11 Membership Management Tools for Nonprofits and Associations

Fonteva#1Nonprofits, Associations, & Universities
Church Community Builder#2Churches
Advanced Solutions International#4Nonprofits & Associations
Wild Apricot#10Nonprofits & Associations

Our Favorite Association Management Software

1. Fonteva

Fonteva offers comprehensive member management tools for organizations of any kind.


Fonteva provides “the future of association management software” for nonprofits, associations, and virtually any other type of membership organization or program.

Fonteva’s unique solutions can help you track member data, customize the membership experience, and enhance retention rates. With Fonteva on your side, your staff will never need to worry about productivity again!

Why We Love It

Fonteva’s association management software was designed to be fully customizable. You don’t need to have any coding knowledge to configure your software to meet your needs. Plus, you can adjust or update your software at any time, so your solution is never out of date!


Fonteva offers multiple solutions depending on your needs, so contact them for a personalized quote.

Other Top Membership Management Software

2. Church Community Builder

Church Ommunit is a membership management program for faith-based organizations.


Church Community Builder (CCB) offers web-based church management software that is designed to help churches form more meaningful relationships with their congregation members.

The company provides software coaches that help faith-based organizations align their people, processes, and software. Because CCB’s focus is on people, their software is highly intuitive and easy-to-use.

Why We Love It

CCB was designed by people who played a role in church planting and administration. They understand the frustrations that come along with managing a congregation and want to help churches overcome these challenges.


Reach out to Church Community Builder for a price quote. Prices vary depending on the size of church or organization.

Learn more about church membership management software.

3. 360Alumni

360 Alumni is the a membership management program for universities and colleges.


360Alumni is alumni management software that helps universities keep up with their graduates.

This software features an interactive alumni map, user-created events and groups, email marketing, and user-posted jobs and careers. You can also choose to integrate with some of the top CRM software such as DonorPerfect, Blackbaud, and SalesForce.

Why We Love It

360Alumni’s interactive alumni map updates in real-time and allows colleges and universities to keep track of their graduates. It’s a great way to connect individuals to their alma maters.


Contact 360Alumni directly for a personalized price quote.

Schools can use the 360 Alumni membership management software to track past students.

4. Advanced Solutions International

Track memberships with ASI.


Advanced Solutions International (ASI) has an association and membership management tool that helps nonprofits boost their member engagement and retention rates while making it easy to track and report data.

Their software also allows members to join and renew their memberships, register for events, and buy nonprofit merchandise.

Why We Love It

ASI is one of the leaders in the nonprofit database and membership management world. They’ve been around since 1991, so they know what they’re doing!


ASI’s packages start at $150 per user per month. For a custom package, you can request a personalized quote.

Learn more about ASI membership management software on their website.

5. BroadPoint

Boardpoint is a simple membership management program that nonprofits can use.


BroadPoint’s member management software helps nonprofits manage large databases of members (and donors!) and allows them to track their interactions with individuals.

Organizations can also keep tabs on the effectiveness of their various campaigns and social engagements. Members are able to give feedback to nonprofits, creating a better membership experience for both parties.

Why We Love It

Because members are able to give feedback directly to the nonprofit, organizations who use BroadPoint’s software can create a more fulfilling membership experience.


BroadPoint’s membership management software starts at $250 per month per user. Nonprofits can also choose to pay a $20,000 rapid deployment fee, a flat price for up to 10 users.

Check out the Boardpoint website to discover more about their membership management software.

6. Churchhand

Use Churchhand if you need membership management software for your congregants.


Churchhand allows churches and faith-based organizations to access their data from wherever they need it, whenever they need it.

Churches can keep track of detailed information about individuals and households and add an unlimited number of custom fields to profiles. They can also segment their congregation and send customized messages to different groups of congregants.

Why We Love It

Churchhand provides a full product demonstration that churches can view directly on their website. Plus, your first 30 days with the product are free!


Churchhand’s subscription pricing varies based on congregation size. Annual payments range from $118.95 to $358.95.

Learn more about Churchhand and membership management software on the website.

7. CreatrixCampus

Schools can use Creatrix to manage their alumni.


CreatrixCampus is comprehensive alumni management software that colleges and universities can use to build alumni directories, create forums and message boards, send newsletters, manage events, and build their alumni community.

With CreatrixCampus, universities are able to retain more alumni and keep their existing data accurate and up-to-date.

Why We Love It

CreatrixCampus allows universities to communicate via email and SMS to reach more alumni.


If you’re interested in CreatrixCampus, you’ll need to fill out a “Request a Quote” form to get in touch with a representative.

Learn more about alumni membership management on the Creatrix website.

8. HelpMate

HelpMate is a church-based membership management software provider.


HelpMate’s church management software is available as both traditional desktop software and as a cloud-based service.

Churches are able to track contributions, pledges, meeting attendance, and connections. Church data is automatically backed up daily, giving churches the peace of mind that their membership information is safe.

Why We Love It

With both online and desktop software solutions, HelpMate is able to assist all kinds of faith-based organizations with their membership management.


HelpMate has a variety of packages that range from $297 to $1,197 for the desktop software and $35 to $75 a month for the online software.

Learn how you can track your church's congregants with HelpMate.

9. OmniMagnet

Omni Magnet is a useful membership management software for organizations.


OmniMagnet’s membership management software allows nonprofits to register and renew their alumni memberships. Organizations using OmniMagnet usually see a 33-75% increase in paid memberships within the first year of using the software.

This software also allows alumni to update their own profiles online, freeing up membership officers’ time to focus on developing and strengthening alumni relationships.

Why We Love It

OmniMagnet boasts some of the biggest college and universities as their clients. Their comprehensive software helps institutions like Harvard keep track of their alumni.


Contact OmniMagnet directly for a quote for your college or university.

Learn more about their services on the OmniMagnet website.

10. Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot has membership management software to track your donors.


Wild Apricot provides cloud-based membership management solutions for nonprofits and small associations. Virtually any kind of organization or association (with fewer than 15,000 members) can use Wild Apricot’s software.

With Wild Apricot, your membership organization can create a custom website, collect membership fee payments, manage your donor database, and accept event registrations in one centralized location that your staff can access from anywhere.

Why We Love It

Wild Apricot prides themselves on simplifying the membership management process. With automated tools for your staff and members, you can streamline your members’ experiences and save yourself some time in the process.


Wild Apricot’s software starts at $40 per month for groups of 40 members or less, and increases incrementally by staff and association size.

Find out more about Wild Apricot's services on the website.

11. MemberSuite

MemberSuite offers many services for membership management.


MemberSuite has designed membership management software for the modern association.

With products for professional societies and trade organizations, MemberSuite has multiple modules, each created specifically to fit your association’s needs. You’ll easily be able to manage donor information, automate membership fee billing, and set up a user-friendly member portal.

Why We Love It

MemberSuite has an array of innovative solutions for a variety of association management needs. You can use their customization options to tailor your experience so it fits your organization perfectly.


To get started with MemberSuite’s membership management software, contact them directly for a quote.

Learn more about the MemberSuite services on the website.

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