Find out how higher ed fundraising platforms can help you leverage matching gifts.

12 School & Higher Ed Fundraising Platforms That Grow Matching Gifts

Grow your matching gift revenue with the right higher ed fundraising platforms.

You know better than anyone that planning a university fundraising campaign can feel a bit overwhelming. With many moving parts and ever-changing components, it’s important to find the right higher ed fundraising platforms that can support your school every step of the way.

Luckily, if you’re a higher ed fundraiser, then we’ve got your back! 360MatchPro by Double the Donation, the leading provider of matching gift automation software, integrates with the best school and university fundraising platforms. This allows your institution to raise more and take advantage of the $4-7 billion in matching gift revenue left unclaimed each year.

If you’re not sure where to start or how to select the perfect fundraising platform for your team, be sure to check out our favorites below:

As you consider which higher education fundraising solution to use during your next campaign, this list of top platforms can help support your institution through the robust matching gift power of 360MatchPro.

Don’t have 360MatchPro yet? Talk to the double the Donation team to take advantage of matching gifts with these awesome platform integrations.

Let’s jump in!

GiveCampus is one of our favorite higher ed fundraising platforms.


GiveCampus is a fundraising and volunteer management platform designed to help educational institutions to raise more money from more donors. This platform has facilitated over $1 billion in charitable giving to schools through innovative and effective fundraising avenues. GiveCampus specializes in giving forms, volunteer management, and educational peer-to-peer fundraising, an approach that can be 300x more effective than institutional asks.

GiveCampus provides both software solutions and educational resources to help schools reach their fundraising goals.

Through the GiveCampus platform, your school can also automate the matching gift process from start to finish through 360MatchPro by Double the Donation. This can help your school double or even triple match-eligible donations!

Why We Love This School Fundraising Platform

GiveCampus boasts impressive resources, such as:

  • Tailored and easy-to-use giving forms that reduce friction and increase donor conversion.
  • A wealth of best practice materials, such as this Giving Day Guide, to help your school maximize fundraising efforts.
  • An integration with 360MatchPro that allows donors to identify themselves as match-eligible during the donation process, then be automatically provided with their matching gift submission form and actionable next steps.

GiveCampus & Matching Gifts

360MatchPro by Double the Donation is the only corporate matching gifts tool that is integrated into the GiveCampus platform. Using a simple activation process, your school can add the 360MatchPro search field directly to your GiveCampus donation pages. This search field allows donors to type in the name of their employer to check for match eligibility. This search tool is smart – it suggests company names, parent companies, and subsidiaries as the donor types. This solution then provides the donor with matching gift information after the contribution has been completed – leading to a frictionless donation process.

Here's an example of how the GiveCampus school fundraising platform can help match gifts.

After the donation has been completed, you can easily provide donors with the link to their matching gift submission form and program guidelines. You can also automate personalized matching gift emails that provide eligible donors with a direct link to their matching gift request form.

Check out the GiveCampus + 360MatchPro integration guide.

UC Innovation is one of our favorite higher ed fundraising platforms.

UC Innovation

UC Innovation is a powerful provider of innovative CRM solutions and consulting services with a focus on higher ed institutions. Of their many technology solutions, ascend is a favorite tool for university advancement, constituent engagement, and other critical fundraising needs.

UC Innovation’s ascend platform is built on Salesforce, allowing fundraisers to simplify operations, reduce costs, and raise more for their schools.

Plus, they offer unique and impactful tools to help universities juggle prospect management, gift processing, reporting and analytics, constituent relations, donor bio/demographics, and more. Not to mention, they work with industry-leading matching gift software provider, 360MatchPro, to assist educational institutions in maximizing their corporate revenue.

Why We Love This School Fundraising Platform

ascend by UC Innovation is a popular fundraising solution with features such as:

  • Payment processing tools for major and annual pledges as well as outright, directed, and charitable gifts.
  • An established out-of-the-box fundraising solution that allows schools to get up and running with powerful donation tools in no time.
  • Predictive analytics reporting using Salesforce Einstein and other AI-based platforms to provide fundraisers with smarter insights.

