The Top 15+ Nonprofit Fundraising Blogs to Read in 2024

15+ Nonprofit and Fundraising Blogs to Read in 2024
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This image shows our four picks for the top nonprofit fundraising blogs.

15+ Nonprofit and Fundraising Blogs

This image shows our four picks for the top nonprofit fundraising blogs.

Top Nonprofit Fundraising Blogs

Double the Donation

Double the Donation’s logo.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

You might know Double the Donation as the leading provider of matching gift software in the nonprofit sector, but did you know that we also maintain an educational blog?

Our blog covers a wide array of topics, including corporate giving, matching gifts, volunteer grants, and more!

We also publish blog posts on fundraising best practices for nonprofits, schools, churches, and other types of organizations. If you ever need an idea for a fundraising event or a recommendation for a software provider, Double the Donation has your back.

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

Double the Donation’s blog has content for organizations of all sizes, not just large nonprofits.

If you’re a small nonprofit leader, you can find plenty of useful matching gift information to promote this giving method to your supporters.

But Double the Donation’s blog brings more to the table than just matching gift advice! There are resources to help you build the perfect fundraising campaign or help your donors navigate complicated corporate giving programs.

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Fundly’s logo.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

Fundly is primarily a crowdfunding platform, but their website has far more to offer!

Fundly’s blog is a hub for crowdfunding information. On it, you can find examples of successful campaigns and news about the latest crowdfunding trends. Stay updated about the latest trends sweeping crowdfunding and how they might affect your fundraising campaigns.

When you start a campaign to support a cause close to your heart, Fundly won’t just offer you the platform to do it—it will also support you along the way!

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

Fundly knows that not everyone starting a crowdfunding campaign is a professional fundraiser. In fact, most crowdfunding campaigns are started by individuals outside the nonprofit sector.

The Fundly blog provides the resources to help you feel confident starting a campaign even if you’ve never done it before.

Find information to help you write the perfect sponsorship letter, post engaging fundraising updates, and craft effective crowdfunding pages with great pictures and descriptions.

Aly Sterling Philanthropy

Aly Sterling Philanthropy’s logo.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

When it comes to nonprofit consulting, Aly Sterling Philanthropy is more than just one of the top consulting firms in the United States. It’s also an invaluable resource, with a blog that contains nonprofit-related news updates, fundraising tips, and more.

One of the unique features of the Aly Sterling blog is its regular job postings. If you’re looking for a position in the nonprofit sector, either as a newcomer or a seasoned vet, you can find openings posted regularly.

Beyond career services, nonprofit professionals can also find fundraising advice and leadership tips shared by philanthropy experts.

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

Everyone can find useful information on Aly Sterling’s blog, no matter if they’re looking to make a career in the nonprofit world or already leading a charitable organization.

The people who will find the blog most helpful, though, are nonprofit staff members in high-level positions.

Because the consultants at Aly Sterling are seasoned fundraising and executive search veterans, they offer a wealth of knowledge and experience for nonprofit leaders. That experience comes across in all their posts. If you’re looking for nuanced, in-depth advice that goes beyond nonprofit basics, this is the blog for you.


OneCause’s logo.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

OneCause is a top provider of fundraising software, creating solutions to make fundraising more convenient for nonprofit professionals. Their blog shares this focus, delivering fundraising insights and strategies in easy-to-read articles.

On OneCause’s blog, you can find the answer to almost any fundraising question you have. From donation page strategies to fundraising conferences to communication with donors, OneCause has the information you need.

Beyond fundraising tips, you can also find articles on the types of software your nonprofit should invest in and best practices for using and implementing new technology.

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

As a provider of all types of fundraising software, OneCause has its finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the nonprofit sector and is ready to serve relevant and useful solutions to nonprofit professionals.

This blog covers a wide range of information, diving deep into the top earning types of fundraising events and the nitty-gritty details of planning your fundraising strategy.

