LLS Matching Gift Partnership with Double the Donation

LLS Double the Donation Partnership

Matching Gift Strategy – Phase 1 Overview and Details

About Our Matching Gift Efforts

Matching Gifts represent an untapped revenue opportunity for LLS.

LLS and Double the Donation are partnering to build out new tools, services, and processes to ensure that as many of LLS’s donors as possible are utilizing their companies’ matching gift programs.

Who is Double the Donation?

Double the Donation is the leading provider of matching gift tools and services to nonprofits.

Double the Donation will be assisting LLS in identifying matching gift opportunities, proactively following up with donors, and ensuring matches are driven to completion.

Why LLS and Double the Donation are Partnering

Matching Gifts represent a multi-million dollar revenue opportunity for LLS.

Through enhancements in software and processes, LLS and Double the Donation will be working together to provide a great donor experience while ensuring as many donors as possible submit their match requests.

Phase 1 – Rolling Out June 1st, 2017

Growing employee matching gift revenue represents an opportunity for LLS. LLS and Double the Donation have partnered together to design an organization-wide approach to growing LLS’s matching gift revenue. Phase 1 is focused on implementing new technology, systems, and processes to help identify more match-eligible donors and ensure as many of these donors submit matches as possible.

Enhanced Matching Gift Tools

We’ve added streamlined matching gift search tools to our donation forms, confirmation pages, and dedicated matching gift pages, which proactively encourage more donors to submit match requests.

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Identify More Matching Opportunites

We’re tracking usage of our matching gift search tools and utilizing email domains to identify LLS’s top of the funnel matching gift opportunities. With prioritization, LLS can follow its most promising leads.

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Drive Matches to Completion

We’re combining automated messages with two Matching Gift Specialists focused on generating additional matching gift revenue. Our system will drive more donors to completing their matching gift requests.

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Enhanced Soft Crediting Features

We’re implementing new automation and ongoing processes to ensure donors receive timely and consistent soft crediting based on the current status of donors’ matching gift requests.

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Enhanced the Matching Gift Tools Available to Donors

We’ve implemented more user friendly matching gift tools that better facilitate the process of submitting match requests at the time the donor is most engaged.

Matching Gifts in the Donation Process

In the Donation Process

We’ve added an optional matching gift field with an autocomplete pulling from parent companies, subsidiaries, and spelling variations to the donation form. It converts to a free-form text field if a donor types in a company name that isn’t in the database.

Detailed matching gift information is then provided to the donor on the donation confirmation page.

Matching Gifts on a Dedicated Matching Gift Page

Dedicated Matching Gift Page

Donors can access LLS’s dedicated matching gift page with the full matching gift search capabilities either by navigating through LLS’s website or through links in matching gift messaging in emails.

Donors are presented with detailed company specific forms, guidelines, and instructions immediately upon selection of their company.

More Matching Gift Donors

We’re combining multiple match identification opportunities to get an overall picture of the matching gift potential for LLS and to position us to follow up appropriately with donors.

Streamlined Donation Form Search

LLS donation forms are enhanced with an on-page matching gift search tool, an improvement over the prior matching gift experience of taking donors to a separate page.

Donors can instantly type in their company name with a streamlined autocomplete search and be identified as match eligible.

Email Domain Screening

We’ll use donors’ email domains to identify match-eligible donors.

For example, if Sally has an email address of sally@homedepot.com, we’ll automatically identify her as a likely employee of Home Depot. Based on our knowledge of Home Depot’s matching gift opportunities, we can then conclude that Sally is likely matching-gift eligible.

Automated Follow-ups

In select scenarios where donors didn’t use the matching gift search tool on the donation form, we’ll automatically email the donor asking them to use the matching gift search tool on LLS’s dedicated matching gift page.

Not only will donors access the information they need, but we’ll also log usage of the matching gift search tool and tie that information to the donor’s record for future follow-up.

Automatically Drive the Match Process

We’ve introduced easier methods for donors to submit match requests, gather the information they need, and receive valuable automated messaging.

E-Sign Matching Gift Form

E-Sign Paper Forms

Where possible, we’ve converted paper forms into an easy and quick e-sign process. Donors can instantly submit their matching gift requests with just a few clicks, increasing submission rates against the prior requirement for donors to print, re-fill fields, and mail the forms to LLS.

Automated Matching Gift Emails

Automated Follow-ups Based on Custom Logic

We’ve set up custom logic for follow-ups based on what we learn about the donor during the donation experience. Donors may receive matching gift follow-ups with company specific information, forms, links to an electronic submission URL, e-pdfs, or generalized matching gift emails taking donors to the dedicated matching gift page.

Personalized Follow-ups Based on Actionable Insights (Coming Soon)

The new tools and systems being introduced will give our Matching Gift Specialists the insights they need to follow-up with the right donors and drive additional match revenue.

