Top 13 Advocacy Software Solutions for Grassroots Campaigns

Top 13 Advocacy Software Solutions
Empower your grassroots advocacy and fundraising efforts with these top tools.
Learn more about our top picks for advocacy software.

The Top 13 Advocacy Software Solutions

Learn more about our top picks for advocacy software.

Top Advocacy Software Solutions

CharityEngine — Top Advocate Management Solution

Advocacy Software Overview

CharityEngine’s built-in advocacy software allows organizations like yours to streamline data collection and use their CRM to keep advocacy campaigns on track.

Use CharityEngine’s advocacy tools to launch campaigns at the federal, state, and local levels of government, as well as custom targets based on your campaigns’ needs. 

The best part? As part of their all-in-one solution, CharityEngine’s advocacy software integrates with their entire suite of fundraising and management tools. All of the information you collect from your advocates is collected in one centralized CRM system that also stores data for your donors, event attendees, and email recipients.

Why We Love This Grassroots Software

CharityEngine gives your nonprofit the power of choice for how you run your advocacy campaigns. You can choose to offer your advocates a single action (like signing a petition) or multiple actions (like signing a petition, sending an email, registering for an event, and posting to social media) in one system. 

Plus, CharityEngine stores all of your data in one centralized location, allowing your organization to pull reports and identify unique trends in your supporter and advocate engagement.

Explore CharityEngine's advocacy software solution by visiting their website.

Muster — Top Advocacy Software for Engagement

Advocacy Software Overview

Muster’s advocacy software helps nonprofits grow and engage their supporters through grassroots campaigns. Its user-friendly action centers let organizations engage their supporters in communication with their elected officials. Drive more action around your campaigns through multi-channel alerts with SMS text and email. 

Muster advocacy campaigns are highly customizable. Ensure your campaigns match your branding standards by editing colors, embedding videos, and more. Utilize message rotation and customization to give your campaigns an even more organic feel.

Then, after supporters send their messages, get even more value out of your advocacy campaigns with customized thank you pages. Format text, embed images, include links and utilize our built-in donate button feature to link your fundraising to your advocacy.

Why We Love This Grassroots Software

Outstanding customer service, ease of use, and powerful functionality make this an excellent package for organizations. The ability to purchase only the tools you need lowers the barrier to entry for organizations that want to create advocacy campaigns. 

Muster’s embeddable action form lets you start driving advocacy directly from your website with one click. In-depth analytics allow you to see in real-time the performance of your campaigns. Targeting capabilities with Muster’s database of elected officials make your supporters heard from city hall to the halls of Congress and everywhere in between. 

Advocacy Software Pricing

Find a price point that’s right for your organization by scheduling a demo!

Learn more about Muster by visiting their website.

Salsa — Top All-in-One Advocacy Software

Advocacy Software Overview

Salsa Labs’ online advocacy software can help you unite and mobilize supporters to take action that impacts your mission. With Salsa, you can store supporter data, send targeted actions and messages, build online petitions, and power your grassroots fundraising efforts through online donation tools.

This platform works seamlessly with the rest of Salsa’s powerful SmartEngagement tools, so you’ll have access to all of the features you need to manage your nonprofit in a holistic way.

Why We Love This Grassroots Software

Salsa combines best-in-class automation capabilities with advocacy best practices so you can empower communities and activists more effectively. 

Thanks to Salsa, you can educate, organize, and activate supporters by reaching them with the right message at the right time. Embrace a modern approach to nonprofit advocacy with tactics like mass email, SMS texting, email and letter writing campaigns, legislator lookups, and other targeted actions to local, state, and federal legislators.

You can even schedule posts on all social media platforms without ever leaving your Salsa dashboard.

Advocacy Software Pricing

Contact Salsa to learn more about pricing for their products!

Mobilize — Top Advocacy Software for Recruitment

Advocacy Software Overview

Mobilize is an event management and volunteer recruitment platform empowering mission-driven organizations to reach more supporters than ever before.

Nonprofits, advocacy groups, labor unions, and political campaigns of all sizes have raised awareness for their missions using the Mobilize platform.

Mobilize’s features include easy event creation, automated text and email communications, peer-to-peer recruiting, comprehensive volunteer management dashboards and analytics, and essential integrations with popular CRM solutions.

