Double the Donation Application Process

Congratulations on applying!

Here’s why you should join us and what to expect next…

We help nonprofits change the world.

Double the Donation is a company full of talented, enthusiastic people who enjoy coming to work every day. We are passionate about the nonprofit sector, love using technology to work smarter, and believe every person can have a big impact. If this sounds like you, we’d love to have you onboard!

This page includes an overview of our company benefits and a detailed explanation of the application process.

Why You Should Join Us

Health, Vision, Dental, and Long-Term Disability Insurance

Terrific health benefits with a significant percentage of your monthly premium paid by the company!

Profound Impact

Double the Donation works with nonprofits near and far, small and large. At Double the Donation, you feel good knowing your work has a significant impact on these organizations.

401(k) with Match

You can participate in our 401(k) plan with a company match where the company contributes up to 4% of your salary.

25 Paid Vacation and Sick Days Annually

Where are you going this year? Start planning your next trip with friends or family.

15 Days of Additional Life Leave Annually

Life Leave allows team members to use their vacations as they are meant to be used—a break—while knowing you’ve got the breathing room to tap into extra leave for planned and unplanned life moments. Alternatively team members can carry this over to the next year or trade this time in for an additional one-time cash payment if it’s not needed.

Matching Gift Program

Make your donation go twice as far. We offer an employee matching gift program where we match donations made by employees to nearly any nonprofit or educational institution.

Individual and Team Volunteer Grants

Volunteer regularly? We provide grants to nonprofits where individual or groups of employees regularly volunteer.

Fundraising Sponsorship

We provide a grant to kick-start your fundraising at your next run, walk, or ride.

Board Service Grants

We want to support organizations where our employees serve on the nonprofit’s board. Each year, Double the Donation will make a donation directly to any nonprofit where an employee serves as a board member.

Professional Development Opportunities

From Day 1, we invite you to join numerous training opportunities. From twice per week presentations from your colleagues, to manager training available to all employees, to our business strategy book club, we invest in helping individuals grow in their careers.

What to Expect Next

We’re excited that you’ve taken the first step in the application process. We do things a little bit differently than most companies when it comes to hiring. Since you’ve taken the time to apply, please take a moment to review the next steps in our interview process.

We’ve designed our interview process with these outcomes in mind:

  • Identify the best talent Every step in our interview process is meant to add to our holistic profile of candidates. We want to understand everything about the individuals who want to join our company, including their educational and professional experience, ability to learn quickly, culture/values fit, and whether they’d enjoy the position they take.
  • Don’t keep candidates waiting We want to move candidates quickly through each stage of the interview process so individuals can move from their initial application to a final interview within a few days.
  • Reduce bias Each candidate receives the same interview experience and review by our company’s founders to prevent opportunities for individual bias from creeping into the process.

  • Step 1 - Application

    You’re already part of the way there!

    Congratulations on completing this step! You should have received a confirmation email from a member of the hiring team with a link to this landing page. If you didn’t receive an email confirmation, please contact our hiring team at

    Unfortunately, at this stage in the application process, due to the volume of applications, you will only receive a reply if you’ve been moved to Step 2.

  • Step 2 - Assessment and Video Interview

    Once we review your application, candidates will receive three separate emails from us:

    • From Double the Donation – An email confirming that you have been moved to the Assessment and Video Interview stage of the application process.
    • From Criteria Corp – An email inviting you to take the aptitude and typing assessments. Please note: The email will come from “Impact Ventures,” which is our corporate name. Here’s what the email and assessment landing page look like:

    • From Spark Hire – An email inviting you to complete a video interview. Here’s what the email and landing page look like:

    After you complete this assessment and the video interview, we will review your entire application and make a final decision. All candidates will be notified of whether or not they are moving on to the live interview.

    About the Assessments

    • The Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test, or CCAT, measures your ability to problem solve, use new information, and think critically.
      • You’ll have 15 minutes to answer as many questions as you can.
      • There are 3 different kinds of questions: verbal, math and logic, and spatial reasoning.
      • No calculators are allowed.
      • Less than 1% of candidates answer all 50 questions.
      • Learn more about this assessment.
    • The typing test measures an individual’s typing speed and accuracy. The test-taker is presented with a passage and given one minute to type as much of the passage as possible.

    Our Recommendations

    • Find a quiet spot with good internet access where you’ll be able to focus on these assessments uninterrupted.
    • Please complete both assessments as soon as you can. While there isn’t a hard deadline for this stage of the interview process, we recruit on a rolling basis and want candidates to move through the process as quickly as possible.

    Our Process

    • We require all candidates to score above a certain threshold on both assessments to be considered for a live interview.
    • Unfortunately, we won’t be able to share your scores after the assessment, but all candidates will get at least two attempts. We will resend the assessment URL for the second attempt separately.

    About the Video Interview

    As part of our application process, we would like you to record a video interview, which should take between 10-20 minutes in total. You’ll be recording yourself, via Spark Hire, answering 5-7 questions relevant to the role you applied for. Video is essential for this step of the process, so please use a webcam or phone to complete the interviews.

    Please note: You’ll need to create a Spark Hire account to accept the interview. It’s a bit of an annoying step, but we appreciate your understanding!

    As a company, we do video interviews rather than phone interviews for this stage of the process because it provides a more uniform experience for candidates and allows more members of our team to learn about prospective hires before the live interview. Our hiring team and founders watch every video interview, so we really appreciate your time at this stage of the process.

    Our Recommendations

    • Find a quiet spot with good internet access where you’ll be able to focus on the video interview questions uninterrupted.
    • Please complete the video interview as soon as you can. While there isn’t a hard deadline for this stage of the interview process, we recruit on a rolling basis and want candidates to move through the process as quickly as possible.
    • For attire, we recommend business casual or nice street clothes.

    Important Notes

    • We use a video interviewing platform called Spark Hire, so if you need any help with the process, you can reach their 24/7 support team at
    • If you don’t have a webcam, you can use a mobile device after downloading Spark Hire’s free iOS or Android app.
    • Once you accept the interview invitation, you’ll be emailed step-by-step instructions from Spark Hire.

    If you’ve never had a video interview before or want a refresher, here are a few helpful links:

  • Step 3 - Live Interview

    After our hiring team and founders have gotten the opportunity to review your application, assessments, and video interview, candidates will be contacted to reserve a live virtual interview time.

    A typical agenda for a live interview will include:

    • A behavioral interview with our founders.
    • A mock assignment relevant to your role.
    • An opportunity to speak with someone currently in your role.
    • A live aptitude and typing assessment.
    • An opportunity to review our company values (listed in the application) and provide your thoughts.

    What you’ll need to provide ahead of time:

    • Digital copies of your resume
    • SAT / ACT test scores
    • Unofficial undergraduate transcript
    • 3 professional references

    At this stage in the interview process, all candidates will be told whether or not they are moving on to the next step.

  • Step 4 - References and Offer

    If you move forward to this stage of the interview process, we’ll reach out to your professional references to speak about their experience working with you. We may ask for additional references in certain cases if we have difficulty getting in touch with them or want to understand a particular experience on your resume.

    After we speak with your references, we’ll make the decision whether or not to extend you an offer. If we decide to extend an offer, we’ll typically ask to schedule a time to present you with the offer letter, benefits packet, and information about your potential start date. Additionally, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Candidates will typically have 4-7 days to decide if they want to accept the job offer. It’s important to us that candidates who join the company are excited by the prospect of working with us, so we don’t offer any extensions on the offer timeline.