Top 11 Museum Software Solutions to Streamline Operations

Top 11 Museum Software
Stay in touch with your membership base.
Host events to fundraise for your museum.
Get organized in your collections.
Check out our top picks for the best museum software!

Top 11 Museum Software

Check out our top picks for the best museum software!


Top Museum Software

Doubleknot can help museums of all sizes facilitate special events and membership management.

Museums both large and small can implement Doubleknot to plan events spanning from birthday parties to full lecture series and summer camps.

Salsa Labs

Top Museum Membership Software

Salsa Labs is our top pick for museum membership software.

Larger museums in particular need one central software solution to handle all their needs.

Salsa Labs offers a full suite of products to help museums host fundraising events, manage their membership base, and facilitate online donations.

Double the Donation

Top Matching Gift Software

Double the Donation is our top pick for matching gift museum software.

Matching gifts boost fundraising proceeds, but your members will need help navigating them.

Double the Donation’s matching gift software walks your donors through the matching gift process to increase donations to your museum.


Top Museum Database Software

PastPerfect is our top pick for museum database software.

As your collection grows, you need a museum database software solution to keep up.

PastPerfect streamlines your entire collection process, from artifact acquisition to cataloging to sharing your galleries online.

Our Favorite Museum Software

Doubleknot — Top Museum Software

Museum Software Overview

If you’re ready to get organized, it might be time to implement Doubleknot museum management software.

Whether you’re organizing a camp, a founder’s day party, a charity gala, or an art auction, Doubleknot can handle attendee lists large and small.

You won’t lose important member information during data migration from event management software to membership management software when you use Doubleknot’s all-inclusive solution.

Whether you're managing memberships or hosting an event, Doubleknot is the museum software for you.

Why This Museum Software Made the Cut

Doubleknot doesn’t just make operations easier for you as an organizer; your visitors will notice the difference, too. They can sign up for membership, register for events and classes, and donate easily through one platform.

Whether you're managing memberships or hosting an event, Doubleknot is the museum software for you.

Salsa Labs — Top Museum Membership Software

Museum Software Overview

Salsa Labs offers fundraising-focused museum software that can handle large membership lists.

With Salsa Labs, you can organize fundraising events with sleek online, mobile, and email registration and ticketing options. Then, follow up with attendees easily with social media and email marketing features.

Before and after events, keep track of your membership with Salsa Labs’ CRM.

Salsa Labs' suite of museum software is perfet for membership management.

Why This Museum Software Made the Cut

Your members will be the highest contributors to your fundraising campaigns, and Salsa Labs makes it easy to keep a handle on both membership and fundraising events!

Salsa Labs' suite of museum software is perfet for membership management.

Double the Donation — Top Matching Gift Software

Museum Software Overview

No matter how you’re fundraising, matching gifts can bring your campaign revenue to new heights!

You can be smart about incorporating matching gifts into your fundraising events and online campaigns with Double the Donation‘s matching gift software.

Double the Donation’s matching gift database plugin allows your members to search for information and forms related to their employers’ corporate philanthropy program, right on your website!

Double the Donation's matching gift software is great for museum fundraising.

Why This Museum Software Made the Cut

Your members are committed to supporting your museum or science center’s mission. And if you give them information about a way to do that without donating another cent themselves, they’re likely to take it!

Double the Donation's matching gift software is great for museum fundraising.

PastPerfect — Top Museum Database Software

Museum Software Overview

If you’re in the market for a museum collection software solution, check out PastPerfect!

PastPerfect’s museum collection software can archive more than one million records, and you can even publish your database to the web for supporters around the world to explore your collections.

You can bring your archives into the new millennium by adding audio, video, and other multimedia elements to your records.

PastPerfect might be the museum database software for you!

Why This Museum Software Made the Cut

Because you pay for each add-on individually, PastPerfect is easily scalable for any size museum or collection.

Museum Software Pricing

PastPerfect starts at $870, with options to add other features to the basic software platform after purchase.

PastPerfect might be the museum database software for you!

Other Museum Software


BidPal museum software can facilitate charity auctions to benefit your institution.

Museum Software Overview

With OneCause, raising money for your museum or science center can be more efficient and streamlined than ever before!

You can host charity auction events to engage members and other donors in person — and with mobile bidding, you can even include supporters who couldn’t make it to your charity auctions.

Of course, your relationship with your museum members doesn’t end after your fundraising events. OneCause helps you follow up with custom thank-yous and donation receipts.

Why This Museum Software Made the Cut

OneCause takes care of all the registration, ticketing, and payment for any fundraising event you could dream of, including mobile bidding for charity auctions. When you host a fundraising event to benefit your museum or science center, OneCause allows you to focus on engaging with your members instead of worrying about the technology.


Giveffect membership management solution is a great museum software solution.

Museum Software Overview

You rely on your museum members for support, so you need to make sure you can keep track of them.

