Matching Gift Screening

Matching Gift Screenings

Screen your donor database in bulk to identify eligible donors.
Raise more money for your nonprofit clients with integrated 360MatchPro matching gift automation.

Bulk Screening Overview

We’ll screen your entire database of donors who you have employer data on to identify your donors who work at companies with matching gift programs.

Then you can use this new information to target select donors with matching gift emails, mailings, and acknowledgments.

We’ll append company specific match policy information which you can then upload into your CRM or phonathon software for easy access.

Double the Donation typically identifies 3-15% of your records as being match eligible.

What matching gift information is provided?

Here are a few of the fields which will be included in the appended data.

  • Match eligible flag
  • Minimum and maximum match amounts
  • Program instructions
  • Company contact information
  • Forms, guidelines, and links to where donors can submit matches electronically
  • And much more

What volunteer grant information is provided?

Our volunteer grant screenings includes:

  • A yes / no flag indicating whether we believe the individual works for a company with a volunteer grant program
  • Minimum number of required volunteer hours
  • Grant amount
  • Links to forms
  • Notes and instructions


Our matching gift screening provides actionable information to increase your school or organization’s matching gift performance. Take this new information and proactively target these donors with custom matching gift notifications.

Not only do we provide you with a detailed summary report, but we also identify the most promising match eligible donors by hand selecting the top donors whom we recommend your organization should immediately focus on.

Inputs (information we require from you)

At the bare minimum we require a table with an ID number and company name, though for best results we request as many of the following fields as possible for each entry, even if they aren’t 100% complete:

  1. Unique ID number
  2. Company name
  3. Email address of the donor (or at least everything after the @ sign)
  4. Last gift amount (if known)
  5. Date of last donation (if known)
  6. Flag indicating whether you believe the donor is match eligible
  7. Flag indicating whether a matching gift has already been submitted for the most recent donation, and, if so, what company is it from?

Top Prospects / Easy Wins for your Organization

Our team of matching gift experts will manually review the file to recommend a small number of donors (~50) which we believe should be the #1 priority for your organization to follow up with personally. Our target criteria involves:

  • Recent donation
  • Significant match eligible amount (often >$1,000)
  • High quality company information
  • Easy submission for donors
  • Believe donation is still eligible to be matched given company grace periods

Our ability to perform this “top prospects” list is based on the information your provide to us. The more information you can provide our team, the better we can help your organization focus its energy on the donors with the most matching gift potential.


Our pricing is designed to be affordable and straightforward. It is priced based upon the number of records submitted to us. Pricing begins at $1,000 for organizations with fewer than 10,000 donors.

  • Fewer than 10,000 entries = $1,000
  • 10,000 – 25,000 entries = $1,250
  • 25,000 – 50,000 entries = $1,500
  • 50,000 – 100,000 entries = $1,750
  • More than 100,000 entries = $1,750 + $150 per every 10,000 records over 100,000

If you subscribe to Double the Donation’s matching gift tools (either Tier 1 where you host your matching gift page on our servers or Tier 2 where you embed our plugin on your website) we offer a $250 discount on a bulk screening.

Common Questions

Expect 3-15% of your donors to work for a company which will match donations to your organization. The variation in this figure is primarily based on the classification of your organization as well as the demographics of your donors.

Nearly all companies with a matching gift program will match donations from employees to higher education institutions, while a significant, but smaller, percentage match donations to nearly any 501(c)(3) organization.

The demographics of your organization’s donor base also matter as current employees are more likely to be match eligible than retirees.

We request that you submit your file with duplicates still in it. We first perform two different automated screenings followed by a manual review of the match eligible and non-eligible donors.

We prioritize our manual edits to focus on those that result in the most financial upside for your organization.

For instance, since employer data that you submit is free-form text which has manually been entered there will be wide variations in names. If your organization records the company Microsoft as MSFT and we see a large number of entries in your database showing MSFT as an employer we’ll be able to make the modification manually. If you only submit unique entries then there’s a chance we don’t catch this.

Note: Our screening functionality would already identify MSFT as being Microsoft, but there are similar examples in your database that we’ve yet to identify.

Our goal is to ensure the file helps your school or organization increase your matching gift revenue as much as possible. Our team of matching gift experts will review the file to scrub out obvious errors prior to sending you the final version

We’ve developed sophisticated tools and algorithms to maximize the accuracy and comprehensiveness of our screening. We do our best to ensure as accurate and comprehensive data as possible but we won’t achieve 100% accuracy.

Wondering how much matching gift money your organization is leaving on the table? Do you already have employer data but want to know which of your donors work for a company that offers an employee matching gift program? Double the Donation’s bulk matching gift screening can help.