UC Innovation & Matching Gifts

UC Innovation prioritizes matching gifts through a native integration between the ascend fundraising platform and Double the Donation’s 360MatchPro. Through this powerful partnership, ascend clients can automate the matching gift process for all sorts of gifts⁠—whether it is a standard contribution, a fulfilled pledge, or a recurring donation.

Here's an example of how UC Innovation's higher ed fundraising platform helps match gifts.

This way, you can easily track donors’ employers, identify match-eligible donations, and follow up to encourage match submissions without ever having to lift a finger. 360MatchPro also provides key data insights, allowing fundraisers to view current matching gifts as well as predict future revenue.

Check out the UC Innovation + 360MatchPro integration guide.

Blackbaud is one of our favorite higher ed fundraising platforms.


Blackbaud works with a variety of organizations to empower them to overcome their greatest challenges and achieve transformative outcomes. In the higher education space, Blackbaud offers innovative solutions designed to connect your entire campus while increasing revenue, driving efficiency, and deepening meaningful engagement.

Blackbaud specifically provides cloud software, online services, expertise, and data intelligence to help organizations of all sizes achieve transformative outcomes.

The 360MatchPro integration works alongside Blackbaud solutions to deliver impactful matching gift fundraising automation and resources. Through this technical integration, schools can earn more in matching gifts without any unnecessary lift.

Why We Love This School Fundraising Platform

Blackbaud works with educational institutions to:

  • Drive efficiency by connecting fundraising solutions, education management, award management and more through integrated cloud solutions.
  • Provide online resources that are specifically tailored to academic fundraising and constituent management.
  • Increase their matching gift revenue through Double the Donation’s 360MatchPro.

Blackbaud & Matching Gifts

360MatchPro integrates with a variety of Blackbaud solutions. These systems allow your institution to automate the matching gift process, making it simple to fuel your school’s fundraising through employer matching gifts.  The Blackbaud and 360MatchPro integration also tags and tracks match-eligible donors, allowing you to follow the entire matching gift process from start to finish – and then use these insights to craft efficient and effective matching gift campaigns.

Here's an example of how Blackbaud's school fundraising platform can helps with matching gifts.

360MatchPro automates donor outreach, providing your contributors with simple avenues to submit a matching gift request. These messages are completely customizable, so your organization can retain its own voice and branding through this communication stream. This integration seamlessly educates donors and drives matching gifts for your institution.

Check out the Blackbaud + 360MatchPro integration guide.

Salesforce is one of our favorite higher ed fundraising platforms.


Salesforce is a cloud-based platform that provides customer relationship management services along with a suite of enterprise applications focused on marketing solutions, customer service, and more. Their extensive platform is easy to use and it can help your institution improve the donor experience, make insightful decisions and even accelerate productivity.

Salesforce offers a variety of products for fundraisers, helping changemakers accelerate their impact and engage deeply with constituents.

Salesforce AppExchange offers thousands of solutions including 360MatchPro. This integration can be activated in seconds, and it combines Salesforce’s data management with 360MatchPro’s leading gift match technology – resulting in an efficient and effective fundraising avenue!

Why We Love This School Fundraising Platform

Salesforce can advance your mission through:

  • The Power of Us Program that gives educational institutions and nonprofits access to Salesforce tools to expand fundraisers’ impact.
  • The robust Salesforce blog that covers important topics related to fundraising, data management, and more.
  • A powerful matching gift integration with 360MatchPro!

Salesforce & Matching Gifts

Salesforce integrates seamlessly with 360MatchPro to help your institution harness the power of matching gifts. By simply linking your Salesforce account to 360MatchPro, your organization can configure integration settings and begin identifying match-eligible donors and driving their matching gift requests to submission. Once the integration has been activated, the 360MatchPro solution will pull donation data from your Salesforce CRM. This will allow 360MatchPro to begin identifying match-eligible donors.

Here's an example of how the Salesforce school fundraising platform can helps with matching gifts.

360MatchPro can then automate outreach to track donor eligibility and map constituents directly to their appropriate matching gift submission form. Your school can easily customize these messages to include your institution’s personalized branding.

