

As a donor management platform, Salsa offers rich donor profiles and intelligent reporting. These powerful tools will allow you to spend less time deciphering data and more time connecting with supporters. Automated and personalized messages (including gift acknowledgments, fundraising appeals, and advocacy campaigns) ensure you never miss the opportunity to activate a supporter.

Why We Love This Donor Management System

With Salsa’s unified platform, your supporter cultivation and communication efforts are seamlessly integrated for more relevant, timely, and compelling engagement. Salsa helps your team work smarter to accomplish more and drive your mission forward.

Donor Software Pricing

Salsa’s pricing varies based on list size. Contact them for a personalized quote on their donor management software.

Integrates with Double the Donation

With the Salsa Labs and 360MatchPro integration, your organization can utilize the power of corporate gift matching. 360MatchPro is Double the Donation’s leading gift matching automation platform that helps your organization raise more money, better engage donors, and save staff time. 

360MatchPro helps you identify matching gifts opportunities and drive those matches to completion to increase revenue for your organization. With customizable automated outreach and follow up emails, 360MatchPro and Salsa Labs supply your donors with actionable next steps to complete the matching gift process

You can get started with 360MatchPro and Salsa Labs in just a few clicks by following this integration guide.

Here's an example of automated outreach for end-of-year fundraising and matching gifts.

Bloomerang — Best Nonprofit CRM

Donor Management Software Overview

Bloomerang’s donor management software was developed by fundraising professionals who understand the importance of building relationships with your supporters and donors. It includes features that help fundraising professionals not only capture initial donations, but also focus their efforts and attention on retaining their supporters for the long haul. 

The interactive dashboard offered by Bloomerang shows the organization’s retention rate front and center, making it easy for nonprofits to track and improve this important metric. Other features, such as comprehensive donor profiles and customizable reports, provide nonprofits with the remaining tools to develop impactful fundraising and stewardship strategies.

Why We Love This Donor Management System

The team behind Bloomerang recognizes what nonprofit professionals want to see when looking at their donor data. That’s why their Engagement Score for each supporter takes into account all engagement metrics, from events attended to emails clicked through to surveys completed. From this score, nonprofits can identify and reengage supporters in danger of lapsing while also identifying top contributors.

Donor Software Pricing

Bloomerang’s standard pricing starts at $99 for up to 1,000 records saved in the CRM. However, they also offer specialized pricing for small shops to help them get started. This pricing ranges from free to $79 and is applicable for nonprofits with between zero and 750 records in their system. 

Integrates with Double the Donation

Amplify your donor management efforts through Bloomerang’s turnkey integration with the industry-leading provider of matching gift technology, Double the Donation.

With these tools in place, you can ensure donation records are flowing seamlessly into 360MatchPro to identify match-eligible donors, follow up with potential matches automatically, and drive more matching gift funding to your organization.

Get started with Bloomerang and 360MatchPro by following the quick and easy steps outlined in this integration guide.

Bloomerang's donor management software integrates with 360MatchPro

Kindful — Best CRM Software for Donor Analysis

Donor Management Software Overview

Kindful’s complete CRM solution helps you get to know your supporters like never before. With Kindful, your organization can track, report on, and analyze the various aspects of engagement for every donor. Plus, their fundraising tools and integrations make it easy to streamline these records.

You can set up communciation based on donor engagment to help retain more donors with built-in email functionality as well as integrations with other popular email platforms.

Why We Love This Donor Management System

Kindful offers a holistic view of the donor lifecycle, helping nonprofits better understand each stage of the relationship. This will help with the acquisition process and building donor relationships and retention.

Donor Software Pricing

Kindful’s CRM pricing tiers start at just $100 per month! Each tier is scalable for the size and needs of your nonprofit.

Integrates with Double the Donation

With the Kindful CRM and 360MatchPro integration, you can drive more revenue for your organization through employer gift matching. You can identify more match-eligible donors and drive those matches to completion with 360MatchPro’s automated, customizable outreach.

As donation records flow into your CRM and subsequently the 360MatchPro portal, you will be able to identify more match-eligible donors and drive those matches to completion with actionable next steps being sent directly to your donors! Leveraging your Kindful CRM data with 360MatchPro’s intuitive software allows you to grow your matching gift revenue without expending any more time or resources. 