Whether you’re new to the world of fundraising or a seasoned fundraiser, you’re sure to uncover useful knowledge that you can take back and implement at your nonprofit.

Snowball Fundraising

Nonprofit Blog Overview

When it comes to fundraising, Snowball Fundraising looks forward, not back. This company produces various types of software to support any nonprofit’s fundraising needs, from text-to-bid solutions to donation forms to ticket management.

Whether you’re looking for fundraising guides, ideas, software, trends, or more, Snowball’s blog is your one-stop shop for everything related to fundraising.

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

Snowball Fundraising knows that generating revenue is a key part of the nonprofit lifecycle. With donations from supporters, mission-driven organizations can fulfill their cause, but it can be difficult to know where to get started or how to improve your existing fundraising processes.

That’s where Snowball Fundraising’s blog comes in. From beginner-level topics to intensive explanations, this blog will give you all the information you need to craft your fundraising strategy.

The Fundraising Coach

The Fundraising Coach’s logo.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

Marc A. Pitman is the founder of The Fundraising Coach, a blog that features fundraising advice and tips for nonprofits.

Nonprofit leaders will likely find The Fundraising Coach’s blog most helpful. While there are detail-oriented posts about topics ranging from writing email subject lines to completing guidelines for planning auctions, most of the blog’s content focuses on high-level topics like fundraising campaign direction.

Most of the posts on the blog are written by Pitman, though a few other industry figures also contribute occasionally.

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

It’s clear that Pitman brings his experience as a leadership trainer to his blog. Many posts start with an anecdote from a conference or consultation, grounding them in real scenarios nonprofits may encounter.

Plus, the posts are fun to read. They feel like a personal conversation (or a pep talk!) between you and Pitman.

If you’re about to embark on a fundraiser, whether it’s your first ever or the first time you’re trying out a new type of campaign, the tips on this blog can help you out.

Gail Perry Group

Gail Perry Group’s logo.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

As a fundraising consultant, Gail Perry emphasizes creative and fresh fundraising strategies for nonprofits. It’s that spirit that makes Gail Perry Group’s blog stand out.

Focusing almost exclusively on fundraising tips, this blog is comprehensive and sharp.

Plus, Perry often posts in series, allowing readers to grow their knowledge over several blog posts. This allows you to gain and process information in bite-sized pieces rather than wading through one long article.

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

If you are part of a large nonprofit, following Gail Perry Group’s blog is a smart choice.

The blog focuses on fundraising strategy from an executive point of view. In particular, development officers will find these tips helpful for their planning.

Plus, you can find many posts on scaling up, maximizing fundraising, board governance, and more that will aid your nonprofit’s continued growth and success.

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Top Nonprofit Technology Blogs

DNL OmniMedia

DNL OmniMedia’s logo.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

As a nonprofit professional, you know how complicated software solutions for large nonprofits can be. Even if you’re the resident technology expert at your organization, you might not always have all the answers your coworkers might want. That’s where DNL OmniMedia can help.

This blog addresses top nonprofit technology topics, from data management to Salesforce and Blackbaud products to technology consulting firms.

Additionally, the blog provides plenty of advice on other nonprofit topics, including website development, fundraising, and marketing.

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

The DNL OmniMedia blog is geared toward professionals who make decisions about the technology their nonprofit uses. However, the blog’s content is written in a straightforward, jargon-free manner, so readers can have any level of experience, training, and proficiency with a variety of different software solutions.

DNL OmniMedia’s blog walks readers through software purchasing decisions and other technology-related processes, step-by-step. Anyone with a will to learn can follow along to benefit their nonprofit.


Fonteva’s logo.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

For event planning, nonprofits and associations often turn to Salesforce platforms and apps such as Fonteva. They also turn to Fonteva’s blog.

Fonteva’s blog is the Salesforce event planner’s dream. Blog posts explain the strategies behind the most successful Salesforce-driven events and how nonprofits can emulate that success.

