Top 10 Sorority and Fraternity Management Software

Top 10 Sorority and Fraternity Management Software
Collect membership dues.
Organize chapter meetings.
Engage alumni.

Top 10  Sorority and Fraternity Management Software Solutions

Our Favorite Fraternity and Sorority Management Software

OmegaFi — Top Fraternal Management Solution

Fraternal Management Software Overview

A fraternal management solution built equally for chapter officers, volunteers, members, and national headquarters, OmegaFi is an all-bases-covered hub for professional and social chapters, clubs and groups.

On the chapter level, members can pay their dues, chapter leaders can optimize recruitment, alumni/ae can receive newsletters, and house corporations or national headquarters can collect rent. Headquarters officers can also manage tax filing and accounting and foundations can take advantage of new stewardship programs.

Why We Love This Sorority and Fraternity Management Solution

No matter which role you play in managing your chapter, OmegaFi has a purpose-built, scalable solution and service to help you save time and money. The popular and affordable billing and payments solution helps chapters, clubs and groups collect more dues and manage day-to-day finances, with less stress and hassle for everyone. 

OmegaFi’s member engagement solution helps engage members at every level of an organization with shared calendars, private group chat boards, points and attendance trackers, and more. Both solutions have mobile apps available in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

Fraternal Management Software Pricing

Schedule a short, no-pressure demo to see which solution is best for you. Visit this page to get started!

OmegaFi’s homepage, showing its top fraternity management software features.

Smartwaiver — Top Fraternity Waiver Management Software

Fraternity Management Software Overview

Smartwaiver is a comprehensive digital waiver-signing platform that is perfect for fraternity and sorority chapters looking to keep the organization and its members safe from any potential risks.

Members can quickly and easily sign legally-binding digital release of liability waivers online to protect the organization against risk during an event or other chapter-wide activities.

Why We Love This Fraternity Management Software

With Smartwaiver, users can sign waivers from their own mobile devices in just a few easy steps, which makes it a more convenient process for everyone involved, as compared to traditional paper waivers. Plus, you can store thousands of waivers in a secure online database, and retrieve any waiver with a simple search in seconds.

Fraternity Management Software Pricing

Smartwaiver offers a variety of pricing plans depending on the number of waivers you’ll need. Plans start at only $15 for up to 100 new signed waivers each month, and the first 30 days are free.

Here's a look at Smartwaiver, our favorite fraternity management software for waivers.

Fonteva for Associations — Top Fraternity Management Software

Fraternity Management Software Overview

For the heavy lifting of fraternity management, Fonteva for Associations has got your back. Any member of your staff can access your membership database from any device connected to the web.

If you need to segment your members into chapters or committees, you can place members in private communities. Members can renew membership, pay dues, and modify their profiles from their own dashboards!

Why We Love This Fraternity Management Software

Fonteva is built completely native in Salesforce, so you get Fonteva’s membership management software and Salesforce customer management software on top of it.

Fraternity Management Software Pricing

Submit a request for a quote on Fonteva for Associations’ pricing page.

YourMembership — Top Fraternity Management Software

Fraternity Management Software Overview

Greek organizations looking to boost their alumni engagement should consider YourMembership‘s alumni solution! Register alumni, establish a private alumni community, and organize alumni events with streamlined association management software.

Take care of your members even after they leave campus by sharing news about what’s happening with the chapter on campus and any events happening in their cities around the country.

YourMembership is great fraternity management software for staying connected to your alumni.

Why We Love This Fraternity Management Software

Membership doesn’t end at graduation. YourMembership helps you stay on top of those productive alumni relationships.

Fraternity Management Software Pricing

Contact YourMembership for a quote by filling out their online contact form.

YourMembership is great fraternity management software for staying connected to your alumni.

Find the right CRM for your fraternity or sorority with our guide.

Other Fraternity and Sorority Management Software

Billhighway — Fraternity Management Software

Billhighway fraternity management software helps your Greek organization manage its finances.

Fraternity Management Software Overview

Billhighway is an all-in-one solution for your Greek organization’s finances. Whether you’re looking for a financial solution for your chapter or house organization, Billhighway offers flexible and customizable payment collection.

Your financial solution will integrate with your membership database, too, making data reporting easier and more accurate.

Why We Love This Fraternity Management Software

Billhighway is PCI Level 1-compliant and transparent. You’ll always know where your finances stand!

Fraternity Management Software Pricing

Submit an online contact form for pricing information.

Wild Apricot — Fraternity Management Software

With Wild Apricot fraternity management software, you can manage your members from a mobile app.

Fraternity Management Software Overview

For every feature you want and even some you didn’t know you wanted, check out Wild Apricot‘s membership management software. You can organize your member database, plan events, accept payments, and send emails, all from the web or a mobile app (available for both iPhone and Android).

And if you run into trouble, expert support is available whenever you need it.

Why We Love This Fraternity Management Software

You can set up payment schedules for your members so they never forget to submit their dues! And you can accept donations, too.

Fraternity Management Software Pricing

Offering $0 for 50 members to $270 for 15,000 members, Wild Apricot also provides discounts for multi-chapter organizations.

OurHouse — Fraternity Management Software

OurHouse is a fraternity management software with extensive messaging and calendar features.

Fraternity Management Software Overview

OurHouse meets your members where they are: their iPhones. Available exclusively on the Apple Store, OurHouse is a group messaging, event calendar, and document sharing platform designed specifically for Greek organizations.

One feature that OurHouse doesn’t offer is payment processing, so make sure you don’t need billing capabilities before downloading.

Why We Love This Fraternity Management Software

OurHouse tracks attendance with background GPS, so you never have to pass around a sign-in sheet again!

Fraternity Management Software Pricing

OurHouse is free to install on iPhone.

Patriot Software Solutions — Fraternity Management Software

Patriot fraternity management software is specially built for Greek organizations' needs.

Fraternity Management Software Overview

Patriot Software Solutions is designed with headquarters staff in mind. With undergraduate and alumni chapter management, batch email capabilities, and membership billing features, you don’t have to customize the software for a Greek organization’s needs — they’re already covered!

As a chapter, you can also manage calendars, store documentation, and charge dues.

Why We Love This Fraternity Management Software

Because Patriot was developed with Greek organizations in mind, it’s ready to use out of the box!

Fraternity Management Software Pricing

Ask for pricing info via email:

GroupSpaces — Fraternity Management Software

Multiple members of your leadership team can operate as admins in GroupSpaces' fraternity management software.

Fraternity Management Software Overview

With GroupSpaces, you have everything you need in one place! Once members register via online form, you can send newsletters (and see how many members are opening their emails), sell tickets to events, and collect membership dues.

Multiple members of your leadership team can log in as administrators, so you can spread out responsibilities.

Why We Love This Fraternity Management Software

Your members don’t need an account with GroupSpaces. You do all the work on your end, leaving less to chance.

Fraternity Management Software Pricing

You can manage 500 members for $14.00/month or 10,000 members for $99.99/month, plus a few plans in between.

Aplos — Fraternity Management Software

Aplos fraternity management software helps chapters manage their finances.

Fraternity Management Software Overview

Primarily a nonprofit software, Aplos is easy to customize for Greek organizations. Accounting is designed to be easy and all-inclusive, from bank syncing to billpay to budgeting. Plus, you can accept donations!

Reporting is also easy with templates for the most common kinds of financial reports you’ll be preparing.

Why We Love This Fraternity Management Software

You don’t need any specialized accounting knowledge to run Aplos. Just let the software take care of the complicated parts!

Fraternity Management Software Pricing

Choose between $25/month, $40/month, or $120/month plans.

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