Top 22 Informative Nonprofit and Fundraising Blogs to Follow

Top 22 Nonprofit and Fundraising Blogs
Keep up with the latest news.
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Check out these top nonprofit blogs.

Top 22 Nonprofit and Fundraising Blogs

Check out these top nonprofit blogs.

Top Fundraising Blogs

Double the Donation

Double the Donation is a nonprofit blog for those interested in corporate giving programs.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

You might know Double the Donation as the leading provider of matching gift software in the nonprofit sector, but did you know that Double the Donation also maintains an educational blog?

There’s a special section of the blog dedicated to corporate giving, covering topics from matching gift guides to lists of companies that offer volunteer grants for employees.

Another large section of the blog is devoted to fundraising. If you need an idea for a fundraiser or a software recommendation, Double the Donation has got your back.

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

Double the Donation’s blog is written for everyone, not just leaders of large nonprofits.

If you’re a small nonprofit leader, you can find plenty of useful matching gift information information to help you through the process. You can also search for the perfect nonprofit software to make operations easier for your organization.

Even individuals can get something out of the Double the Donation blog! There are resources to help you build the perfect fundraising campaign or navigate complicated corporate giving programs as a donor.

Read about matching gifts and fundraising ideas on Double the Donation's nonprofit blog.


Fundly's fundraising blog provides fundraising ideas for individuals and nonprofits.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

Fundly is primarily a crowdfunding platform, but that doesn’t mean that’s all the website has to offer!

To the contrary, Fundly’s blog is a hub for crowdfunding information. You can find examples of the most successful campaigns as well as news of the latest crowdfunding trends. When something major happens and spurs a wave of crowdfunding, Fundly is the first place you’ll find the news.

If you want to start a campaign to support a cause close to your heart, Fundly won’t just offer you the platform to do it — the site will also support you along the way!

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

Fundly knows that not everyone starting a crowdfunding campaign is a professional fundraiser. In fact, most crowdfunding campaigns are started by people who don’t manage campaigns for a living.

The Fundly blog makes it easy to feel confident starting a campaign even if you’re never done it before.

Resources can help you write the perfect sponsorship letter for your campaign, post engaging fundraising updates, and craft effective crowdfunding pages with great pictures and descriptions.

If you're looking for help starting a crowdfunding campaign, Fundly's fundraising blog has got your back.

Aly Sterling Philanthropy

Aly Sterling Philanthropy's blog keeps readers up to date on fundraising and executive search tips.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

When it comes to nonprofit consulting, Aly Sterling Philanthopy is more than just one of the top consulting firms in the country. It’s also a resource of news, fundraising tips, and job postings for individuals interested in the nonprofit industry.

One of the unique features of the Aly Sterling blog is its regular job postings. If you’re looking for a position in the nonprofit sector, either as a newcomer or a seasoned vet, you can find openings posted on a regular basis on the Aly Sterling blog.

Beyond career services, nonprofit workers can also find fundraising advice and nonprofit leadership tips shared by philanthropy experts.

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

Everyone can find useful information on Aly Sterling’s blog no matter if they’re wanting to find a job in nonprofits or leading their own charitable organization.

The people who will find the blog most helpful, though, are those nonprofit staff members in high-level positions.

Because the consultants at Aly Sterling are seasoned fundraising and executive search veterans, they offer a wealth of knowledge and experience counseling nonprofit leaders. That experience comes across in their informational posts.

The Aly Sterling Philanthropy blog shares fundraising news and nonprofit best practices.

Salsa Labs

Learn about donor management and donor management software on Salsa Labs' nonprofit blog.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

Salsa Labs offers a full suite of nonprofit technology, but the hidden gem on their website is their donor management-centric educational blog.

With posts about donor retention and getting the most out of your donor database (and more!), Salsa’s blog is the ultimate guide to donor management.

Plus, with a mix of text and video posts to choose from, you can spend as much time as you want digging into the topics you care about.

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

Salsa produces a wide range of software solutions, and that diversity shows up in the variety of topics covered in blog posts, too.

No matter what topic you might be looking to learn more about, chances are the Salsa Labs blog has resources for you.

The true stars are, of course, Salsa Labs’ ultimate guides. With topics ranging from digital fundraising to peer-to-peer campaigns to fundraising event ideas, there’s something for everyone.

The Salsa Labs blog shares news and information about donor database software.


Read up on BidPal's blog to learn about silent auctions and other fundraising events.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

When it comes time to organize a charity auction, nonprofits all across the country turn to BidPal. But it’s not just the software that brings event organizers to the website.

