14 Charity Auction Fundraising Tools

Top Charity Auction Tools for Different Sized Nonprofits
ProviderPerfect for Small NonprofitsPerfect for Medium NonprofitsPerfect for the Largest NonprofitsRanking
BidPal #1
Greater Giving#3
AuctionWorx Enterprise#5
Bidding For Good#6
Charity Auctions Today#7
Silent Auction Pro#8
Go Charity Auction#12
Visual Auction#14

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Most Recommended Charity Auction Tools and Services

1. BidPal

BidPal event fundraising tools


BidPal gives nonprofits the ability to handle mobile bidding, registration, checkout, and event management all with one platform.

Give your event staff the ability to capture guest information, track registrations in real time, and accept payments from guests for tickets or bids all in one place, either on a computer or mobile device.

Why We Love It

BidPal gives your nonprofit the ability to run events as efficiently as possible by centralizing all the typical components of event fundraising in one software solution.


Pricing starts at $1,995 per year for BidPal’s auction and event planning software. Contact them for a mobile bidding quote.

2. Accelevents

Accelevents Charity Auctions


Accelevents is a mobile fundraising solution that enhances silent auctions and raffles through online and text message bidding.

Built by fundraising hosts with a deep connection to the nonprofit space, this solution is the first of its kind with an easy to use self-serve model and pricing affordable enough to appeal to all fundraisers, from large nonprofits to fundraising individuals.

Why We Love It

Accelevents provides a balance between functionality and affordability, allowing fundraisers of any size to increase their proceeds and usability without sacrificing any needed features. They also offer fantastic customer service, and are available 24/7 to assist your fundraising needs.


Accelevents charges $99 for your account activation + $1 per bidder (for unlimited bids!)

3. Greater Giving

GreaterGiving event fundraising tools


Greater Giving provides industry-leading fundraising event software for large and complex nonprofit organizations.

Their software enables organizations to track every aspect of their fundraising events with a secure, cloud-based solution. Their software has a wide range of functionality and allows organizations to do almost anything a fundraising event may require.

Why We Love It

Greater Giving provides a complete solution for large nonprofits who want to centralize all their event-related data in one place for planning, marketing, and reporting.


Pricing may vary and is custom based your nonprofit’s needs.

4. Auctria

Charity Auctions - Auctria Logo


Auctria offers an easy, out of the box solution for nonprofits ready to take their charity auctions to the next level. Their software allows nonprofits track their auction items, bidders, create a mini website for your auction, and process donations.

Additionally, you can track your auctions over multiple years which makes it easy to keep those bids growing year after year.

Why We Love It

Auctria provides affordable options for nonprofits who are ready to take their fundraising auctions to the next level!


Auctria offers packages ranging from $49.95 – $299.95 per year with different levels of service and functionality for nonprofits of all sizes.


Run a Really Successful (and Profitable!) Silent Auction. Grab our Free Guide to Hosting an Awesome Charity Auction!.

Other Great Charity Auction Options for all Nonprofits!

5. AuctionWorx

Charity Auction Software - AuctionWorx


AuctionWorx Enterprise is a product offered by RainWorx Software that allows both businesses and nonprofits to create a clean, user-focused, auction website.

They make it easy to create an auction website that will present your products in an attractive way and enable you to manage the bidding process.

Why We Love It

AuctionWorx is a good solution for organizations interested in creating an auction website. List all your charity auction items in one place and make it easy for donors to make bids online!


Pricing varies by organization.

AuctionWorx is a top online bidding tool for nonprofit organizations.

6. BiddingForGood

Charity Auctions - Bidding for Good


BiddingForGood, a FrontStream company, offers a robust auction management solution for nonprofits who have a high degree of complexity in their fundraising auctions.

Their Auction Manager Pro software enables nonprofits to run an unlimited number of auction events with a broad range of customization options to fit the needs of any organization.

Why We Love It

BiddingForGood solves many of the challenges that large nonprofits experience with charity auction. It’s a highly customizable solution that packs a punch!


BiddingForGood charges $1,595 a year with a 7% fee on all donations processed through its online auction portal. This price includes unlimited email and phone support.

7. Charity Auctions Today

Charity Auctions Today logo


Charity Auctions Today provides a complete online and mobile auction platform to help organizations raise money online. Their platform was built using the latest technology, giving organizations the best user experience and the best tools all at an affordable cost.

