Top 11 Cvent Competitors

PlatformPerfect ForSalesforce App?
1. Fonteva EventsAll Events
2. OneCauseFundraising Auctions
3. GiveffectPeer-to-Peer Fundraising Events
4. EventbriteAll Events
5. Fundly CRMFundraising Events
6. DoubleknotAll Events
7. Volunteers for SalesforceVolunteer Programs
8. EventboostAll Events
9. ExhibitCoreTrade Shows
10. Enrollment RxHigher Education Events
11. EventCollabAll Events

Top Event Management Tools Like Cvent

1. Fonteva Events

Fonteva's event management app, Assemble Events, is a Cvent competitor that can help your organization plan events in Salesforce.


Fonteva Events is one of the most comprehensive event management solutions available for Salesforce users.

Built to work within Salesforce, Fonteva’s event management app has all the features your organization could need to plan events that are custom-fitted to your guests.

You can create unique pricing levels, registration forms, and attendee schedules—all based on your Salesforce data!

Our Favorite Features

Fonteva is native to Salesforce, which makes it an ideal solution for organizations who already use a Salesforce database.

Since the platform was built to reside within your CRM, you’ll never have to fret about outdated information or third party platforms.

All the data, functions, and features you need will all be available through your trusty Salesforce system!


Contact Fonteva for a quote today!

Assemble Events by Fonteva is a native Salesforce event management app.

2. OneCause

A top Cvent competitor, BidPal integrates with your Salesforce data to help you plan fundraising auctions or other events.


If your organization is planning a charity auction, OneCause’s event management tools simply can’t be beat.

Not only does OneCause offer comprehensive event fundraising software to help you manage every aspect of your fundraiser, but they also have dedicated tools designed for silent, live, and even online auctions!

You’ll see your auction revenue skyrocket when you combine streamlined event-planning with innovative fundraising techniques!

Our Favorite Features

OneCause’s mobile bidding tools are game-changers in the fundraising world.

Thanks to mobile bidding software, silent auction guests can place bids, browse items, and even make additional donations directly on their smartphones.

OneCause even equips fundraisers with the ability to text their guests throughout the night to keep them updated on fundraising progress!


OneCause is free to download through the Salesforce AppExchange. Learn more about their pricing on OneCause’s website!

BidPal is a Cvent competitor that offers unique event fundraising and charity auction event planning tools.

3. Giveffect

Take a look at Giveffect's solutions.


If you’re an organization with an interest in peer-to-peer fundraising, look no further than Giveffect!

Giveffect is an excellent event management option for nonprofits hoping to achieve their campaign goals through peer-to-peer and event fundraising.

With Giveffect, you can design beautiful, user-friendly fundraising pages for your organization and your fundraisers! 

Salesforce App

Because Giveffect is an all-in-one solution, there’s no need for a Salesforce integration. You’ll have every tool in the shed and you won’t need to worry about data migration.

Our Favorite Features

Giveffect’s event fundraising features are so easy to use, anyone can be an event-planning expert in no time!

Your team will be able to design an event that brings your supporters together to further your cause and inspire the community.

Amp up your event promotions with social sharing integrations, newsletters, fundraising thermometers, marketing materials and more, all customized to match your nonprofit’s brand.


Contact Giveffect for a quote on their events and fundraising solution with peer-to-peer features.

4. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a Cvent competitor that can help event organizers plan and promote events online or in Salesforce.


Eventbrite’s user-friendly event management platform allows anyone to create, customize, and promote their events online.

On the day of your event, use the Organizer app to track ticket sales, register attendees onsite, and sell merchandise using their simple card reader.

Eventbrite’s platform is totally mobile-optimized for you and your guests, so everything you need is accessible via smartphone!

Our Favorite Features

Eventbrite makes event promotion easier than ever thanks to their easy-to-navigate website.

You can list your event by category, date, price, or event type. Then, add images, a description, and links to your registration forms!

Eventbrite allows you to use your event profile as the hub of your event, so anyone who’s interested can learn more and buy tickets in the same place!


It’s free to start your Eventbrite event online.

Eventbrite is a comprehensive online Cvent competitor for event management.

5. Fundly CRM

As a top Cvent competitor, Fundly CRM can help nonprofits plan fundraising events that are engaging and lucrative.


For event fundraising teams in need of a flexible nonprofit CRM with built-in event planning tools, Fundly CRM can meet your needs!

Fundly CRM comes complete with event management tools such as custom ticketing, automated communications, and reporting features.

With solutions designed for small to mid-sized organizations, Fundly CRM offers scalable event fundraising tools designed to meet your needs wherever you are.

Salesforce App

Because their event tools are built into their CRM, Fundly does not offer a Salesforce integration.

Our Favorite Features

Fundly’s event management software was designed with fundraisers in mind. Their goal is to make your event more lucrative and less labor-intensive.

To that end, all of Fundly CRM’s features are as user-friendly as can be. Even first-time event fundraisers can increase revenue using Fundly’s platform!

And if you do run into roadblocks, Fundly offers free training and support with even their most basic package.


Fundly CRM’s packages start at only $60 per month. You can customize your solution to get exactly what you need for a budget-friendly price!

Fundly CRM is a comprehensive CRM with built-in event management tools. to compete with Cvent

6. Doubleknot

Plan your events with Doubleknot event management, ticketing ,and registration features!


Doubleknot offers organizations like yours a seamless, secure, and easy-to-use solution for managing your fundraising events!

