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Using Your Matching Gift Page on Double the Donation’s Site

The easiest way for a nonprofit to share matching gift information with its donors is by building matching gift pages hosted on Double the Donation’s website. It allows your supporters to access everything they need to submit employee matching gift and volunteer grant requests including:

  • Matching gift and volunteer grant forms
  • Company guidelines
  • Easy to understand instructions for donors
  • An overview of your nonprofit
  • Contact information for donors to use to submit match requests

Here’s a sample a matching gift page on Double the Donation’s site:

Lafayette Partners in Education Matching Gift Page

Create your own matching gift pages on Double the Donation's servers


The Setup Process:

During the online signup process you’ll choose a URL (ex. This will become the URL for your nonprofit’s custom matching gift page.

Once you’re in Double the Donation’s account management portal you can start configuring your matching gift page. Your organization’s matching gift page is built using our standard template that can be set up by anyone, even if you have no coding experience. It’s as simple as filling out a form which consists of two sections:

  1. Account information
  2. Organization information

Account Information:

This is used by Double the Donation’s team when we want to share product updates, tips, and ideas. This information remains private. Please enter your contact information as well as information on a secondary contact at your organization in case we can’t reach you.

Add contact information for your nonprofit

Organization Information:

This is publicly displayed on your nonprofit’s matching gift page on Double the Donation’s servers. This includes:

Contact Information: Who should your donors contact if they have any questions about your organization? What Tax ID / EIN should donors use on their matching gift forms? Where should matching gift forms be mailed? This will all be included on your matching gift page.

Matching Gift Contact Information for the Nonprofit

High Level Information on Your Organization:
Let’s add the basics. What’s your organization’s name? What’s the URL of your organization’s primary website? And lastly, what do you want the title of your matching gift page to be? Don’t worry, we added a default option which we recommend you start with. Feel free to change it if you’d like.

Add Organization Information to the Matching Gift Page


Add a Background Color:
We recommend you add a background color to your webpage that matches your organization’s main colors. You can use our color picker to select a color or input your color Hex code if you know it.

Add Matching Gift Background Color


Add your logo: Continue branding your page by uploading your logo. First click on the “Select New Image” button.

Upload Organization Logo to Matching Gift Page

Then upload your logo by either dragging the file into the application or clicking the “choose file” button to upload the file from your computer.

Upload Nonprofit Logo to Matching Gift page


Add a Description: Finish branding the page for your nonprofit by adding a description. We’ve added starter text which you can modify.

Recommendation – Keep it short. Everyone visiting the page knows about your nonprofit. Make sure to keep the emphasis on matching gifts and volunteer grants.

Add the nonprofit description which appears at the top of the matching gift page


And Voila!

You’re finished building your matching gift page. Your matching gift page will look similar to the following example:

Atlanta Botanical Garden’s Matching Gift Page

Hosted Matching Donation Pages on Double the Donation's Servers


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