Check out the Salesforce + 360MatchPro integration guide.

Ellucian is one of our favorite higher ed fundraising platforms.


Ellucian is one of the leading providers of software and services built to empower higher educational institutions to enhance operations and enrich the student experience. Their wide range of solutions was designed to help you stay agile, reduce costs, and integrate information across your institution.

Ellucian works across institutional departments to provide an all-encompassing software solution that modernizes your campus and improves your higher education processes. 

Their wide range of technologies and services also includes an integration with 360MatchPro by Double the Donation. Through this partnership, your institution can maximize matching gift outreach and revenue through a simple, streamlined solution.

Why We Love This School Fundraising Platform

Ellucian empowers your institution to:

  • Build lifelong advancement relationships with their powerful CRM.
  • Stay on top of fundraising best practices through their white papers, solution sheets, and more.
  • Take advantage of employer matching gifts, one of the most underutilized fundraising avenues, through a simple integration with 360MatchPro.

Ellucian & Matching Gifts

With the Ellucian Ethos integration, 360MatchPro can be activated within minutes, allowing your school to seamlessly kick off their matching gift automation. This integration allows your institution to track match-eligible donors and provide them with direct links to submit a matching gift request. If your school uses customer experience webpages with CRM Advance, then the 360MatchPro search field can be simply added to those pages to identify more match-eligible donors.

Here's how Ellucian's school fundraising platform can help match gifts.

360MatchPro uses its innovative automated email streams to follow up with donors and provide them with a direct link to their matching gift request form. This means that your organization could double or even triple match-eligible donations without having to dedicate any extra time or resources – leading to greater revenue with no extra work.

Check out the Ellucian + 360MatchPro integration guide.

Wilson-Bennett is one of our favorite higher ed fundraising platforms.

Wilson-Bennett Technology

Wilson-Bennett Technology is one of our favorite higher ed fundraising platforms that specializes in university phonathon campaigns. This efficient and effective phonathon service inspires, educates, and implements the best practices for fundraising campaigns. They work with both alumni and students to strengthen university connections and community in the fundraising phonathon space.

WBT offers a variety of calling services so that you can find the best option for your university’s fundraising goals. These plans provide solutions that might include online reporting, database management, and even live credit card processing.

The 360MatchPro solution works seamlessly with WBT to help your school harness the robust fundraising power of matching gifts during your next phonathon campaign.

Why We Love This School Fundraising Platform

Wilson-Bennett Technology works with your institution to: 

  • Increase productivity through high database accuracy, contact rates, and segmenting precision. 
  • Craft on-campus phonathon programs, off-campus calling, membership calling, admissions calling, and software leasing services – each tailored to your school’s needs.
  • Grow matching gift funds through a 360MatchPro integration.

Wilson-Bennett & Matching Gifts

Wilson-Bennett Technology’s solution, DonorConnect, integrates directly with 360MatchPro for a seamless matching gift experience. Using this integration, your school can identify match-eligible donors during the call process by simply finding out where your donors work. Your call agent can then instantly find specific matching gift program guidelines that explain how the donor can double their contribution through employer gift matching!

Here's how Wilson-Bennett's school fundraising platform can help match gifts.

360MatchPro also automates matching gift emails to be sent to donors after the call has been completed. These messages contain a direct link to the employer’s matching gift submission form – meaning your donor could start the matching process with just one click. Your school can completely customize these emails and automatically add important matching gift details and guidelines.

AlumnIQ is one of our favorite higher ed fundraising platforms.


AlumnIQ is an online engagement platform designed for today’s higher education fundraisers. With mobile, integrated, and personalized features, this platform can help your university effectively implement programs and service constituents for increased engagement and greater results.

AlumnIQ provides a variety of features related to events, giving, marketing, volunteering, reunions, and more so that your organization has everything it needs to improve operations and engagement efforts.

This platform even offers a seamless integration with 360MatchPro by Double the Donation so that your institution can increase matching gift revenue easily and efficiently.