Why We Love This Grassroots Software

Mobilize was created with the needs of mission-based organizations like nonprofits in mind.

The platform nurtures relationships with your current supporters through a combination of pre-event communications and post-event surveys. Importantly, it also empowers you to connect with a growing network of over 2.1 million people that are seeking opportunities to get involved with new charitable, political, or advocacy campaigns.

Organizations that use Mobilize have seen drastic increases in engagement. For example, organizations have experienced 30% increases in event attendance through online signups, with over 20% of those supporters initiating donations through the platform!

Advocacy Software Pricing

Mobilize offers free starter accounts and customized packages of their complete toolset based on your needs. Explore their website for more information and to get started.

Mobilize is a leading choice for advocacy software that makes it easy to recruit new supporters.

MobileAction! — Top Mobile Advocacy Software

Advocacy Software Overview

MobileAction! from DNL OmniMedia puts the power of Luminate Advocacy in your supporter’s pockets. With this innovative advocacy app, you can send targeted action alerts, display upcoming events, house peer-to-peer fundraising pages, and communicate with your supporters via surveys.

Best of all, MobileAction! is fully customizable at every level. 

Your organization can work with DNL’s team of developers to build an advocacy solution that actually fits your brand and your needs, from fonts and colors all the way to the app’s functionality.

Why We Love This Grassroots Software

MobileAction! isn’t just an advocacy app. This solution gives your users access to a wide variety of features that expand on the Blackbaud Luminate Online product suite.

You can design an end-to-end mobile advocacy and peer-to-peer fundraising solution or keep it simple by only implementing the modules you need. Team DNL will configure a solution that’s custom-fitted with all of the advocacy app features your nonprofit needs.

Take Action! By DNL OmniMedia is a great advocacy software solution for nonprofits.

Soapbox Engage — Top Advocacy Fundraising Software

Advocacy Software Overview

The Actions app from Soapbox Engage makes it incredibly easy to get your advocacy campaign up and running in no time.

With this lightweight but comprehensive solution, you can fully customize your campaign and make it easier than ever for supporters to get involved.

Best of all, Soapbox Engage’s Actions app is just one of a whole suite of flexible nonprofit tools. Use their Donations app to collect support for your grassroots campaign, or try their Petitions app to create and manage online petitions.

Why We Love This Grassroots Software

Soapbox Engage is a leader in offering flexible, lightweight donation, advocacy, and engagement solutions to nonprofits.

The best feature of their apps? They integrate seamlessly with Salesforce, making it easy to automatically report all the data your campaigns generate and make use of your existing mailing lists and donor profiles within the apps themselves.

Advocacy Software Pricing

For nonprofits, the Soapbox Engage Actions app starts at $99/month. Explore their pricing page to learn more.


Advocacy Software Overview

Bloomerang is a nonprofit CRM with built-in advocacy features that can enhance your grassroots campaign.

Nonprofits can use Bloomerang to get to know their constituents and use supporter data to develop strategies that result in action. Whether you’re raising money for your cause, organizing an advocacy event, or delivering real-time updates to supporters via email and social media, Bloomerang can help you!

Why We Love This Grassroots Software

For being such a high-powered software, Bloomerang boasts a high level of user-friendliness. If you have multiple members of your team engaging with your advocacy strategies, you won’t have to worry about in-depth training or confusing documentation.

Advocacy Software Pricing

Bloomerang’s pricing begins at $99 per month and is based on the number of donor records you store.


Advocacy Software Overview

With NationBuilder, you can grow your advocacy efforts by developing data-driven outreach and engagement strategies.

NationBuilder’s software helps you take a targeted approach to advocacy campaigns by providing you with the tools to segment and map your supporter list, create supporter cultivation plans, and set goals around all aspects of your campaign. The more deliberate your advocacy plan is, the more successful it will be!

Why We Love This Grassroots Software

NationBuilder enables you to easily collect donations to fund your advocacy campaigns. Not only can you accept one-time or recurring payments (including subscriptions and membership fees), but NationBuilder won’t charge a single transaction fee, either!

Advocacy Software Pricing

NationBuilder’s pricing plans start at $24 per month for an annual subscription.

