Double the Donation Partner and Integration Options

Guiding Principles

Works for Nonprofit Clients

We recognize that nonprofits comes in all shapes and sizes. Our goal is to ensure we work with our partners to come up with a pricing and billing structure that works for your nonprofit clients.

Works for Partners

A matching gift integration is only successful if it’s beneficial for your company. Lets work together to build the ideal matching gift functionality in your platform and structure a business relationship that fits in with your company’s goals and helps your business grow.

Works for Us

We want to be a great partner. Whether that’s making feature enhancements, co-hosting webinars, performing joint marketing, providing training, or whatever else your company needs, we want to make sure that we structure agreements that allow our relationship to grow successfully over time.

Guiding Questions

What specific functionality will be built into your platform?

Do you have specific ideas on how you’d like to incorporate matching gifts into your platform? Share them with us! There is a high likelihood we’ve built out the integration options and APIs for exactly what you’re looking to do. We’re also happy to walk through your platform with you and provide suggestions on the best ways to help your nonprofit clients grow their matching gift revenue.

What is the setup process like for nonprofits?

Would you like your nonprofit clients to be able to get up and running with the matching gift functionality from within your own platform? Or would you like to direct them to Double the Donation’s site to get set up? We have integration options for both scenarios.

Who manages the billing?

If you elect to have Double the Donation’s service be an optional add-on for your nonprofit clients, would you like to manage the billing? Or would you like your clients to sign up and pay for Double the Donation’s service using our billing systems. We have integration options for both scenarios.

Can the nonprofit access Double the Donation’s standard functionality in addition to the matching gift functionality you build into your platform?

Using our integration tools and APIs, we’ll work with you to build useful matching gift functionality into your own systems. Would you also like your nonprofit clients to have access to Double the Donation’s standard matching gift plugin to add on their own websites?

Multiple Integration Options and Pricing Structures to Fit Your Business

Basic Integration OptionsWho PaysFee Structure
Core functionality available to all usersPlatformLicensed at a heavily reduced, per-nonprofit annual fee
Optional add-on – Signup, billing, and support managed entirely through your platformNonprofitOngoing revenue share
Optional add-on – Signup, billing, and support managed through our platformNonprofitOngoing revenue share
Nonprofit can configure our standard matching gift functionality to work within your platformNonprofitOne-time referral fee

High Level API and Integration Options

API Options

We have a full suite of APIs including:

  • Search by company name or prefix – Identify match eligible donors using our company name API. Our fuzzy lookup and scoring enables highly accurate results.
  • Search by LinkedIn name, url, or ID – Do you have social media data in your donor records? Accurately identify an individual’s matching gift eligibility using that data.
  • Search by email domain – Identify match eligible donors using their email domain.
  • Retrieve matching gift company lists – Query our API to pull back a complete listing of matching gift companies. This allows for ultimate flexibility in designing matching gift functionality.
Integration Options

We have multiple integration options to use our tools across your platform:

  • Donation & confirmation pages – Add our streamlined matching gift search tools, donation pages, and confirmation screens.
  • Webpages – Add our matching gift plugin to any webpage.
  • CRMs – Log usage of our search tool and flag matching gift eligible donors directly in your platform.
  • Email – Trigger the appropriate matching gift email or incorporate our matching gift data directly into your emails
  • 360MatchPro – Incorporate our matching gift CRM into your platform for robust matching gift functionality with minimal technical development.

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