Nonprofits turn to the BidPal blog for helpful advice when planning their own charity events.

Topics generally center around charity auctions and other fundraising events, sharing tips and tricks gathered from research and experience. Plus, BidPal shares a newsletter every month to keep users up-to-date with the latest software features and news from the company.

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

The BidPal blog is a great resource for all fundraising event planners, not just charity auction planners.

Of course, because BidPal is a charity auction software provider, much of the content is geared toward charity auction organizers (e.g., tips for to selecting the perfect charity auction item).

But with event checklists and text-to-give explainers, hosts of any kind of fundraising event can find something useful on the BidPal blog.

BidPal's fundraising blog is a hub for nonprofits planning charity auctions.

The Fundraising Coach

The Fundraising Coach runs a valuable fundraising blog for nonprofit leaders.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

Marc A. Pitman is the founder of The Fundraising Coach, a blog that features fundraising advice and tips for nonprofits.

Leaders within nonprofits will likely find The Fundraising Coach’s blog most helpful. There are detail-oriented posts about writing email subject lines, for example, but most of the posts focus on high level topics like fundraising campaign direction.

Most of the posts on the blog are written by Pitman, though a few other industry figures also contribute occasionally.

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

It’s clear that Marc A. Pitman brings his experience as a leadership trainer back to his blog. Many posts start with an anecdote from a conference or consultation, making them personal and interesting.

Plus, the posts are fun to read. They feel like a personal conversation (or a pep talk!) between you and Pitman.

If you’re about to embark on a fundraiser, whether it’s your first ever or the first time you’re trying out a new type of campaign, the tips on this blog can help you out.

You can find nonprofit leadership advice on The Fundraising Coach's fundraising blog.

Fired-Up Fundraising

The Fired-Up Fundraising fundraising blog shares articles about nonprofit boards.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

As a fundraising consultant, Gail Perry emphasizes creative, fresh fundraising strategies for nonprofits. It’s that spirit that makes her blog on Fired-Up Fundraising stand out.

Focusing almost exclusively on fundraising tips, as could be expected, the Fired-Up Fundraising blog is comprehensive and sharp.

Perry often posts in series, which gives her readers an extra reason to come back week after week.

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

Fired-Up Fundraising is a smart blog to follow for large nonprofits in particular.

Many posts focus on fundraising strategy from an executive point of view. Development officers would find these tips helpful when looking forward in their planning.

Other posts delve deep into the topic of nonprofit boards, like how to turn your board members into fundraisers in their own right.

Nonprofit leaders would find the Fired-Up Fundraising fundraising blog useful.

Top Nonprofit Technology Blogs


When it comes to donation technology, @Pay is the fundraising blog to turn to.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

When it comes to mobile fundraising, @Pay looks forward, not back. The company produces one-click, password-less payment processing software for fundraising and billpay, and the @Pay blog follows suit.

If you want to know more about alternative payment options, this blog is the place to go.

Though the blog focuses on that major topic, other posts deal with other elements of fundraising such as fundraising event planning, fundraising software, and fundraising consultants.

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

@Pay knows that new payment technology can be confusing, especially for nonprofits looking to make a purchase.

To fill that knowledge gap for consumers, the company dedicates its blog to answering any questions consumers may have about the topic. Posts on the topic range from beginner’s-level FAQs to more intensive explanations of the security benefits of password-less technology.

No matter where a reader falls on the spectrum from interested novice to interested buyer, @Pay is the blog for them.

Nonprofits can keep up with the latest in nonprofit technology with the @Pay nonprofit blog.


If you're getting ready to host a fundraising event in Salesforce, don't get started before you read the Fonteva fundraising blog.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

For event planning, nonprofits often turn to Salesforce apps such as Fonteva. They also turn to blogs such as Fonteva’s.

Fonteva’s blog is the Salesforce event-planner’s dream. Blog posts explain the strategies behind the most successful Salesforce events and how nonprofits can emulate that success.

Plus, if you’re looking for suggestions for a new event idea, software, or app, chances are the Fonteva blog has a product comparison for you.

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

Because the Fonteva blog is so narrowly focused, it’s truly a blog for Salesforce experts and nonprofits ready to plan their most successful event yet.

The best thing about the Fonteva blog is that it does all the hard work for you. The Fonteva team has the research you need so you don’t have to go digging yourself.

Product comparisons in particular are a highlight of the blog. Instead of trying every app or software yourself, you can rely on Fonteva’s blog posts.

Fonteva's nonprofit blog supports organizations who plan events in Salesforce.

