10 Successful Fundraising Ideas for Breast Cancer

10 Successful Fundraising Ideas for Breast Cancer
Raise money for breast cancer awareness.
Raise money for breast cancer treatment.
Raise money for breast cancer research.
Raise money with crowdfunding.

Use The Fundraising Ideas Below to Raise Money For:

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast Cancer Research

At-Home and Recovery Care

Breast Cancer Screenings


  • Google Ads

    Google Ads are one of the most effective ways to get your Breast Cancer fundraiser in front of prospects. Plus, you can use the platform for free through the Google Ad Grants program.

    Know that Google does have some regulations regarding who’s eligible. For instance, individuals and hospitals aren’t eligible, but charitable arms and foundations associated with healthcare organizations are.

    Work with a Google Grants agency to determine your eligibility and create ads that drive results for your Breast Cancer fundraiser.

  • Social Media

    Social media is great for rallying support behind your cause. Not only can you instantly share your campaign with your followers, but users can then share it with their own networks.

    Share your Breast Cancer fundraising campaign page, encouraging people to donate. For the best results, post regular updates after your official launch, so people will continue to give.

  • Phone Calls and Texts

    Connect one on one with people by calling them or sending texts. Individualized outreach provides a personal touch, making people much more likely to get behind your fundraiser.

    If you’re part of an organization, you might recruit volunteers to do the heavy lifting for you while you focus on using other marketing outlets and refining your campaign.

Use Google Ads to promote your fundraiser for Breast Cancer.

Do you want to promote your Breast Cancer fundraiser on Google?


The Best Fundraising Idea for Breast Cancer Treatment, Awareness, and Research

  • What is crowdfunding?

    Crowdfunding is a fundraising method that helps individuals raise money for any cause through an online donation page.

  • Why is it great?

    Crowdfunding is a top fundraising option for breast cancer treatment because it is cost-effective and easy to get started. Crowdfunding campaigns are so easy to start and organize, that you can set up your campaign and see donations come in while you work on healing.

  • How can I begin?

    First, you’ll want to pick a crowdfunding platform. Then, to begin your campaign, you simply set a fundraising goal, create your crowdfunding page, and promote your campaign. With breast cancer treatment, awareness, and/or research, you have a compelling cause that people will be happy to donate to.

Use our most popular fundraising idea to raise money right now.

Other Great Fundraising Ideas for Breast Cancer Causes

Pink Party

To host a “Pink Party,” think of it like any other fundraising evening or gathering, except all pink! Make sure all the decorations are pink, have guests wear pink, and be sure to serve food that fits the color theme as well!

You can ask for donations throughout the night, charge an admission fee, or do both. Just make sure to recruit plenty of attendees!

Because they foreground breast cancer pink, these parties are an awesome option to raise awareness and raise funds for breast cancer research and/or treatment. So get all your friends together for a night of pink-themed fundraising.


Get some exercise and raise money all at once! Breast cancer walks are globally known and can be very successful and inspiring.

Usually organized by a specific community or organization, walkathons ask participants to secure donation pledges based on the distance they’re able to walk.

Pledges will be the driving force of the fundraiser, but make sure that your walkathon offers items for sale such as concessions and commemorative t-shirts. Also, plan around weather and look for indoor venues during winter.

Haircut Party

It is common for breast cancer patients to lose some or all of their hair during treatment. Haircut parties turn what can be a tough moment into a way to empower breast cancer fighters!

To raise money, you can share proceeds with a participating salon, ask salon patrons to donate to the cause, or ask people to come in and donate their locks to wigs for cancer patients!

Keep in mind that while your end goal is to raise money and awareness, you want to make sure that you’re paying proper attention to the needs of the brave cancer survivors you’re doing the haircut party for.

Karaoke Night Fundraiser

Partner with a local bar or restaurant to host a karaoke night to raise funds for your cause. Get the equipment donated and be sure to promote the evening well in advance.

To fundraise, charge a cover for the night and encourage attendees to vote for their favorite “acts” with their dollars. 

You can also make arrangements with the place that’s hosting to split proceeds and/or set up food and drink specials. Make your cause a focal point of the night, and consider having a breast cancer survivor give a speech and call for donations.

50/50 Raffle

50/50 raffles are simple and extremely low cost. To prepare, all you’ll need to buy is a roll of raffle tickets. Pair it with a breast cancer fundraising event to maximize participation.

To organize the raffle, ask event attendees to buy the tickets, and then after the drawing, the winner takes home half of the proceeds and the organizer (that’s you!) takes home the other half. 

As a giving incentive, make sure to display how much money is in the growing pot! Just remember that like other raffles, 50/50s are best used to supplement fundraising events, like a breast cancer walk.

Product Fundraising

When running a product fundraiser, you are selling products (often times products that are branded to your organization) in exchange for donations. For example, with breast cancer fundraising, make sure your product is the signature pink.

Pick a product (from t-shirts to water bottles to key chains), customize your product design, gather your inventory, and sell, sell, sell.

You can sell via the door-to-door model — think Girl Scouts. Or, you can run your product fundraiser online, much like a crowdfunding campaign.

Carol Singing

Are you looking to fundraise around the holidays? Do you have a group with beautiful singing voices? Hosting a caroling fundraiser might be the perfect fit! Instead of red, have carolers wear breast-cancer pink!

Recruit your carolers to walk through your community’s neighborhood and bring cheer door-to-door. Have the carolers carry a donation jar with them.

Make sure your carolers take a moment to explain who and what they’re fundraising for. That way, your carolers will be raising cheer, funds, and awareness.

Restaurant Partnership

Many restaurants are open to partnering with charities. You can either work with a major chain, like Panera Bread, or talk to the owners of a local joint. Try to time your partnership to coincide with breast cancer awareness month for max publicity.

Typically, the way restaurant partnerships work is straight forward. Restaurants will host a night in your honor, where a portion of all sales are donated to your cause.

The restaurant makes the donations and you work to promote the evening and ensure all the tables are full throughout the night.

Checkout Charity

Have you ever had someone ask if you’d like to add $1 to your bill to donate to XYZ cause? That’s checkout charity. It’s a great way to raise money, especially during October, which is awareness month for breast cancer.

Find a local shop that would collect checkout donations on your behalf or even let you set up a donation jar near the register.

Checkout charity is lucrative because its an easy and quick way to give. Donors already have their wallets out and usually don’t mind sparing a dollar, especially for a cause like breast cancer awareness, treatment, and research.

Use our most popular fundraising idea to raise money right now.

Successful Breast Cancer Fundraising Campaigns

Stacy’s Cancer Fight Fund

For this fundraiser, Stacy, the organizer, created a campaign to cover both the medical and personal costs associated with breast cancer treatment. Stacy’s campaign actually raised its goal in less than a week. After such early success, the fundraiser was able to go well beyond its initial goal and start aiming for $7,500! Check it out to see how Stacy did it!

Kathy’s Friends Drink for Pink

Kathy’s Friends Drink for Pink is a fundraiser run by Kristi, who lost her mother to breast cancer in 2005. In honor of her mother, Kristi organized a crowdfunding campaign and pink-themed fundraising evening, all to benefit the Wyoming Breast Cancer initiative which is dedicated to research and prevention. Check it out to see how Kristi did it!

Use our most popular fundraising idea to raise money right now.

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