You can get started with the Kindful and 360MatchPro integration today using this integration guide!

360MatchPro can integrate with your fundraising platform to grow your revenue with matching gifts!

Lumaverse — Best Overall Donor Management Software

Donor Management Software Overview

Lumaverse is an all-in-one nonprofit software solution that empowers organizations of all shapes and sizes to better manage any kind of supporter—including donors, members, volunteers, and event attendees. With Lumaverse, you can build stronger relationships with both casual and long-time constituents, personalize your fundraising outreach, and utilize data-driven solutions for your mission.

Even further, Lumaverse comes equipped with unique and easy-to-use marketing and outreach tools to send all sorts of communications such as e-blasts, newsletters, and automated acknowledgments and reminders.

Thanks to all these tools and more, one nonprofit organization even saw donations increase by 640% (yes, you read that right!).

Why We Love This Donor Management System

Lumaverse’s nonprofit CRM and donor management system comes with more than 200 ready-made reports while also allowing each organization to generate customized insights with advanced reporting tools.

When paired with their robust wealth engine integration, you’ll be able to collect, organize, and analyze donor data in a way that helps you make more compelling asks and raise more dollars each year.

Donor Software Pricing

Lumaverse offers a comprehensive donor management software solution with pricing plans that begin at $100/month depending on the number of records you’ll be managing. Or, get started for 30 days with a free trial.

Check out Lumaverse's website for more information on their donor management software.

Integrates with Double the Donation

Lumaverse’s donor management software Fundly offers a top matching gift integration by partnering with Double the Donation. By activating Double the Donation’s matching gift automation solution 360MatchPro alongside your organization’s CRM, you can easily put an automated matching gift strategy in place to uncover and follow up with opportunities—all without lifting a finger.

Dive into matching gift fundraising with Lumaverse and Double the Donation with this helpful integration guide.

Lumaverse's donor management software integrates with 360MatchPro

DonorPerfect —Best Donor Management Software for Growing Nonprofits

Donation Management Software Overview

With DonorPerfect’s donor management software, your donors’ information is securely stored and easily accessible through their intuitive navigation! Supporter profiles are even customizable so you can find the best layout for you to collect and organize data.

This way, you can find the right supporter profiles quickly and send the right supporters the appropriate messages. Don’t forget you’ll be able to review pledges, gift history, or your voice-to-text notes.

Why We Love This Donor Management System

You can manage this software from your cell phone! DonorPerfect’s free app of course lets you add new donors into your system, but it also lets you search your donor base and edit their profiles. You can call, email, and text your donors directly from their profiles.

Donor Software Pricing

DonorPerfect’s packages start at just $89 a month.

Check out the DonorPerfect website to learn more about their donor management software.

Integrates with Double the Donation

One key feature offered by DonorPerfect’s donor management software is a native integration with the leading provider of matching gift technology—Double the Donation’s 360MatchPro. With a direct link established between the two platforms, organizations can ensure that each and every matching gift opportunity is followed up with, driving more matches to completion and ensuring no prospective match revenue slips through the cracks.

Once the two systems are synced, new donation records are set to flow from DonorPerfect’s CRM into 360MatchPro’s matching gift database. From there, donors will be prompted to utilize Double the Donation’s software to determine their match eligibility and are provided with match program guidelines and next steps for completion.

Ready to get started? Learn how to activate the integration between DonorPerfect and Double the Donation here.

DonorPerfect's donor management software integrates with 360MatchPro

SimplyFundraisingCRM—Best Donor Management Software for Easy Fundraising

Donation Management Software Overview

SimplyFundraisingCRM is a fantastic donor management solution for organizations looking to elevate their supporter relationships and overall management strategies while saving time and raising more for their causes. The CRM also boasts extreme measures to ensure donor data remains protected and secured⁠—including AWS security technology and high levels of data encryption.

Additionally, the SimplyFundraisingCRM platform leverages high-tech artificial intelligence, fundraising automation, unusual gift management, reporting and analytics, and more, but it’s easy enough that anyone can use it! Not to mention, you can have an unlimited number of users managing your account so that everyone has access to the information they need.

Why We Love This Donor Management System

One of the reasons that SimplyFundraisingCRM stands out from the crowd is its emphasis on offering fundraising support and expert advice. Nonprofit clients can easily access informational how-to videos and detailed guides on-demand, or get in touch with their live support team for more personalized assistance.