Why We Love This School Fundraising Platform

AlumnIQ offers powerful features like:

AlumnIQ & Matching Gifts

360MatchPro integrates seamlessly with AlumnIQ for impressive matching gift results. By simply entering your 360MatchPro credentials in the AlumnIQ platform, you can activate the solution and begin driving matching gift revenue. Once you’re up and running, 360MatchPro will begin identifying match-eligible donors during the donation process by prompting donors to search their company name in a streamlined search tool. Then, 360MatchPro provides a simple next step to begin the matching gift process directly on your confirmation screen – making it easy for donors to double donations immediately after the donation process.

Here's how AlumnIQ's school fundraising platform can help match gifts.

360MatchPro even automates personalized messages to donors, prompting them to submit a matching gift request. These emails are completely customizable, and they allow donors to easily access their employer matching gift submission form. With AlumnIQ and 360MachPro, your organization can begin harnessing matching gift revenue in no time.

Check out the AlumnIQ + 360MatchPro integration guide.

Almabase is one of our favorite higher ed fundraising platforms.


Almabase is an all-in-one alumni management software that specializes in peer-to-peer crowdfunding, event management, and alumni engagement. Their robust solutions are known for increasing engagement and fostering relationships.

Almabase provides educational institutions with solutions for email marketing, event registrations, alumni directories, and alumni websites so that you can keep all your information and outreach in one place.

Almabase also integrates with 360MatchPro by Double the Donation so that your school can easily leverage matching gift funds within your current fundraising strategy.

Why We Love This School Fundraising Platform

Almabase provides institutions with impressive resources, such as:

  • Simple online donation forms that delight donors and increase engagement.
  • An active and innovative online blog that covers a wide range of fundraising categories.
  • A technical integration with 360MatchPro by Double the Donation, the leading provider of employer matching gift automation software.

Almabase & Matching Gifts

360MatchPro is the exclusive matching gift software within the Almabase platform. Simply integrate 360MatchPro with your Almabase account, and begin driving donations through employer gift matching! After a donor completes their donation, they will see a streamlined search field on their confirmation screen. This field allows the donor to search for the name of their employer, providing simple suggestions within the drop-down menu.

Here's how the Almabase school fundraising platform can help match gifts.

If the donor is match-eligible, 360MatchPro can send customizable emails that contain specific matching gift information along with a direct link to the donor’s matching gift submission form. Even without employer information, 360MatchPro can send messages that educate donors and even guide them to their employer’s matching gift request form. This makes it easy to provide donors with simple streamlined steps to double or even triple their donation!

Check out the Almabase + 360MatchPro integration guide.

Custom Donations is one of our favorite higher ed fundraising platforms.

Custom Donations

Custom Donations is a simple plugin that keeps donations flowing. This innovative solution allows your university to welcome supporters with swift and secure technology that is completely tailored to your unique fundraising needs. With multiple giving options and advanced functionality, Custom Donations is an ultimate platform for donor engagement and retention.

Custom Donations was built by fundraisers for fundraisers so that you can empower your giving team with effective and easy-to-use technology.

Using Custom Donations, your school can also take advantage of 360MatchPro to double donations with employer matching gift programs!

Why We Love This School Fundraising Platform

Custom Donations offers:

  • Simplified data reconciliation so that you can minimize data syncing and maximize actionable insights.
  • Specialized higher education fundraising functionality that offers flexible, customizable, and easy-to-launch online giving forms.
  • A seamless integration with 360MatchPro.

Custom Donations & Matching Gifts

360MatchPro works alongside Custom Donations to take your gift matching revenue to the next level. The activation process takes just a couple of clicks so that your school can easily start maximizing matching gift revenue. This solution then allows your institution to identify match-eligible donors directly from your giving forms, making it easy to tag and track matching gift opportunities. Following a donation, the donor can access a direct link to their matching gift submission form and guidelines from the giving page confirmation screen – so they can easily submit a matching gift request!

Here's how Custom Donation's school fundraising platform can help match gifts.

360MatchPro and Custom Donations even work to automate customizable messaging to your supporters. Using several automation avenues, your institution can send out matching gift emails that contain a direct link to your donors’ matching gift submission forms. This provides another simple touchpoint for your organization to double donations through employer gift matching.