Plus, if you’re looking for suggestions for new event ideas, software, or apps, chances are the Fonteva blog has an article on the topic you’re researching.

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

The Fonteva blog is one of the greatest choices for Salesforce-centric content, helping experts and nonprofits get ready to plan their most successful events yet.

On top of discussing different topics related to Salesforce, it also highlights a variety of other relevant tech topics in the nonprofit and association spaces. Fonteva’s blog does all the work for you, completing research into top products and topics so you don’t have to go digging yourself.


DonorSearch’s logo.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

As a prospect research and wealth screening provider, DonorSearch knows how important it is to have as much relevant information as possible when planning your nonprofit’s future. The blog hosts easy-to-read articles on a wide range of topics.

Whether you’re a healthcare, education, or cultural institution, you can find informational content on DonorSearch’s blog to inform your fundraising and technology decisions.

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

Planning your nonprofit’s fundraising strategy can be a complicated process, especially when it comes to acquiring major gifts. It can be overwhelming not knowing where to start.

The DonorSearch blog breaks down fundraising topics into easy-to-understand pieces to make any kind of campaign feasible. If you’re working on a big project, especially a capital campaign or a large annual giving push, DonorSearch provides instructional articles on how to handle the most pressing topics, such as prospect research and AI technology.

Don’t go into your next campaign without searching through the DonorSearch blog first.


Bonterra’s logo.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

Bonterra makes software to propel and empower nonprofits, public agencies, and grantmakers to make the biggest impact possible.

No matter what type of organization you are a part of, you can find information about the technology you need on Bonterra’s blog.

Their blog is filled with articles that break down complex parts of the social good sector into an easily digestible format.

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

Bonterra makes managing technology easy by breaking down how popular types of social good platforms work in terms easy to understand for the layperson.

Plus, this blog offers articles on other social good-related topics as well, including news updates and best nonprofit practices.

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Top Nonprofit Marketing Blogs

Getting Attention

Nonprofit Blog Overview

Getting Attention is all about the Google Ad Grant—a grant bestowed by Google on eligible nonprofits for $10,000 worth of ad credits per month to spend on search ads. However, if you’re unfamiliar with the grant, you might struggle to apply for it or use it properly.

That’s where Getting Attention’s blog comes in. On their blog, you’ll find best practices and tips for applying for the Google Ad Grant and maintaining your account after you’ve been accepted into the program.

If you want to expand your marketing efforts through Google ads, Getting Attention is here to help.

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

With Google processing about 8.5 billion searches per day, advertising on its search results pages means greater visibility for your nonprofit. As a Google Partner, Getting Attention is experienced in helping nonprofits acquire the Google Ad Grant and helping them make the most of their free ad credits.

With Getting Attention’s tips and best practices, you can set your nonprofit up to breeze through the application process, maximize traffic to your website, and maintain compliance with Google’s regulations to keep your account up and running.

This blog also publishes articles on promoting your nonprofit in general, making it a great option for any nonprofit marketing professional.

Nonprofit Marketing Guide

Nonprofit Marketing Guide’s logo.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

Nonprofit Marketing Guide aims to help nonprofit communicators improve their skills, love their work, and lead their teams. That’s why they focus not only on effective marketing and communications strategies but also on personal wellness and career development.

If you’re looking for a well-balanced resource with marketing news, communication strategies, and tips for wellness and personal growth, this blog is the one for you.

Aside from their regular blogroll, they also have a blog section dedicated to beginners. This section has easily accessible information geared toward nonprofit professionals new to communications and marketing.

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

Nonprofit Marketing Guide’s blog is truly built for nonprofit marketers and communicators, with posts on topics from media outreach to website redesigns to advice for new nonprofit writers.

Besides having great posts on marketing topics, this blog also provides nonprofit marketing ideas for social media and email newsletters each month. If you’re ever creatively blocked, check out the ideas that Nonprofit Marketing Guide has to offer!

