Fundraising Ideas for Coronavirus Relief and Medical Costs

Fundraising Ideas for Coronavirus Relief and Medical Costs
Raise money for coronavirus relief.
Raise money to help healthcare professionals
Raise money for heart attack and stroke patients.
Raise money for health insurance.
Raise money for cancer.
Raise money with crowdfunding.

Fundraising Ideas for Coronavirus Relief and Medical Costs


The Best Fundraising Idea for Medical Costs and Disaster Relief

  • What is crowdfunding?

    Crowdfunding is a fundraising method that helps individuals raise money for any cause through an online donation page.

  • Why is it great?

    Because crowdfunding is cost-effective and easy to get started, it’s a top fundraising option for medical expenses and coronavirus relief. You can quickly get a crowdfunding page up and running in response to a current crisis or emergency. Additionally, with a crowdfunding campaign, you can regularly update your supporters on the progress of the medical recovery and relief efforts that they’re funding.

  • How can I begin?

    First, you’ll want to pick a crowdfunding platform. Then, to begin your campaign, simply set a fundraising goal, create your crowdfunding page, and promote your campaign. Make sure to create a compelling description and use powerful imagery to drive donations. It’s that easy to start a crowdfunding campaign for medical costs and disaster relief!

Successful Medical and Health Fundraising Campaigns

Food Bags of Love for Marin City

Like many communities, Marin City is facing uncertainty during these difficult times. Because of this, the campaign organizer has set out to purchase essential food items for struggling families in the area. Thanks to their powerful mission and a substantial amount of outreach, more than 300 people from across the country have banded together to raise funds and support those in need. So far, the campaign has raised more than $50,000, and with plenty of time left in their campaign, they’re sure to reach their aspirational goal of $72,000. Check it out here.

Fundraiser for the Urbinati Family

This campaign was created to help the organizer pay the medical costs for a beloved family friend. The extra dollars will be a huge help in monitoring his health and keeping him safe, especially during these uncertain times. Thanks to strong campaign imagery and many social media shares, the Urbinati family’s campaign has raised $5,460 with plenty of time to reach their final goal—so long as generous supporters keep contributing. Check it out here.

Use The Fundraising Ideas Below to Raise Money For:

Disaster Relief

Support for Healthcare Professionals

Health Insurance

Cancer Treatment, Awareness, & Research

Doctor’s Bills

Kids’ Medical Costs

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Other Great Fundraising Ideas for Medical Costs and Health Expenses

Have a Bake Sale

Bake sales are a classic fundraiser for a reason, and they’re popular with everyone. They’re fun to prep for and even more fun to donate to. Since this will be a fundraiser for health reasons, make sure your food adheres to the dietary needs of your shoppers.

You can advertise your bake sale in advance to recruit bakers and later to promote the actual sale. Be sure to tell the story of the person whom you’re raising medical expense funds for. 

Since you’re fundraising for medical costs and expenses, be sure to place signs and posters around the venue that detail your cause.

Cook-Off Fundraiser

Do you have friends and supporters who love to cook? A cook-off fundraiser might just be your ticket to success. You can even ask your chefs to make meals catered toward healthy eating and any dietary needs of the fund recipient.

Have participants enter their culinary creations into a contest, judged by event attendees. To vote, ask attendees to deposit a donation in their favorite food’s donation box.

At the end of the competition, tally everyone’s donation collections and the chef with the most money wins. If the person receiving the funds is healthy enough to attend and participate, see if they’d be willing to officiate the competition.

Car Wash

If its spring, summer, or even early fall and you’re looking to host a classic fundraiser, a car wash might be just what you need to raise enough money to cover medical expenses.

As most people know, to host a car wash you’ll gather the supplies, set up shop in a high-traffic parking lot, and offer car washes to passersby.

To fundraise, you can either ask for donations for your handy-work or you can charge a small fee per wash. Either way, make sure you’re early to set up and put promotional flyers around the community, explaining your cause and financial and medical needs.

Yard Sale

Yard sales are an easy way to raise funds and de-clutter your home in one fell swoop. As long as you have a good mix of high- and low-value items, you’ll be all set.

Pick a date, ask other members of the community to participate, promote around town, and get organized. Strong advertising, solid items, and reasonable pricing will be your keys to success.

Remember, yard sales that aren’t fundraisers happen regularly, so you need to work hard to create signs and flyers that show shoppers what medical expenses their money is going towards and who they are helping. Tell your story!


Get some exercise and raise money all at once! Walkathons are a fundraising staple, especially for medical-related nonprofits and causes, such as the Breast Cancer Walk.

Usually organized by a specific community or organization, walkathons ask participants to secure donation pledges based on the distance they’re able to walk.

If you’re raising money for your own medical expenses and not a medical cause, reach out to local road races and walks and see if they’d be willing to partner with you to raise money for your treatment.

Jelly Bean Count

Jelly bean count fundraisers are perfect school fundraisers if one of the students is needing medical treatment. To get started, you’ll need jelly beans, a jar, and a central location to place your full jar.

Then, fill the jar with jelly beans, but make sure to note the exact number in the jar. Next, have participants try to guess the number, and ask them to donate in exchange for a guess. 

After a set amount of time, review the guesses and reveal the winner. You get to keep the donations and the winner gets to keep the jelly beans. If you have an older crowd, you can follow this structure with other countable items.

Organize Yoga Classes

See if you can find a local yoga instructor and studio that would be willing to partner with you to raise money for your medical expenses. If you can’t secure a studio, you can host at home.

To raise money, see if the instructor and studio will split the proceeds or donate them all to your cause. You should also place collection jars around the class to encourage additional giving.

Yoga is a great medical and health fundraiser because it encourages healthy mind, body, and soul and can be highly restorative. Make sure to promote and get a large group to participate!

Custom T-Shirt Sales

A form of product fundraising, a t-shirt fundraiser will be a big hit with your friends and family. Using a t-shirt fundraising platform, you can design and sell your own custom shirts to raise money for your cause.

All you have to do is pick a platform, create the design, and promote. Most people find it helpful to create a catchy phrase that summarizes your medical fight while inspiring hope.

Promote your t-shirt page via social media and email to maximize donations. You can even text people the link, as well as mention it during any in-person events you end up hosting. Also, don’t forget to wear your t-shirt and show it off!

Used Book Sale

Do you have a number of avid readers in your community? Good! Your community is the ideal place to host a used book sale fundraiser.

Gather used books, find a communal space to set up shop, promote your healthcare fundraiser, and sell your books for a low price. Your can even lean into the theme and create a true bookshop atmosphere!

Send out email blasts and share news about the event on social media. You need folks willing to buy books as well as people willing to donate. Pair with a readathon for maximum results and even encourage people in your hospital to take part in the readathon.

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