Are there any additional fees?

We try to be as transparent as possible with our pricing. For our Premium Plan, there are no additional fees outside of the annual subscription fee. So all you pay is the annual subscription fee with no additional setup fees, no percentage of any transactions or matching gift revenue, and no fees for technical support.

What happens at the end of the 14-day trial?

Your account has full functionality during the trial period, so your organization can continue using your account without any changes (all of your customizations, data, and actions remain intact). At the end of the trial period, your credit card will be charged, and your subscription begins.

How do renewals work?

To ensure uninterrupted access for your nonprofit and your nonprofit’s donors, all accounts are recurring subscriptions that renew automatically. If you’d prefer to change your account to the annual invoiced option please contact us after creating your account.

How will you bill me?

You can pay by credit card online. All of our plans are billed upfront for either one or two years, and the credit card charge goes through at the end of the 14-day trial period.

What is the cancellation / refund policy?

You can easily cancel your account at any time. If you cancel during the 14-day trial period, you won’t be charged. If you cancel after 14 days, your account will remain open until the end of your subscription, and then you won’t be charged again. View the full details.

How does my 14-day free trial work?

You can try out Double the Donation’s Premium Plan risk-free for 14 days. You will have complete functionality to test out our Premium Plan service. If you cancel at any point during the first 14 days, you won’t be charged.