Employer Appends

Employer Appends

Employer Append Screenings

Using our proprietary screening and identification methods we append employer information, and often times a job role, to individual records.

You provide donor information to us and then a few days later we provide you with a file which includes employer data on 15%-40% of your donors. As an added benefit we often identify previously unknown corporate executives who have the potential to be major donors.

Inputs (information we request from you)

At the bare minimum we require a table with an individual’s name, though we highly recommend providing as much information as possible for each entry, even if not all entries have complete or up-to-date information.

We request as much of the following information on each of your records as possible:

  1. Unique ID number
  2. Name (either in a single field or multiple fields)
  3. Mailing address (home, business, or both)
  4. Region (state, city, and country)
  5. Email address(es)
  6. Phone number(s)
  7. College or university (along with class year and major / degree)
  8. Last gift amount
  9. Date of last donation
  10. Date the entry was last updated (if known)

We recognize most organizations do not have 100% of this information for all their donors, but providing as much information as possible helps with our employer identification and accuracy ratings.


  • Flag indicating whether we believe we found the donor and identified where the donor works
  • Employer name
  • Job Title (when possible)
  • Accuracy rating (how confident we are that we correctly identified the right person and his or her employer based on the information your organization provided to us)

What’s included?

  • Automated screening of your database using multiple proprietary screening methods to identify each record’s employer and job title (when available).
  • Accuracy score for each record indicating our confidence level in the accuracy of the employer data for that specific record.
  • Clean-up of the final output file to minimize the number of variations of the same employer


Our employer screening prices are based upon the number of records submitted to us.

  • Fewer than 25,000 records = $.50 per employer appended
  • 25,000 – 250,000 records = $.45 per employer appended
  • 250,000 – 500,000 records = $.40 per employer appended
  • 500,000+ records, please call us for a quote

Please note that there is a minimum charge of $1,000.

Common Questions

Our propriety screening method combines data from both publicly and privately available sources. These sources include public government records, SEC filings, social media profiles, business registrations, and a variety of other sources.

We typically see append rates which range from 20%-50%. This is based on a variety of factors such as:

  • Donor demographics (higher append rates among organizations which have a greater percentage of donors still in the workforce)
  • Average donation amount (higher append rates for wealthier donors)
  • Type of nonprofit (higher append rates for higher education)

Our accuracy score is based on a number of factors including:

Uniqueness of donor names:
With only a name it can be tough to determine whether we’ve identified the correct individual. The number of individuals with the same name plays a role in our accuracy score. A search for a common name such as “Steve Smith” will have a much lower accuracy score than a more unique / one of a kind name.

Level of detail provided on a record:
The more information that you provide on each record, the greater the accuracy score. Even though there may be 1,000 individuals named “Steve Smith” if we’re able to match additional fields such as a phone number or mailing address it increases the accuracy score for that record.

Our data source / date the data source was updated:
We recognize that not all of our data sources are created equal. The data source, as well as the update frequency, plays a role in each individual record’s accuracy score.

Our ability to append employer data is dependent upon the input file an organization provides to us. Organizations which keep their databases up-to-date see the best results.

For instance:

  • Do you have an up-to-date email address?
  • Do you have an up-to-date mailing address?
  • For higher education institutions, can you provide us with the years your donor / alumni graduated?

It depends. Very rarely does an organization have comprehensive data on all of its donors, especially when you consider an organization which raises funds from multiple channels (mail, online, phone, in-person, etc.)

We do request that you provide us with as much data as you can as it helps us locate and match your records to the appropriate individual.

Yes, we use the raw data (which the API provides), but we combine it with auto-complete functionality on a free-form text field. This ensures users are able to locate their employers.

Our matching gift database is comprised of the following two tables:

  1. A table mapping subsidiaries to parent companies
  2. A table mapping all company details to a single parent company

These tables are then joined using a unique ID that ties all the data together.

Is your nonprofit lacking employer information or has it become outdated? Does your organization want to identify where your donors work? If so, Double the Donation’s Employer Append product can help.