Charity Dynamics

Charity Dynamic’s logo.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

Charity Dynamics runs the Workshop Blog, a blog focused on contemporary fundraising practices and tools.

Whether you’re a small nonprofit excited to expand your Facebook presence or a large nonprofit on the hunt for better analytics practices, the Workshop Blog is the place for you.

With a range of posts focused on the latest marketing trends, you can be sure you’re staying ahead of the competition.

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

It’s hard to stay on top of the latest trends in fundraising, especially if you’re a smaller nonprofit without the time or budget to send staff members to workshops or conferences as often as you’d like.

Luckily, the Workshop Blog is there to make sure you stay looped into the latest nonprofit marketing news, no matter your budget.

If you take advantage of it, the Charity Dynamics blog can be a great free training resource for your nonprofit.

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Top Nonprofit News Blogs


Candid’s logo.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

As the leading source of nonprofit data in the world, Candid has a lot to teach.

The Candid blog is an amalgamation of industry news, nonprofit management tips, data analysis, and new technology releases. It provides readers with a big picture of the social good sector.

With the blog’s focus on high-level industry concerns, nonprofit leaders can be sure time reading its articles is time well spent.

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

Because of Candid’s position as a leading provider of nonprofit data, it has immense authority that translates to its blog as well.

It’s not just the Candid team writing for the blog. Leaders from across the nonprofit sector contribute posts on their areas of expertise, rounding out the blog’s content.

For data-driven nonprofit analysis, this blog is the place to go.

Nonprofit Hub

Nonprofit Hub’s logo.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

Nonprofit Hub runs a blog that helps nonprofits keep up with the times with updates almost every other day. You can follow it for reports on fundraising trends and new software to make your job easier.

If you’re looking for nonprofit management tips, Nonprofit Hub’s blog is a great place to start. Many of the blog posts focus on organizational leadership, volunteer management, sales, and other topics besides news and software comparisons.

As a bonus, Nonprofit Hub also records a nonprofit podcast that you’re sure to gain fun insights from!

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

Nonprofit Hub has a great blog, but it’s more than that—it’s a true all-in-one educational and training resource for nonprofit staff.

The site includes courses, free guides, webinars, and other resources for professionals who work at and operate smaller nonprofits. If you’re looking for a way to smooth out your operations, Nonprofit Hub has what you need to learn something new or perfect an existing process.

The Engage Blog

Nonprofit Blog Overview

Run by Blackbaud, The Engage Blog is a true center for nonprofits seeking out news and trends. It stays on top of trending topics in fundraising, social media, and advocacy, then offers concrete, detailed tips for nonprofits to keep up.

The cherry on top? Nonprofits from all industries can benefit from the insights on The Engage BlogFrom healthcare to higher education to arts and culture, there’s content for you!

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

As if the actionable blog posts weren’t enough to love about The Engage Blog, the site also publishes a variety of other content to expand your knowledge base.

From features by experts and their thought leadership to podcast episodes, Blackbaud’s blog is the best way to learn about nonprofit news and insights that will shape your nonprofit’s mission and future operations.

Association of Fundraising Professionals

The logo of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

When fundraising professionals look for advice they can trust, they turn to the Association of Fundraising ProfessionalsAnd where better to go for reliable, ethical fundraising advice than the AFP blog? On it, AFP President and CEO Mike Geiger shares his thoughts on the current state of fundraising.

Additionally, AFP has a blog page dedicated to news and press releases. There, you can find the most recent news and trends about the social good sector to leverage for your nonprofit’s fundraising success.

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

It’s not often that anyone with an internet connection can find access to some of the top figures in a given field, much less their advice and stories of their experience.

The AFP blog provides tips, techniques, and thoughts from Geiger for free every Monday.

Fundraising professionals would be missing out if they didn’t take advantage of the access this blog provides to the top thinkers in the field.

Additional Nonprofit and Fundraising Blog Resources

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