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Greater Giving Matching Gifts Integration with Double the Donation

Greater Giving and Double the Donation Matching Gift IntegrationAre you a Greater Giving customer looking to integrate Double the Donation’s matching gift search tool into your Greater Giving fundraising page?

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Double the Donation’s Relationship with Greater Giving:

Greater Giving is a leading provider of technology and credit card processing services to nonprofits and schools to make all their fundraising efforts more successful.

Double the Donation is a leading provider of employee matching gift data and tools to nonprofits.

This guide was put together to help organizations who use Greater Giving’s fundraising platform incorporate Double the Donation’s employee matching gift widget into their fundraising pages. Greater Giving and Double the Donation are two separate and unrelated companies.

Six Steps to Integrate Double the Donation’s Matching Gift Lookup Tool with Greater Giving:

At risk of stating the obvious, the below steps and screenshots are applicable to organizations which already have an account with Double the Donation and Greater Giving. If you don’t have an account with Double the Donation you can:

In terms of integrating Double the Donation’s search tools with Greater Giving’s donation pages, it’s a six step process:

Step #1: Log in to your organization’s Greater Giving account

Log in to Greater Giving's Service to Start the Matching Gift Integration Process


Step #2: Choose your organization’s pages where you want to incorporate matching gift information

Greater Giving Matching Gift Page Selections



Step #3: Within Greater Giving’s Online Payment’s navigation bar select “Edit Page”.

Greater Giving Select Edit Page to Add Matching Gifts




Step #4: Scroll down to the donation content section and click the pencil. Then click “Edit Donation Options”.

Greater Giving Edit Donation Option Section to Include Matching Gifts




Step #5: Select “Advanced Features”

Greater Giving Select Advanced Features to Add Matching Donation Tool


Step #6: Add a new section to your form. Then add your Double the Donation iframe URL to your Greater Giving donation page and configure the fields.

Greater Giving Matching Gift Iframe

Sample Wording:

Question Text:

  • Type in what you want to appear on your Greater Giving donation page.
    • Example #1: Name of Employer: (Click box below to see if your company matches donations):
    • Example #2: Will your company match your gift? Click the check box to find out and access forms)

Report Column Name:

  • Type in what you want to name the column in your database.
    • Example #1: Matching Gifts

View Order:

  • Reduce or increase this number to change the position of this question on your form.

Question Type:

  • Select the iFrame (Matching Gifts) option.

Https iFrame URL: 

  • Paste in your Double the Donation iFrame code. This can be found within your Double the Donation account management pages


Step #6: Verify your Double the Donation matching gift widget is working (three screenshots)

(Screenshot #1 – Initial Greater Giving Donation Page)

View Your Nonprofit's Actual Greater Giving Donation Page

(Screenshot #2: Check the matching gift box)

Check Greater Giving's Matching Gift Box


(Screenshot #3: Test Double the Donation’s Matching Gift Search Functionality by Typing in a Matching Gift Company)

Use the matching gift search functionality


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