Whether setting up an auction or placing a bid, no technical experience is required.

Why We Love It

Charity Auctions Today offers great support and a simple platform with easy-to-use features. They have also been in the business for nearly 10 years, making them charity auction fundraising experts!


Charity Auctions Today offers packages ranging from $497 – $597 per auction. They also have a free starter option that takes a 5% performance fee off of auction sales.

Charity Auctions today is an online bidding platform that nonprofits can use to host auctions.

8. Silent Auction Pro


Silent Auction Pro is a simple and powerful auction software that centralizes many of the activities that normally cause headaches when planning a fundraising event.

Keep your ticket sales, bidding data, and event attendance in one place to save your event staff time and make it easy for event attendees to enjoy themselves.

Why We Love It

Silent Auction Pro offers a comprehensive fundraising event solution for organizations who have a handful of major fundraising events every year.


Pricing starts at $129 per event with additional packages or add-ons depending on your organization’s needs.

Silent auction pro is an easy-to-use online auction tool for nonprofits and other groups.

9. BiddingOwl


BiddingOwl makes it easy for nonprofits of all sizes to create a website for their charity auctions. Donors can go online, browse the different items available for bidding, and make bids directly through the nonprofit’s auction page.

Whereas a live charity auction may only last 2-3 hours, an online auction allows potential donors to bid for items before the auction even starts!

Why We Love It

BiddingOwl offers a great solution for nonprofits experienced with live auctions to move their fundraising activities online at a reasonable price.


BiddingOwl charges a 5% fee on all donations processed through its online auction portal.

10. Gesture

Nonprofit Charity Auctions - Gesture


Gesture provides mobile bidding software that enables donors to bid on items directly from their seats.

Specializing in live auction events, Gesture gives organizations the tools to sell tickets online, manage check-ins, enable donations via mobile devices, and track everything in real time.

Why We Love It

Gesture has tackled the challenge of the live auction to make it easy for organizations and a positive experience for attendees.


Pricing varies based on an organization’s needs.

11. Blackbaud’s Auction Maestro


AuctionMaestro by Blackbaud is auction software that ties in well with other popular Blackbaud products like eTapestry and Raiser’s Edge.

AuctionMaestro enables organizations to create online charity auctions, manage bidding, and accept payments all through one integrated platform.

Why We Love It

Blackbaud is a major player in the fundraising software sector. Their auction software is great for organizations already using Blackbaud’s family of software.


Reach out to a Blackbaud representative for pricing. Exact pricing will vary depending on your organization’s needs and existing usage of Blackbaud products.

12. Go Charity Auction

Go Charity Auction event fundraising tools


GoCharityAuction was started by parents who wanted to make their local elementary school’s charity auction a bit easier to manage.

By focusing on the essentials, GoCharityAuction makes planning, tracking, and accepting payments for charity auctions a breeze at a reasonable price point for small or growing nonprofit organizations.

Why We Love It

GoCharityAuction has prioritized the needs of growing organizations and as a result, created a solution that makes charity auctions significantly easier at a very affordable price.


Multiple plans with low monthly fees and donation fees that are some of the lowest in the industry.

Go Charity is a white-glove auction service meant for nonprofit organizations.

13. Sumac


Sumac offers a robust CRM solution with an optional auction component. This enables all the data that your organization captures to flow seamlessly to your Sumac CRM.

The auction functionality helps organizations keep track of their auctions, produce reports on auction performance, and gather information about auction participants.

Why We Love It

If you’re already using the Sumac CRM, then the auction add-on will make it easy for your organization to keep all its auction-related data within one centralized system.


The auction module is an add-on feature of the Sumac CRM.

14. Visual Auction

Charity Auction Tools - Auction Broadcaster


Visual Auction is an online software solution that allows businesses and nonprofit organizations to plan their online auctions, upload different items, manage bids, and hold multiple auctions simultaneously.

There are a variety of different auction modes available including regular, reverse, or private auction which makes this a flexible solution for organizations running multiple events simultaneously.

Why We Love It

Visual Auction is a solid software solution that meets the needs of many businesses and nonprofits interested in planning their own auction online.


Pricing varies by organization and level of service.

Visual Auction is a top online bidding tool for nonprofit organizations.

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