Not eligible for a matching gift?

Don't worry, you can still make a difference!

[REQUIRED] Step 1: Let us know why you're ineligible.

Thank you for notifying us that your donation is not eligible to be matched by your company. To note this in our records, please select one of the reasons below. Your selection will not be saved until you click "Submit" below.

Step 2: Explore other ways to make an impact.

Even though you can't take advantage of an employer matching gift, there are other ways you may be able to increase your impact. Check out the options below.

Talk to your company leadership.

Does your company not have a matching gift program? Is the program more restrictive than you would like?

Learn how to advocate for corporate matching at your company!

Spread the word about matching.

You might not be eligible for a match this time, but what about other people in your network?

Encourage others to look up their matching gift eligibility when they support our organization.

Expand beyond matching gifts.

Even if you aren't eligible for a matching gift, there are lots of other ways companies can support our organization. They could match your volunteer hours, sponsor an event, or more!

Ask your employer what other corporate social responsibility initiatives they have available.