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Microsoft’s 2014 Matching Gift Program Enhancements

At Double the Donation, we love hearing about companies who enhance their employee giving programs (plus it’s one of the top ways we keep our database of matching gift companies fresh).

Microsoft Employee Grant Programs


And given that we’ve covered Microsoft multiple times (most recently when Microsoft employees broke through the $1 billion mark, inclusive of the company match) on our blog, it should come as no surprise that the company is once again leading the corporate philanthropy world with improved employee giving benefits. So what’s new this year?

Increased Matching Gift Maximum:

Up until this year Microsoft’s annual maximum for its employee matching gift program was a generous $12,000 per an individual. That is just one of the reasons we include the company on our list of employers with the best matching gift programs.

But to make it even better, in October Lisa Brummel, Chief People Officer at Microsoft, publicly announced that Microsoft is increasing its annual limit to $15,000 per individual (a 25% increase).

New Employee Grant:

Whether you’re a nonprofit raising money from employee matching gift programs or a corporate community relations manager trying to encourage employee participation, promoting employee matching gifts can be tough.

Raising awareness is perhaps the biggest challenge for both companies and nonprofits. So we’re excited to see Microsoft’s newest innovation in the corporate philanthropy space.

Along with the increased match limit, Microsoft is now providing new employees with $50 grants to allocate to a nonprofit of their choosing. It’s a great way to share Microsoft’s strong giving culture and helps employees familiarize themselves with the company’s online giving tools.

Click here to view more specifics about Microsoft’s employee giving programs (and test out our matching gift service).

Key Figures about Microsoft’s Giving Programs:

  • Since 1983, employees have donated over $1 billion, inclusive of the corporate match. And no that’s not a type. We meant BILLION.
  • Microsoft introduced its volunteer match program in 2005. Since then U.S. employees have volunteered and logged more than 2 million hours to causes which they care about.
  • And let’s not forget about the $25 per hour that Microsoft provides to nonprofits through its employee volunteer grant program.

Once again we’d like to thank Microsoft for doing such a great job of promoting a strong giving culture!

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