Use this comprehensive software solution to run impeccable event registration that results in a positive donor experience. With customized payment schedules, automatic billing reminders, early registration discounts, and more, Doubleknot takes care of your event!

With Doubleknot, you can choose from over 50 event configuration settings so your fundraiser can be as simple or complex as you’d like.

Salesforce App

Doubleknot offers all-in-one comprehensive solutions so there’s no need for a Salesforce integration.

Our Favorite Features

Doubleknot helps you communicate with your attendees, too!

Your attendees’ email addresses and other contact information will be automatically saved and added to your event-specific mailing list. 

Plus, your organization can craft and configure robust reports to help minimize costs and maximize your fundraising efforts.


Contact Doubleknot for a quote on their fundraising event solutions for nonprofits.

Check out Doubleknot's fundraising event software to see how it can help your nonprofit.

7. Volunteers for Salesforce

Volunteers for Salesforce is an excellent Cvent alternative for nonprofits who rely on volunteers at events.


For organizations who rely on volunteers, there’s no better way to track shifts, schedules, and events than using Volunteers for Salesforce!

You can use this multifaceted software to manage volunteer calendars, input and adjust volunteer hours individually or per event, and set up schedules—all within your Salesforce system!

With Volunteers for Salesforce, you can also generate custom volunteer job listings with unique registration forms.

Our Favorite Features

Volunteers for Salesforce isn’t just a scheduling app; you can also use it to find and communicate with volunteers!

Start by effectively searching for prospective volunteers by segmenting your Salesforce data. 

Then, you can tailor your email communications within the app, sending targeted communications to specific lists or individuals!


Salesforce users can download Volunteers for Salesforce free from the AppExchange.

Volunteers for Salesforce connects with your database to help you track volunteer schedules and plan volunteer events.

8. Eventboost

Eventboost is a Cvent alternative for organizations who don't use Salesforce to manage data.


Eventboost was designed to simplify event planning from start all the way to finish.

A standalone event management software, Eventboost equips organizers with the tools they need to create and manage any kind of event.

Manage your guest list by adding relevant data; then, keep track of RSVPs, registration, and check-in all from Eventboost’s site or mobile app.

Salesforce App

Eventboost works independently, so it’s best suited for event planners who don’t use Salesforce.

Our Favorite Features

Eventboost is surprisingly powerful for such a lightweight platform.

With Eventboost, you can customize your event-planning experience to fit your event, whether that’s a large charity gala or a ten-person training session.

Plus, Eventboost has custom software packages to help meet the needs of organizations of all different missions and sizes. You’ll never pay for more than you need!


Eventboost’s most basic package starts at $390. You can calculate your estimated price on Eventboost’s website.

Eventboost is an event management solution for organizations who don't use Salesforce.

9. ExhibitCore

A Cvent competitor, ExhibitCore has features to help event planners map out seating charts, manage vendors, and keep track of guest information.


Though perfect for trade shows, ExhibitCore’s software is adaptive enough to meet the needs of any type of event.

Take advantage of ExhibitCore’s helpful floor planner tool to map out your exhibitors, vendors, or table arrangements. Then, manage your budget, inventory, and guest list all within the same system!

ExhibitCore helps you consolidate all aspects of event-planning into one program, but don’t worry—while comprehensive, their software is far from complicated! 

Salesforce App

All of ExhibitCore’s products are available online, no Salesforce CRM required.

Our Favorite Features

ExhibitCore is totally cloud-based, so you can have access to important data and tools while in the office or on the go.

Additionally, being cloud-based means that you won’t have to worry about hardware setup to get up and running with your new program.

And you won’t have to be a team of IT experts to understand the platform, either. ExhibitCore manages all aspects of configuration so you can focus on what matters: planning your event!


ExhibitCore offers a basic free package as well as premium offerings ranging from $15 to $350 per month. See all packages on their website!

ExhibitCore is an event management platform designed for trade shows but versatile enough to fit any event.

10. Enrollment Rx

Events Rx by Enrollment Rx is a Cvent competitor perfect for universities and other educational institutions.


Events Rx by Enrollment Rx is a specialized solution to help higher education institutions plan student events.

Events Rx fits in seamlessly as part of your CRM system and works interdependently with your Salesforce data.

With all your tools in one place, you’ll be able to manage your student events and maximize efficiency! 

Our Favorite Features

Enrollment Rx understands that managing students is a full-time job, so they’ve designed their software to be as easy to navigate as possible.

For example, you’ll be able to quickly create custom event registration forms using a simple drag and drop interface.

You can also use the calendar to schedule and manage one-time or recurring events and track student itineraries.


You can reach out to Enrollment Rx for quotes on their event management platform.

Events Rx by Enrollment Rx is a Cvent competitor for universities.

11. EventCollab

EventCollab was designed to help teams work together to plan intuitive events.


EventCollab is a project management platform designed for event planners.

With tools to help you track event activity, discuss tasks with your team, and collaborate on event-related projects, EventCollab has everything your organization needs during the event management experience!

EventCollab was created to help organizers stay connected while staying on top of event management. 

Our Favorite Features

EventCollab is aptly named—this software is all about collaboration!

The team behind EventCollab recognizes the importance of communication while planning events, so they’ve made real-time collaboration a reality within one platform.

You can edit documents together, start a group discussion, or share tasks. But rest assured, you can still control which members of your team have permission to view specific content!


You can start managing up to three events for free, or upgrade to one of EventCollab’s four premium options.

EventCollab is a project management and event planning app for Salesforce.

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