DNL OmniMedia

DNL OmniMedia is your home for large-scale nonprofit technology news and purchasing tips.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

Users know how complicated large nonprofit software solutions can be. If you’re the resident technology expert at your nonprofit, you might not always have all the answers your coworkers could have.

That’s where the DNL OmniMedia blog can help. Whether it’s Blackbaud, Raiser’s Edge, Luminate Online, or another app, DNL has got your back.

The blog also provides plenty of advice on other technology topics, from integration to purchasing to training.

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

The DNL OmniMedia blog is decidedly geared toward nonprofit staffers who make decisions about the technology their organization uses.

Of course, depending on the size of the nonprofit, the person in charge of technology could have any level of experience, training, and proficiency with a variety of different software solutions.

The DNL blog walks readers through purchasing decisions and other difficult processes step-by-step. Anyone with a will to learn can follow along to benefit their nonprofit.

Large nonprofits can turn to the DNL OmniMedia blog for advice about nonprofit technology.


DonorSearch's nonprofit blog is a reliable source of information about prospect research.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

As a prospect research and wealth screening provider, DonorSearch knows how important it is to have all the relevant information before making any kind of decision.

Whether you’re a healthcare, education, or cultural institution, you can find informational content on DonorSearch’s blog to inform your fundraising decisions.

The blog hosts articles on a wide range of topics that apply to an even wider range of nonprofits and fundraising institutions, all easy to read and understand.

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

Making fundraising decisions is a complicated process, especially for institutions that process large gifts from major donors. It can be overwhelming not knowing where to start.

The DonorSearch blog breaks down fundraising topics into easy-to-understand pieces to make any kind of campaign feasible. If you’re working on a big project, especially a capital campaign or a large annual giving push, prospect research topics related to your sector specifically is a great place to start.

Don’t go into your next campaign without searching through the DonorSearch blog first.

Universities, healthcare providers, and large nonprofits can find fundraising advice on DonorSearch's nonprofit blog.


For social media trends your nonprofit can put to use, check out SocialFish's nonprofit blog.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

SocialFish’s blog is, as its name would suggest, a blog dedicated to helping nonprofits operate in the digital space. Help comes in the form of guest blog posts from industry professionals and a Culture Chat audio series.

You can find reliable repeated content on SocialFish’s blog, like Cool Infographic Friday, which is just one of the reasons to keep coming back.

Another reason is the frequently updated job board for those looking to make a change in their career. SocialFish takes care of its readers!

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

Nonprofits are traditionally good at things like fundraising and throwing great events for their donors. But sometimes they need help navigating new communication channels like social media.

SocialFish recognizes that need and provides specialized advice for nonprofits trying to do better with their online presence.

Whether it’s Instagram or a new mobile app, guests bloggers do their best to distill the newest news into useful tips and recommendations for nonprofits.

SocialFish, a nonprofit blog, shares information about social media trends for nonprofits.


GuideStar offers data-driven analysis nonprofit blog posts.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

As the leading source of nonprofit data in the world, GuideStar obviously has a lot to teach.

The GuideStar blog is an amalgamation of industry news, nonprofit management tips, data analysis, and new technology releases.

Nonprofit leaders are likely to find the GuideStar most useful because of its focus on high-level industry concerns.

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

Because of GuideStar’s position as a leading provider of nonprofit data, it has an immense sense of authority surrounding its blog that the quality of the posts back up.

It’s not just the GuideStar team writing for the blog. Leaders from across the nonprofit sector contribute posts on their areas of expertise, rounding out the blog’s content.

For data-driven analysis, this blog is the place to go.

The GuideStar nonprofit blog is a place to find news, analysis, and guest posts from industry leaders.

Top Nonprofit Marketing Blogs

Nonprofit Marketing Guide

Nonprofit Marketing Guide's nonprofit blog is a hub for nonprofit communications professionals.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

Kivi Leroux Miller maintains the Nonprofit Marketing Guide blog, a community-oriented blog.

The Nonprofit Marketing Guide that provides nonprofit professionals with resources in several forms, like informational posts and a weekly roundup of useful links from other websites.

Miller also regularly profiles nonprofit communicators from across the sector.

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

The Nonprofit Marketing Guide blog is truly built especially for nonprofit marketers and communicators, with posts about media outreach and measuring the impact of communication strategy.

But besides being a great source of information for marketers, the blog is a center for connections. The weekly profile is a great examples of the ways Nonprofit Marketing Guide brings people together as they learn new communications strategies.

Recurring features make Nonprofit Marketing Guide's nonprofit blog a place to come back to week after week.