Donor Software Pricing

Depending on the number of records and level of functionality and support you’ll need, SimplyFundraisingCRM offers a range of pricing options for any sized nonprofit. The Simply Plan begins at only $19/month, and organizations can sign up risk-free with a 30-day free trial!

Take a look at SimplyFundraisingCRM's nonprofit CRM.

Integrates with Double the Donation

Looking to raise even more money for your nonprofit organization? SimplyFundraisingCRM’s technical integration with Double the Donation can help you do just that with corporate matching gifts.

By leveraging Double the Donation’s matching gift automation tool 360MatchPro, SimplyFundraisingCRM users can effectively promote matching gift opportunities to their supporters and make the most of this often underutilized source of corporate funding.

This solution allows nonprofits to quickly and easily incorporate matching gift information directly into their online donation pages, encouraging donors to interact with an optional company search tool embedded within the form. Then, for donors who entered their employer’s name (or were otherwise flagged as likely match-eligible), the automation tool triggers tailored and personalized outreach, including company-specific matching gift guidelines. All without your fundraising team having to lift a finger!

You can get started with the SimplyFundraisingCRM and 360MatchPro integration today using this integration guide!

Raklet—Best Membership Management Software

Donation Management Software Overview

Raklet is a modern, cloud-based, member management software provider dedicated to equipping member-based organizations with the communication, management, and fundraising tools they need. This platform serves over 4,600 groups in more than 27 countries, reaching 1.4 million members worldwide.

The Raklet system allows organizations to better engage with members, personally nurture audiences, raise money through sales and donations, and build strengthened communities over time.

Why We Love This Donor Management System

Raklet serves a wide variety of clients, ranging from churches and nonprofits to political parties, businesses, creators, and more. If your organization involves members of any kind, Raklet may be the perfect solution. Plus, they’re affordable for all sizes of organizations, while continuously streamlining and improving day-to-day operations.

Donor Software Pricing

Raklet’s pricing varies depending on the features and functionality that the user needs. To get started, they offer a free plan with additional upgrades available for increased records, storage, admins, and more.

Integrates with Double the Donation

Raklet integrates with Double the Donation’s industry-leading matching gift software provider, 360MatchPro, to provide its clients with powerful matching gift automation solutions. This partnership equips organizations to raise significantly more through matching gift revenue while saving time and effort for their staff.

When Raklet users enable 360MatchPro in their donation forms, donors will be exposed to matching gift information directly within the online gift confirmation page. This can help close the knowledge gap surrounding matching gifts by increasing awareness of these programs and providing donors with detailed information about their employers’ offerings.

You can get started with 360MatchPro and Raklet in just a few clicks by following this integration guide.

Here's how Raklet's donor management software integrates with Double the Donation.


Donation Management Software Overview

Arreva’s software is easy to use and easy to learn. They say their software “adapts to your process, not the other way around.” With their solutions, you’ll be able to view all your donors’ information in one centralized location. Forget scrolling, searching, and leaving the page!

You’ll also get easy one-click reporting! Plus, you’ll be able to integrate marketing strategies to take your nonprofit one step further. With Arreva, you’ll stay on top of donor management.

Why We Love This Donor Management System

Arreva’s tracking strategies let you manage all your donor interactions, looking through conversations to target the appropriate supporters and allowing you to set reminders for different individuals.

Donor Software Pricing

Arreva suggests scheduling a demo or speaking to their support staff to discover the best package and price for you.

Arreva Donor Management Software Logo

Integrates with Double the Donation

With the Arreva and 360MatchPro integration, you will be able to take your fundraising to the next level with corporate gift matching. By integrating 360MatchPro with your Arreva OnlineFundraising or ExceedFurther accounts, you will be able to connect your donors to the gift matching process right after they have completed their donation. Combining the powers of Arreva and 360MatchPro make it so no matching gift opportunity goes unnoticed. With the simple integration, you can save your organization time while increasing donations!

Arreva provides valuable fundraising solutions for nonprofits and with the corporate gift matching abilities of 360MatchPro, your organization can take your fundraising to the next level.

You can easily activate the Arreva and 360MatchPro Integration by following along with this integration guide!

