Employee Engagement: The Ultimate Guide

What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is an employee’s dedication to accomplishing the work and vision of the company. Engaged workers want to perform to the best of their abilities, believe in the company’s goals, and go above and beyond what is required.

Why is Employee Engagement important?

Employee engagement is vital because it boosts productivity and profits, keeps your employees happy, and reduces turnover rates. If your employees are not engaged, it can result in negativity, reduced productivity and profits, and the reduction of employee retention rates.

How Can You Increase Employee Engagement?

There are many ways to increase employee engagement ranging from corporate giving programs to encouraging collaboration and fostering individual growth. Some techniques may be obvious, but increasing engagement is a puzzle that contains many different pieces.

The Basics of Employee Engagement

Why Employee Engagement is Important

Why Employee Engagement is Vital to Companies

Employee engagement is what keeps your workers coming in every day. It’s what keeps them focused while they’re working and what helps them outperform disengaged employees.

Strong employee engagement is also a good way to attract talented, new employees. Individuals want to work for a company they can believe in, and a thriving culture of employee engagement is one way to prove to prospective employees that your company is worth working for.

Without engaged workers, not only will your company suffer productivity and profit losses, but your employee retention rates will plummet.

Takeaway: Employee engagement can make or break your company.

How to Increase Employee Engagement

There are many ways to make sure that your employees are performing to the best of their abilities and are staying engaged throughout the workweek.

However, knowing which methods work best for your company and employees will take time. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to employee engagement.

Some general tips include:

  • Setting clear expectations
  • Using employee engagement surveys
  • Providing feedback
  • Treating employees like people, not machines
  • Recognizing employee achievements

Takeaway: There are well-defined steps every company should take to boost employee engagement.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee engagement surveys measure employee engagement over time. They should ask thought-provoking questions and can help supervisors determine how engaged (or disengaged!) their employees are.

Employee engagement surveys help companies understand what they’re doing well and what they could improve on when it comes to engaging their employees. When conducted correctly, employee engagement surveys can help supervisors improve the work environment according to employees’ needs.

Takeaway: Employee engagement surveys are an essential step towards measuring and improving employee engagement.

Employee Engagement Best Practices

Employee Engagement Best Practices

Employee engagement has become a hot button topic in the past few years. There are multiple guides, reports, and articles that all offer tips and tricks to boost employee engagement up from where it currently is (which is just above 30%).

Some of the common themes of increasing employee engagement include:

  • Using employee recognition programs
  • Incorporating corporate giving programs
  • Offering career support
  • Taking advantage of the benefits of employee engagement surveys

It will take time to discover the best practices that work for your company, but employee engagement can be dramatically increased by implementing some of these ideas.

Takeaway: View the top employee engagement best practices and see how your company stacks up.


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Corporate Philanthropy Strategies to Improve Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Corporate Philanthropy

Using Corporate Giving Programs to Increase Employee Engagement

Corporate giving programs are an excellent way for companies to give back to their community. But did you know that giving programs can also help boost employee engagement?

It’s true and proven. Corporate giving programs can increase employee engagement by giving workers the chance to receive grants from their company for the time and money they donate to nonprofit organizations.

When companies encourage volunteerism and reward charitable donations through matching gift programs and volunteer grants, employees feel a connection to the company.

Shared values help employees feel that the company they work for is doing worthwhile work in the surrounding community and can boost employee engagement.

Takeaway: Corporate philanthropy helps employees feel connected to the company by producing shared values and encouraging charitable donations of time and money.

Matching Gifts Impact on Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement and Matching Gift Programs

Nearly two thirds of Fortune 500 companies match donations from employees to a wide variety of nonprofit organizations.

While helping nonprofits is a laudable endeavor, matching gift programs can also help companies increase employee engagement. Employees can identify with the companies they work for when the corporation cares about donating to worthy causes just as much as its employees do. Matching gift programs can double or sometimes even triple an employee’s initial donation, resulting in the employee feeling a connection to the company.

Takeaway: Companies who implement matching gift programs boost employee engagement through a shared sense of philanthropy.

Employee Engagement and Volunteer Grants

Companies can use volunteer grants to increase employee engagement by offering monetary donations when employees volunteer at a nonprofit organization.

Volunteer grants are usually distributed in two ways:

  • A set rate per hour an employee volunteers
  • A set rate once an employee has volunteered for a certain number of hours

Companies that offer volunteer grants demonstrate their shared philanthropic ideals to employees which leads to increased employee engagement.

Takeaway: Companies that implement volunteer grants can increase employees engagement through common values.

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Additional Employee Engagement Resources

Increasing Employee Engagement

How to increase employee engagement

You know all about employee engagement, but how do you go about making it a true practice at your company?

Read this article for tips for increasing employee engagement through corporate giving programs and other methods!

Impact of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is an incredibly important component of any workplace environment or office space.

Learn more about the importance of employee engagement and how you and your employees can benefit from a strong program.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee engagement surveys can be used to help a business leader gauge how engaged employees truly are.

But if you’ve never created an employee engagement survey, it can be a challenge. Take a look at our examples for help!

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