Guest Posting Guidelines

(Double the Donation’s Fundraising / CSR Blog)

Yes, Double the Donation accepts guest posts from experts in the corporate philanthropy and nonprofit fundraising communities. Our goal is to share the highest quality articles which are relevant and unique with our community of customers and readers.Guest Post for our Nonprofit CSR Fundraising Blog

About our readers and customers:

Our readers and customers come from three different sectors:

  1. Nonprofits (executive directors, development directors, and annual giving managers)
  2. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) managers at corporations
  3. Fundraising consultants

Who’s eligible to write a guest post?

We accept guest posts from a range of individuals including those apart of:

  • Nonprofits who’ve found unique ways to promote matching gifts and volunteer grants to donors
  • Corporations looking to highlight unique aspects of their employee giving programs
  • Fundraising consultants
  • Others individuals and companies who cover topics that would be useful for our readers and customers

Guest blogging suggested topics:

We cover a wide range of topics. Guest posts are often related to one or more of the following topics:

  • Strategies to raise money from employee giving programs
  • Trends in corporate philanthropy
  • Case studies or examples of companies that stand out for their giving programs
  • Strategies nonprofits can use to better promote matching gifts and volunteer grants
  • Unique fundraising ideas for nonprofits

If you have questions regarding whether your topic is appropriate for Double the Donation’s readership, email

General standards for article:

You are encouraged to submit unique, high quality content to Double the Donation’s. Please read the following guidelines carefully so your post has the best chance of being accepted:

  1. High quality: Guest posts should be well-written, concise and valuable to Double the Donation’s readers and customers.
  2. Length: We recommend guest posts of between 1,000-2,000 words (not including your bio).
  3. Images:  Include a couple of images or graphs if you like. Make sure you have permission or a license for any image you send.
  4. Links: Within the article you can link back to your own website with anchor text links up to two times. Within the author bio you can also link to your website once.
  5. Industry Expert Links: Please link to at least two other highly authoritative industry expert sites / articles within your guest post.
  6. Double the Donation Links: Please link to at least two relevant pages on Double the Donation’s site.
  7. Exclusive content: If your article is published on Double the Donation it cannot be published anywhere else on the web, including your own blog. You’re encouraged to post a teaser on your site with a link to the complete article, but the majority of the content must be exclusive for Double the Donation.
  8. Bio: Our readers would love to learn more about you, and so would we! Please include a bio of no more than 3 or 4 sentences. If you have a LinkedIn account, Twitter handle, or website, include it!  Bios will be placed at the end of your blog post.
  9. Headshots: If you have a picture to share, please do so. We’ll place it at the top of your blog post.
  10. Format: Please email your posts to with the text attached in a Word document. Attach the pictures. Do NOT include HTML markups (we’ll format the post).
  11. Grammar: To be consistent with current standards and Double the Donation’s norms, please put only one space between sentences and omit the hyphen in the word “nonprofit”.
  12. Final edits: We reserve the right to edit your work. Our intent is to maintain the meaning of your posts, but if necessary, make them more clear for Double the Donation’s readers.

Promoting Your Guest Post:

It’s expected that you promote your guest post in two ways:

  1. Linking to it directly from your website on a resources section or in an existing or future blog post
  2. Promoting it on your social media accounts

Become a guest author on Double the Donation’s site:

Introduce yourself by emailing us at In this initial email, consider submitting your idea to us prior to writing your article. The email should include your name, website, a writing sample, your idea, and a proposed timeline for submitting the completed article.