Dedicated Matching gifts page with 360MatchPro search tool

Raiser’s Edge

Donation Management Software Overview

With features built to help nonprofits improve efficiency while engaging with constituents, Raiser’s Edge is an all-in-one fundraising and donor management platform.

Raiser’s Edge comes with a variety of customizable donor management tools, including comprehensive donor profiles, segmented constituent lists, and donor communication tools. With Raiser’s Edge, you’ll never lose sight of vital donor data!

Why We Love This Donor Management System

Raiser’s Edge combines fundraising with the power of effective donor management! With this platform’s features, you’ll also be able to manage multiple fundraising campaigns, process online and mobile gifts, and stay on top of major or planned gift prospects.

Donor Software Pricing

You’ll need to contact Blackbaud for a personalized Raiser’s Edge quote.

Raiser's Edge is an all-inclusive fundraising and donor management software.

Integrates with Double the Donation

Alongside your Blackbaud-powered tech stack (of which Raiser’s Edge and Raiser’s Edge NXT are included), 360MatchPro can help your organization elevate its matching gift fundraising strategy to new levels.

With these tools in place, your team can quickly identify more match-eligible donors while utilizing automated email streams to ensure no matching gift opportunity goes unnoticed. The Blackbaud and 360MatchPro integration also tags and tracks match-eligible donors, allowing you to follow the entire matching gift process from start to finish – and then use these insights to craft efficient and effective matching gift campaigns.

Learn how to get started with the Raiser’s Edge and 360MatchPro with our detailed integration guide here.

Raiser's Edge donor management software integrates with 360MatchPro

Blackbaud CRM

Donation Management Software Overview

Designed for large to enterprise-level nonprofits with highly complex needs, Blackbaud CRM is one of the most expansive donor management software options on the market.

If you need a donor management platform that can be customized to fit a wide range of engagement strategies, including marketing, fundraising, and prospect research, Blackbaud CRM might be the right fit for you!

Why We Love This Donor Management System

Blackbaud CRM’s constituent relationship management tools span more than just donors. With this platform, your organization can manage relationships with volunteers, members, major donors, prospects, and more. You can even customize the relationships you track to make them unique to your nonprofit!

Donor Software Pricing

Blackbaud CRM prices are customized to each nonprofit’s donor management needs.

Blackbaud CRM is an expansive donor management software solution designed for large nonprofits.

Integrates with Double the Donation

A variety of Blackbaud solutions integrate with 360MatchPro by Double the Donation. The combined power of these software solutions allows your organization to automate the matching gift process to drive more revenue for the cause.

You can quickly and easily integrate 360MatchPro with Online Express, NetCommunity, Raiser’s Edge NXT, Luminate Online, and Blackbaud CRM with each of these guides. Through the seamless partnership, Blackbaud and Double the Donation empower fundraisers to raise more by quickly and easily raising awareness of matching gift opportunities and driving more corporate matches to completion.

Other Donor Management Software

Dataro — Best Donor Management Software for AI-Driven Fundraising

Dataro is a top donor management software.

Donor Management Software Overview

Dataro is a leading provider in an area that’s quickly emerging as a new frontier in fundraising: artificial intelligence.

Their machine learning system integrates directly with leading CRM platforms to deliver reliable predictions based on previous interactions with donors. These data-driven insights can help you plan more targeted and effective campaigns based on what you already know.

Which donors will be most receptive to your next direct mail appeal? Who’s ready to convert to your monthly giving program? Who’s at risk of lapsing and not giving again? Dataro takes all the guesswork out of answering these questions with predictions generated using advanced artificial intelligence.

Why We Love This Donor Management System

Dataro is a valuable addition to any nonprofit’s donor management toolkit. In recent years, organizations of all sizes have learned the importance of actively tracking donor data to inform their future strategies. The challenge, however, is finding the time and resources to put all that data into action.

Dataro uses innovative technology to simplify the entire process and reduce time-consuming manual data analysis. For instance, their AI-driven predictions helped Greenpeace see a 22.8% improvement in ROI for a direct mail campaign in just 65 days!

Donor Software Pricing

Dataro subscriptions are available on a tiered pricing structure based on the number of constituent records in your database and how many donor modules you want. Set up a free demo account to see their innovative AI-driven platform in action.

Dataro's donor management software uses predictive analytics to help you plan more targeted campaigns.

Grassroots Unwired — Best Donor Management Software for Advocacy Organizations and Political Campaigns

Grassroots Unwired is a top donor management software.