Check out the Custom Donations + 360MatchPro integration guide. 

Community Funded is one of our favorite higher ed fundraising platforms.

Community Funded

Community Funded is a digital fundraising and engagement platform designed by and for education, non-profit, and healthcare fundraising organizations. This solution seamlessly plugs into your existing website, payment gateways, and workflows to make things easier for your institution. Their all-in-one fundraising solution is designed to take your organization’s fundraising to the next level by growing your donor network and connecting them to your greatest needs.

The Community Funded platform allows users to build their own fundraising campaigns or choose to utilize the highly specialized Community Funded Services team to execute all their marketing needs.

Plus, this higher ed fundraising platform integrates with 360MatchPro by Double the Donation to provide institutions with the opportunity to maximize their revenue through employer gift matching.

Why We Love This School Fundraising Platform

Community Funded equips your institution with:

  • Customizable landing pages for your campaigns and events that can be repurposed across giving initiatives
  • The option to gamify your giving experience with challenges and participation awards
  • Double the Donation’s industry-leading automated gift matching software, 360MatchPro

Community Funded & Matching Gifts

360MatchPro seamlessly integrates across the Community Funded platform to make the setup process quick and easy for your institution. Once you’ve activated your account and entered your credentials, the 360MatchPro tool will identify eligible donors and follow up with them to get their gift matched as soon as they submit their initial gift.

360MatchPro uses a streamlined search tool to help donors identify their gift matching eligibility when they enter their company name. After their entry is stored by the search tool, donors can find more detailed information about their company’s program as well as a link to their matching gift request form straight from the donation confirmation page.

Here's how Community Funded's school fundraising platform can help match gifts.

Clients can also be connected to the gift matching process after the donation has been completed via automated email outreach powered by 360MatchPro and completely configured by the client. Eligible donors and those with unknown eligibility can both receive these emails, making it even easier for clients to identify and catch as many eligible matches as possible.

Check out the Community Funded + 360MatchPro integration guide.

Anthology is one of our favorite higher ed fundraising platforms.


Anthology, formerly iModules, is a powerful higher ed fundraising platform that offers an interconnected suite of modules to empower institutions to maximize fundraising while creating meaningful constituent relationships. Their platform includes impressive avenues to increase engagement, such as web content management, marketing communications, online giving, event management, e-commerce, and social media integration.

Anthology was designed for educators, students, and higher education professionals to elevate fundraising and inform decision-making while maintaining effective supporter engagement. 

Anthology offers a host of features to accomplish educational fundraising goals, including an integration with the leading matching gift software provider, Double the Donation. Through Anthology and 360MatchPro, institutions can maximize revenue through employer gift matching.

Why We Love This School Fundraising Platform

On the Anthology platform, your institution can:

  • Manage institutional data from a variety of touchpoints to help advance your mission.
  • Discover insightful resources to stay informed in today’s educational fundraising landscape.
  • Automate the matching gift process from start to finish using 360MatchPro!

Anthology & Matching Gifts

360MatchPro integrates directly into the Anthology platform for a simple setup process. Once your school is up and running, you can add the 360MatchPro search field to your Anthology donation forms. This feature uses autocompleted suggestions to allow donors to identify themselves as match-eligible – meaning your school can track matching gift opportunities directly from the donation process.

Here's how the Anthology school fundraising platform can help match gifts.

Using this matching gift data, 360MatchPro then goes to work providing your match-eligible donors with direct links to submit their employer matching gift requests. You can automate yet customize this matching gift outreach to ensure that your school drives matches to completion without any unnecessary effort.

Check out the Anthology + 360MatchPro integration guide.

Booster is one of our favorite higher ed fundraising platforms.


Booster is a favorite school fundraising platform that equips users with the tools they need for effective a-thon-style fundraisers, branded merchandise sales, and more. This provider works with K-12 schools, PTAs, and booster clubs, specializing in fun runs and similar types of fundraising events.

