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Companies providing generous grants to nonprofits when employees volunteer

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Did you know Americans volunteered over 7.7 billion hours last year? In addition to the countless nonprofits who benefited from these volunteer efforts, many also received the additional monetary benefits of volunteer grants.

At Double the Donation, we stay in contact with companies that offer employee matching gift and volunteer grant programs and provide tools to nonprofits to help them raise more money from these sources. 

If you're a nonprofit with a large number of volunteers, make sure to ask if any of them work for a company that offers volunteer grants. While program specifics vary by company, here are ten employers that provide volunteer grants of more than $15 per hour.

10 Companies with Volunteer Grants Greater than $15 per hour

ExxonMobilExxonMobil provides grants to nonprofits where employees volunteer

ExxonMobil has multiple types of employee giving programs. The company offers a generous matching gift program by providing 3:1 matches to educational institutions and 1:1 matches to other eligible organizations.

For every 20 hours an employee volunteers, the company will provide a $500 grant to the nonprofit ($25 per hour volunteered.) The company provides up to $2,000 in volunteer grants per employee each year.

View additional details on ExxonMobil's volunteer grant program.

Outerwall (Coinstar / Redbox)Outerwall, Coinstar, and Redbox provide grants when employees volunteer

Outerwall, the parent company company of Coinstar and Redbox, supports the organizations which its employees are passionate about in multiple ways.

Through Outerwall's volunteer grant program, the company provides grants worth $15 per every hour volunteered by an employee. By requiring only 10 volunteer hours in a calendar year, Outerwall has one of the lowest volunteer thresholds before an employee is eligible to request a grant. There are four volunteer grant levels, which all pay out at $15 per volunteer hour.

  • 10 hours --> $150 grant
  • 20 hours --> $300 grant
  • 30 hours --> $450 grant
  • 40 hours --> $600 grant

Outerwall also offers a matching gift program through which the company matches employee donations up to $2,000 annually.

View additional details on Outerwall's volunteer grant program.

ConocoPhillipsConocoPhillips employee grants for volunteering

ConocoPhillips' employee giving programs are similar to ExxonMobil's. The company matches donations up to $15,000 annually to nearly every nonprofit. ConocoPhillips also provides volunteer grants worth $25 per hour volunteered. There are two thresholds:

  • 20 volunteer hours = $500 grant
  • 40 volunteer hours = $1,000 grant

View additional details on ConocoPhillip's volunteer grant program.

VerizonNonprofit grants for Verizon employees who volunteer

Through Verizon's Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP), the company provides volunteer grants to organizations where employees volunteer on a regular basis. After employees volunteer for 50 hours in a year, the company provides a $750 grant to the organization ($15 per hour.)

The company also matches employee donations to schools up to $5,000 annually and $1,000 to all other 501(c)(3) organizations.

View additional details on Verizon's volunteer grant program.

AetnaAetna employees can request grants for volunteering with nonprofit organizations

By requiring employees to volunteer for only 20 hours in a year, Aetna employees can easily reach the required hours to request a volunteer grant. Aetna employees who volunteer for a minimum of 20 hours can request a grant of $300 for the organization they work with.

Each organization may only receive one volunteer grant per volunteer per calendar year, but, if an employee volunteers on a regular basis with more than one nonprofit, he or she can request multiple volunteer grants.

Aetna also matches employee donations up to $5,000 annually to nearly all nonprofits.

View additional details on Aetna's volunteer grant program.

MicrosoftMicrosoft offers grants to nonprofits where employees volunteer

Microsoft is one of the largest corporate donors in the world. In fact, we encourage you to read our article, entitled "Breaking Through the Billion Dollar Milestone" to learn more about how Microsoft has donated more than $1 billion through the company's employee giving programs.

In 2005, Microsoft instituted a Dollars for Doers Program through which the company provides $25 grants for every hour a Microsoft employee volunteers. In Microsoft's most recent fiscal year, more than 4,900 employees participated in the company's volunteer grant program. Collectively, they volunteered for over 430,000 hours.

Microsoft also matches each employee's nonprofit donations up to $15,000 per year.

View additional details on Microsoft's volunteer grant program.

DellDell matches employee volunteering with monetary grants to nonprofits

Dell offers a very similar program to both Microsoft and Outerwall.

For every ten hours an employee volunteers with a nonprofit, Dell will provide a grant of $150 to the organization ($15 per hour). Employees can request one volunteer grant per a quarter for a total of $600 annually.

The company also matches employee donations up to $10,000 annually.

View additional details on Dell's volunteer grant program.

RealNetworksRealNetworks' employees who volunteer can request grants for those nonprofits

RealNetworks offers a variety of employee giving programs. The RealNetworks Foundation provides grants of $15 for every hour volunteered by employees. The company will donate up to $900 annually (max 60 hours) per employee. The company also matches employee donations up to $10,000 annually.

RealNetworks offers a truly unique giving program. When an employee reaches the five year mark with the company, RealNetworks will provide a $500 grant to an organization of the employee's choosing.

View additional details on RealNetwork's volunteer grant program.

AllstateAllstate provides grants to nonprofit organizations where employees volunteer

The Allstate Foundation awards "Helping Hands" grants to nonprofits where employees and agency owners volunteer on a regular basis. After individuals volunteer for at least 20 hours, they can request grants of the following amounts:

  • Allstate agency owners are eligible for $1,000 volunteer grants.
  • Employees are eligible for $500 volunteer grants.

The company also matches donations to higher education institutions.

View additional details on Allstate's volunteer grant program.

Time Warner and SubsidiariesTime Warner employees can apply for grants when they volunteer with nonprofits

Through the Time Warner Cares program, the company recognizes employees who volunteer with nonprofits by providing the organizations with volunteer grants. The company provides $500 grants after employees volunteer for 30 hours ($17 per hour).

Time Warner also matches donations to many organizations including civic and community focused nonprofits, arts and cultural organizations, and educational institutions.

View additional details on Time Warner's volunteer grant program.

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