Donor Management Software Overview

Grassroots Unwired’s virtual canvassing software allows non-profits, grassroots organizations, and political campaigns to seamlessly collect and manage donor data. With real-time data availability and accessibility, your organization can connect with supporters anywhere and at any time.

With the ability to text and video chat, Grassroots Unwired equips canvassing teams with the ability to build relationships with your supporters while simultaneously staying in contact with their group directors. This allows for comprehensive management of all volunteers, even as they hit the streets to knock on doors.

Why We Love This Donor Management System

Grassroots Unwired’s canvassing software creates a two-way conversation between supporters and your campaign. With customizable, multilingual scripts and script branching, volunteers will never be at a loss for what to say, and voters are invited to continue the conversation in automatically emailed follow-up surveys and social media posts.

Donor Software Pricing

Request a demo to learn more and contact them for a quote that fits your budget.

Regpack — Best Donation Management Software

Regpak is a top donor management software.

Donor Management Software Overview

Regpack’s all-in-one donor management software includes fundraising, reporting, and communication tools. By centralizing your donor information in a single place, Regpack aims to help nonprofits stay organized and avoid the hassle of integrating multiple software systems. 

Along with including a CRM, membership management tools, and a payment processing system, Regpack allows users to customize their software experience. Reports, communication, and donation forms can also be changed to meet your nonprofit’s exact needs. 

Why We Love This Donor Management System

Regpack’s variety of tools isn’t a sign of quantity over quality, either. Regpack’s payment processor’s recurring billing software allows nonprofits to gather more reliable donations, Regpack’s forms use conditional logic to create a more interactive user experience, and Regpack’s membership management software allows nonprofits to stay in contact with members as a whole and on an individual basis.

Doubleknot — Best CRM for Cultural Nonprofits

Doubleknot is a top donor management software.

Donor Management Software Overview

Put your supporters first with Doubleknot’s comprehensive CRM. This system is the ideal tech solution for nonprofit cultural attractions. With just a few clicks, you’ll have access to complete and accurate data about all of your visitors, members, and donors.

Doubleknot’s CRM solution makes it easy to track revenue, constituent participation, and more.

Best of all, every transaction and interaction is stored in a single database, giving you a 360-degree view of your constituents and operations.

Increase revenue, promote attendance, and reward supporters based on the useful insights you earn with this management software.

Why We Love This Donor Management System

Growing support for your cultural organization has never been simpler!

With Doubleknot’s CRM software, collect data on constituents with ease. Track individuals’ attendance, memberships, donations, registrations, reservations, and merchandise sales. Then, develop targeted programs and offers for each visitor, member, and donor based on their data.

Donor Software Pricing

Schedule a demo or speak with their support staff to get started with Doubleknot.

Learn more about Doubleknot's donor management software features from their website.


Donor Management Software Overview

Over 90% of American adults own a smartphone, so wouldn’t it be a missed opportunity to avoid everyone’s favorite device? Snowball says yes! While they’re not strictly a donor management software, Snowball helps you manage donors and their donations with text giving, online donations, and email buttons!

Snowball’s easy-to-use online forms only require two clicks! Your nonprofit will set up donation options for a quick transaction and then, donors just confirm via email!

Why We Love This Donor Management System

Snowball’s text giving is only a two-step process! With your own dedicated number, you’ll get paid faster and connect with donors in a new way. A speedy donation process is beneficial for reducing donor abandonment.

Donor Software Pricing

Snowball Basic is free with a 2.9% processing fee and 30¢ deduction per transaction.

Snowball is a top donor management software solution for nonprofits who need giving tools.


Aplos users get a list designer with their donor management software.

Donation Management Software Overview

Aplos knows fundraising works best when you focus on building relationships with your donors! Their software helps you take control of your communication strategy with tips on how to approach different donor types.

And of course, they’ll help you out with email marketing, too! Between templates and mass emails, you’ll keep in touch with all your supporters.

Why We Love This Donor Management System

Aplos offers a list designer with their package, which means you can customize the different groups you put your donors in for outreach. It’s easy to navigate through groups and filter through your contacts!

Donor Software Pricing

If you have less than 500 donor profiles or contacts, Aplos is only $50 a month.

Learn more about the donor management tools available at Aplos.

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