360MatchPro Email From Earlier This Week


Today I’m going to show you how one organization identified 400K in potential matching gift revenue.

(In 7 days)

Question is:

How do you identify matching gift eligible donations?

Well, if you’re like me, you like to learn from real-world examples.

That’s why today I’m going to walk you through a case study…

…a case study that led one university to uncover over 400K in matching gift eligible dollars.

How did they do it?

They figured out which of their donors worked for companies with matching gift programs and got them to submit their matches.

(Seriously, that’s it).

Specifically, here’s what they did to learn more about their donors:

First, they looked at what they already knew about their donors.

What number of donations they had given previously.
What size of donations they had given.

What companies they work for.

And yes, whether any donations had been matched before.

Of their existing donor list, only 3% were identified as matching gift eligible.

Sure, that isn’t so bad.

But it definitely didn’t get the advancement office excited.

So they asked Double the Donation to screen their list of donors for matching gift eligibility.

Of the 70K donors screened, Double the Donation was able to identify 9K donors whose donations were matching gift eligible.

Next, Double the Donation looked at the size of the donations.

Over half of the 400K of potential matching gift revenue came from just 50 donors.

In fact, those 50 donors had never been notified that they could submit a matching gift.

(Not good)

So the matching gift coordinators picked up the phone and fired up their email.

And started contacting donors.


Most donors who submit a matching gift request typically do so after 1-2 reminders.

At this point you may be wondering:

“What donors of ours might be matching gift eligible?”

You may also be thinking to yourself:

“How do you contact donors without spending hundreds of hours of staff time?”

My secret is a NEW piece of software we developed called 360MatchPro.

And I’m excited to let you know that we’re launching 360MatchPro to the Double the Donation community very soon.

I’ll have more details for you in a few days.

Talk to you then.