Personalized follow-ups will be prioritized based on revenue-generating opportunities and ensuring a positive donor experience.

Actionable Matching Gift Insights

Standardizing Soft-Crediting for Donors (Details Coming Soon)

It’s important for LLS donors to receive soft credits for matching gifts in a timely manner with clear expectations and timelines.

We’re standardizing processes to ensure transparency for donors. We’re also moving to apply soft credit at the earliest possible time — when a Matching Gift Specialist verifies a matching gift request and confirms that we should expect payment to be received in the future.

Approved At Pending Payment

We’re applying soft credit either at the time we receive a paper matching gift form and send it to a company, complete an e-pdf form, or see and verify a match request in a corporate portal.

Standardized Portal Verification Frequency

To apply soft credit in as timely of a manner as possible, we’re implementing regular portal verification schedules. These vary in frequency based on historical LLS matching gift receipts.

Meet the Matching Gift Team Working with LLS

Adam Weinger

Adam Weinger


Adam is the President of Double the Donation. He‘s responsible for working directly with LLS to set the strategy and execution plan to help grow LLS’s matching gift revenue.

Kanwei Li

Kanwei Li


Kanwei is the CTO of Double the Donation and will provide technical integration assistance and continue to build out the matching gift functionality.

Kati Cascini

Kati Cascini

Matching Gift Specialist

Kati helps LLS’s donors submit matching gifts and works on back-end processing. Kati has multiple years of nonprofit and phonathon experience and volunteered with LLS prior to joining Double the Donation.

Sydney Faye Williams

Sydney Faye Williams

Matching Gift Specialist

Sydney Faye helps LLS’s donors submit matching gifts and works on back-end processing. She has multiple years of nonprofit and phonathon experience and was previously a Supervisor in Ruffalo Noel Levitz’s Phonathon Program.

Abrar Mansuri

Abrar Mansuri

LLS Team Member

Abrar helps with the overall LLS engagement through working with LLS Chapter Members, Donors, and Vendors.

Video Demonstrations

Video – The Donation Experience

LLS has incorporated a streamlined matching gift search tool and email domain match identification directly into the donation process. Donors are then presented with the appropriate matching gift information directly on the donation confirmation page.


The search tool is incorporated directly into LLS’s donation form. It keeps donors on the donation page.


The autocomplete pulling from a longer list of subsidiaries and spelling variations ensures match eligible donors find the right company.

Free-form Text Acceptance

We believe 99%+ of match eligible donors will find their employers with the streamlined search tool. For the outliers, we’ve designed the form to accept free-form text to allow for a smooth donation experience.

Video – E-Sign Paper Forms

If a company offers paper forms, we’re providing donors with an electronic PDF alternative immediately after they make their donation. This engaging option allows donors to instantly submit their matching gift requests. The easier and quicker this process is for donors, the more likely they’ll be to fulfill their end of the matching gift submission process.


We’ve integrated the e-sign option directly onto the donation confirmation page.


No longer does a donor need to print out a form, re-fill the same fields, find an envelop and stamp, and go to the post office. Now donors can submit their PDF match requests instantly with a few clicks.


We’re automatically pulling in the donor’s information into the PDF, removing as much friction as possible from the process.

Video – Automated Messages

We introduced new automated matching gift messaging to provide donors with the right matching gift information at the right time, all based on what is known about their matching gift eligibility.


We automatically provide donors with the right matching gift messaging based on what we learn about a donor’s matching gift eligibility during the donation process.


Donors will receive different messaging based on their usage of the matching gift tools in the donation process. When possible, we automatically pull in the matching gift company information into the emails.


We track opens, clicks, and usage of the matching gift search tools on a dedicated matching gift page. Donors can also indicate that they submitted a match or are ineligible. We then customize future messaging based on these learnings.

Phase 2 (Expected Late 2017)

We have a large list of prioritized enhancements to help LLS grow its matching gift revenue while providing an exceptional donor and chapter experience.

Phase 2 is beginning now with staggered releases of new functionality and processes.

A sampling of planned functionality is below.

Historical Donor Screenings

With an efficient screening process, we’ll analyze LLS’s lists of historical donations from the last 3-6 months to identify match-eligible donations and prioritize outreach based on the expected ROI.

Enhanced Matching Gift Tools

We’re planning to enhance how we display matching gift information on the donation confirmation page and in matching gift emails to make the process easier and more transparent for donors.

Matching Gift Scores

We’re testing a matching gift score based on donor specific and company specific information to further enable Matching Gift Specialists to focus on LLS’s most promising opportunities with more targeted efforts.

Appends and Multi-Channel Outreach

Based on incoming donor and matching gift data, we’re planning to explore data appends and direct mail integrations and outreach to boost LLS’s matching gift results.

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