Network for Good

Check out the Network for Good fundraising blog for best practices and fundraising trends.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

If you’re looking for fundraising expertise, Network for Good’s Nonprofit Fundraising Blog is the place to go.

The comprehensive blog is divided into four separate sections that cover the full breadth of fundraising topics: best practices, marketing, fundraising, and news and research.

Posts are updates frequently and written in a helpful tone, touching on the latest topics.

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

The comprehensiveness of the Network for Good blog isn’t its only selling point. The quality and frequency of the posts on the blog establish it as one of the leading blogs in the field. 

The blog is updated frequently, often multiple times a week. That’s important for a few reasons: of course, it means that there’s always something new to learn and share. But more importantly, it means that the blog is truly keeping you up-to-date with the latest news, practices, and trends in nonprofit operations.

From fundraising ideas to marketing and philanthropy research, Network for Good's nonprofit blog has the resources for your nonprofit.

Charity Dynamics

When it comes to social media and analytics, Charity Dynamics is the nonprofit blog for nonprofits of all sizes.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

Charity Dynamics runs the Workshop Blog, a blog focused on contemporary fundraising practices and tools.

Whether you’re a small nonprofit excited to expand your Facebook presence or a large nonprofit on the lookout for better analytics practices, the Workshop Blog is the blog for you.

Posts are focused on the latest topics, so you can be sure you’re not falling behind.

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

It’s really hard to stay on top of the latest trends in fundraising, especially if you’re a smaller nonprofit that doesn’t have the time or budget to send staff members to workshops or conferences as often as you’d like.

Luckily, the Workshop Blog is there to make sure your budget doesn’t keep you from falling behind on the latest trends and technology.

If you take advantage of it, the blog can be a great free training resource for your nonprofit.

Nonprofits can improve their online marketing strategy through the advice on Charity Dynamics' nonprofit blog.

Top Nonprofit News Blogs

Nonprofit Hub

For trends, advice, and educational content related to nonprofit management, Nonprofit Hub's nonprofit blog should be your go-to.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

Updated almost every other day, Nonprofit Hub is a blog that’s up with the times. You can follow for reports on fundraising trends and new software to make your job easier.

If you’re looking for nonprofit management tips, Nonprofit Hub is a great place to start. Many of the blog posts focus on organizational leadership, volunteer management, sales, and other topics besides news and software comparisons.

As an added bonus, Nonprofit Hub even records a podcast!

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

Nonprofit Hub is a great blog, but it’s also more than that — it’s a true all-in-one resource for nonprofit staff.

The site hosts educational video content like seminars and walk-throughs under its Nonprofit Hub University banner. It also provides webinars and access to a magazine.

Especially if you’re a staffer at a smaller nonprofit looking for a way to smooth out your operations, Nonprofit Hub has all the resources you need to learn something new or perfect an existing process.

NonprofitHub's nonprofit blog offers valuable resources for nonprofit staffers looking for management advice.


npEngage is a nonprofit blog that posts articles about fundraising and technology trends in the nonprofit sector.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

npEngage is a true center for nonprofits seeking out news and trends.

The blog stays on top of everything late and breaking across fundraising, social media, and advocacy, then offers concrete, detailed tips for nonprofits wanting to keep up.

The cherry on top? It’s not just nonprofits in one area that can benefit from the npEngage blog. From healthcare to higher education to arts and culture, there’s content for you!

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

As if the actionable blog posts weren’t enough to love about npEngage, the site also publishes in-depth industry reports about the nonprofit industry.

These reports make npEngage a great resource for those interested in the nonprofit industry as a whole, not just their own organizations. Become knowledgeable in your field by following the blog!

Look for news and analysis of the latest nonprofit trends on npEngage's nonprofit blog.

Association of Fundraising Professionals

The AFP fundraising blog features thoughts and analysis from industry leaders.

Nonprofit Blog Overview

When fundraising professionals look for advice they can trust, they turn to the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

And where better to go for reliable, ethical fundraising advice than the AFP blog?

AFP President and CEO Mike Geiger shares his own thoughts on the current state of fundraising, but he also curates posts from other leaders in the industry. Between Geiger’s experience and his guest writers’, the blog has become a respected resource.

Why We Love This Fundraising Blog

It’s not often that anyone with an internet connection can find access to some of the top figures in a given field, much less their advice and stories of their experience.

The AFP blog provides tips, techniques, and thoughts from successful fundraisers completely for free.

Fundraising professionals would be missing out if they didn’t take advantage of the access this blog provides to the top thinkers in the field.

Read the AFP fundraising blog for high-level fundraising advice.

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