With Giveffect, you don’t have to worry about losing track of your membership base. You can separate your contacts into contacts and members, then sort your members by customized membership levels.

When it comes time to renew, you can automate email updates, payment processing, and members-only expiration alerts.

Why This Museum Software Made the Cut

Though Giveffect’s membership feature is its main attraction for museums, its event planning feature and marketing and communications system are also incredibly useful for museum fundraising!


DonorSearch museum software can help you identify potential major donors within your membership list.

Museum Software Overview

It’s not easy to know which of your members you should reach out to when you kick off a fundraising campaign.

Luckily, DonorSearch offers prospect research services that can help you single out your potential major donors.

By investigating your members’ philanthropic and wealth markers, DonorSearch can point you toward those who are most likely to contribute major gifts to your campaign.

Why This Museum Software Made the Cut

You have enough to think about when launching a major fundraising campaign. Let DonorSearch take the guesswork out of major donations so you can focus on other things.


Museums can use Fundly's crowdfunding platform as museum fundraising software.

Museum Software Overview

Different sizes of museums and science centers will be able to spend varying amounts of money on fundraising software, and they’ll need specific features for different types of campaigns they undertake.

But every institution can benefit from a crowdfunding campaign hosted on Fundly regardless of their budget.

And because crowdfunding is a social-friendly fundraising strategy, you can reach donors beyond those in your membership program with Fundly’s sharing features!

Why This Museum Software Made the Cut

We know that not all museums and science centers have the resources for comprehensive fundraising software. Crowdfunding with Fundly is a great museum fundraising software solution for any institution, no matter the size.

Museum Software Pricing

Fundly charges a 4.9% platform fee plus processing fees.

Masterpiece Manager

Masterpiece Manager is museum database software for art galleries.

Museum Software Overview

Many collection management software solutions may be too generic for some art galleries. Masterpiece Manager is there for them!

Masterpiece Manager offers specialized features built just for art galleries, such as flexible inventory management and websites optimized for art sales.

Plus, since the software is cloud-based, you can switch between desktop and mobile on several accounts as you leave your desk.

Why This Museum Software Made the Cut

Museum collection software isn’t one-size-fits-all. Masterpiece Manager understands that, helping art galleries specifically organize their inventories and sell their work with mobile-friendly websites and wide-ranging point-of-sale options.

Museum Software Pricing

Masterpiece Manager goes for $239/year.

Collections Trust

Collections Trust can point you toward the best museum software based on their international standards.

Museum Software Overview

As a UK-based company, Collections Trust doesn’t actually maintain software. Instead, Collections Trust publishes Spectrum, which advises museums around the world on collection management best practices.

If you’re looking for collection management software, though, don’t worry — Collections Trust provides a list of Spectrum-compliant software from across the globe.

Collections Trust also provides free training, events, and educational resources.

Why This Museum Software Made the Cut

Museums from any country need someone to guide them to the standards for collections management. That’s the need Collections Trust has filled.

Collections Trust is more than an advisory body; it’s an educational center.

Museum Software Pricing

Collections Trust’s Spectrum is free for non-commercial use, though Spectrum-compliant software recommended on the website are not.

Axiell ALM

Axiell ALM is museum database software for any kind of museum collection.

Museum Software Overview

No matter what kind of museum collection you’re managing, Axiell ALM has a solution for you.

You can easily digitize art, natural history, and multimedia collections with Axiell software developed specifically for all different disciplines.

On top of flexible inventory features, Axiell also includes features that facilitate loans, acquisitions, conservation, and publication.

Why This Museum Software Made the Cut

It’s not just inventory and loans that get easier with Axiell ALM. You can plan future exhibitions collaboratively with your leadership team, select items for display, and track the entire planning process all online.

Museum Software Pricing

Visit the Axiell ALM website for a customized quote.

Additional Museum Software Resources

Conduct a Fundraising Feasibility Study

Conduct a fundraising feasibility study before implementing museum software.

Before you can implement software to run a fundraising campaign for your museum or science center, you need to make sure you have a good fundraising strategy.

Ensure your fundraising efforts go smoothly by conducting a fundraising feasibility study.

Annual Fund: The Ultimate Guide

Museum software can help you achieve your annual fundraising goals.

Whether you’re managing your events or your finances through museum software, chances are you’re working toward building up your annual fund.

Make sure you have all the information you need to make the most of your annual fund fundraising.

Best Membership Management Software

Membership management software is the perfect companion tool museum software.

Your museum likely handles hundreds of memberships, and it can be a struggle managing the renewal process and keeping up-to-date information.

Membership management software is a great way to maintain (and boost!) your museum’s fundraising. 

DonorSearch’s Ultimate Guide to Planned Gifts

Keep your membership programs organized with museum software to look for planned giving opportunities!

Museums and science centers often benefit from planned gifts for financial support as well as items that end up in their collections.

Is your organization prepared to reach out to potential planned gift donors among your museum members?