NationBuilder advocacy software


Advocacy Software Overview

DonorPerfect’s advocacy software, Votility, equips nonprofits and membership organizations with the tools to mobilize supporters and enact change on a small or large scale.

With DonorPerfect’s advocacy tools, you can run grassroots campaigns with any goal in mind. Promote policies, gather supporter feedback, post bills on social media, and create dashboard reports to share with elected officials.

Why We Love This Grassroots Software

Votility is only one aspect of DonorPerfect’s fundraising and constituent engagement solution. All of their advocacy features integrate seamlessly with a scalable donor management system that connects you to your supporters in the most comprehensive way.

Advocacy Software Pricing

DonorPerfect offers multiple pricing plans starting at only $159 per month.

DonorPerfect Advocacy Software

Other Recommended Advocacy Software Solutions

Grassroots Unwired

Grassroots Unwired is a top donor management software.

Advocacy Software Overview

Grassroots Unwired combines a strong foundation of traditional grassroots advocacy with groundbreaking technology. With a comprehensive suite of end-to-end campaign solutions, Grassroots Unwired is a great fit for nonprofits, labor unions, and progressive political campaigns.

Their newest innovation, I C Voters, is a best-in-class platform for virtual door knocking. Unlike advocacy software that relies solely on peer-to-peer texting or phone calls, I C Voters creates a face-to-face video experience that canvassers can use to nurture meaningful conversations.

Why We Love This Grassroots Software

Grassroots Unwired is built on the philosophy that mobile technology can be utilized for the greater good, and their team works tirelessly to develop platforms that can foster genuine connections. Their latest innovation (I C Voters) reflects the adaptability and efficiency that characterizes all of their solutions.

Advocacy Software Pricing

With a variety of flexible options available, reach out to the Grassroots Unwired team for more information about pricing.


Cision's advocacy software is perfect for nonprofits that focus on political advocacy.

Advocacy Software Overview

Cision offers a government relations and PAC software that’s perfectly suited to political advocacy organizations.

With their supporter database and integrated marketing and advocacy tools, Cision helps you target the right supporters for your cause and then engage them in the most effective ways. Monitor your fundraising progress, centralize your communications, and generate comprehensive reports in minutes!

Why We Love This Grassroots Software

Cision’s grassroots solutions feature outreach tools designed to keep your supporters informed on the most important elements of your mission. You can use their built-in mail merge features, email templates, and social media management tools to control your message on all fronts.

Advocacy Software Pricing

Cision offers a wide range of pricing packages. See their pricing page or contact their sales team for more information.

RAP Index

RAP Index is a nonprofit advocacy solution that connects you to key individuals in your network.

Advocacy Software Overview

RAP Index was developed to help nonprofits and other advocacy-focused organizations find key contacts within their own supporter network.

Using RAP Index, you can identify existing personal relationships between your constituents and elected officials as well as other key members of your community. Then, mobilize the right individuals to leverage those connections using the most effective channel.

Why We Love This Grassroots Software

The RAP Index team understands that legislators receive hundreds of batch emails a day. In order to stand out and put your cause at the front of their minds, you’ll need to take a more personal approach. Their software can empower you to engage officials in a more strategic way using the network you already have at your fingertips.

Advocacy Software Pricing

Contact RAP Index for a price quote.


Ecanvasser is an advocacy software solution that puts all of your grassroots efforts in one place.

Advocacy Software Overview

Ecanvasser seeks to streamline the advocacy campaign process by providing a centralized solution for nonprofits.

Instead of pairing a separate advocacy platform with your CRM and fundraising software, Ecanvasser allows you to manage all aspects of your advocacy organization in one place. Create multiple campaigns, engage with donors and volunteers, track communications, and get a holistic view of your grassroots community.

Why We Love This Grassroots Software

You can use Ecanvasser to mobilize supporters and staff alike. Create and manage multiple chapters and delegate tasks to campaign managers, key volunteers, or individual canvassers. All of your team members will be able to access the software either online or through the Ecanvasser app, so you’ll never worry that you’re not on the same page.

Advocacy Software Pricing

Ecanvasser starts at $49 per month or a discounted $479 per year.

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