Booster’s fundraising software also integrates with Double the Donation to assist fundraisers in making the most of every donation they receive. If you’re looking for an effective school fundraising solution for your K-12 school, Booster might be just the solution for you.

Why We Love This School Fundraising Platform

Booster works with schools and parent-teacher groups to assist with:

  • Planning and facilitating virtual, in-person, and hybrid event experiences.
  • Creating customizable and school-branded online donation pages.
  • Robust analytics tools that provide fundraisers with detailed reports and easily track and share campaign progress.

Booster & Matching Gifts

Booster recognizes the power of matching gift revenue for its clients and partners with 360MatchPro by Double the Donation to leverage this funding effectively. Once a donor gives through the Booster platform, they’re met with information on matching gifts along with an embeddable confirmation page plugin to find company-specific program guidelines with ease.

Here's how Booster's school fundraising platform works to match gifts.

Your school’s supporters will love matching gifts because these programs allow donors to make an even greater impact on your fundraising campaign without having to shell out more from their own wallets. Plus, Booster fundraisers receive 100% of the matched donations!

Check out the Booster + 360MatchPro integration guide.

All in all, it’s important to take careful time and consideration to choose a fundraising platform that fits the needs of your institution. Using one of these top platforms with their 360MatchPro integration is a great way to plan a successful fundraising campaign that includes the power of matching gift automation, leading to greater revenue without greater effort. 

About Double the Donation: Automate your matching gift fundraising with the industry-leading solution from Double the Donation. The 360MatchPro platform provides nonprofits with tools to identify match-eligible donors, drive matches to completion, and gain actionable insights. 360MatchPro integrates directly into donation forms, CRMs, social fundraising software, and other nonprofit technology solutions to capture employment information and follow up appropriately with donors about matching gifts.

Learn more with our other matching gift resources here:

Raise more with matching gifts using the top higher ed fundraising platforms.

Learn more about our favorite fundraising platforms for GoFundMe charity users.

Our Favorite Fundraising Platforms for GoFundMe Charity Users

As GoFundMe moves to officially sunset its nonprofit-specific fundraising solution, you may be on the lookout to transition to a new platform. If you’re having a hard time deciding where to start, we’re here to help with this list of our favorite GoFundMe Charity alternatives.

But wait! If you’re looking to stay with the GoFundMe platform, they’ve rolled out a new solution for nonprofit fundraisers. This new charity fundraising experience can help organizations better connect with supporters, build and share their campaigns, and collect more for their philanthropic fundraising needs.

If you’re in the mood to try something new, however, we recommend looking for software that equips fundraisers with the tools they need to match gifts. For example, all of the following platforms have a native integration with Double the Donation’s most powerful gift matching automation tool, 360MatchPro!

See below for a sneak peek of what each alternate platform has to offer.

Don’t have 360MatchPro yet? Talk to the double the Donation team to take advantage of matching gifts with these awesome platform integrations.

ACD Direct is one of our favorite GoFundMe charity alternatives

ACD Direct

ACD Direct is a full-service, omnichannel contact solution that has helped over 170 charities raise over $1.3 billion in donations from tens of millions of donors since 2003.  This platform can help leverage your successful campaign by engaging with your donors and cultivating their investment in your mission for years to come.

Some key features:

  • Flat fee per transaction, meaning no middleman processor or payment gateway
  • Easy to set up campaigns and donations taken in single, monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual increments
  • Multi-channel donation capture to best suit each donor’s needs via web, text, email, or phone

Arreva is one of our favorite GoFundMe charity alternatives


Arreva has been serving the nonprofit industry for more than three decades and is prepared to help you transition right now from GoFundMe Charity. Further your mission, attract new donors, cultivate and engage existing donors, and raise more money with Arreva’s wide range of fundraising solutions

Some key features:

  • Robust, fully integrated fundraising and donor relationship management capabilities including unlimited web pages for your different giving needs
  • Donation forms, peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, recurring giving, tribute giving, event registration, volunteer registration, and much more
  • Simple online giving that provides a full 360° view of your donors and constituents through robust dashboards and reporting capabilities

BetterUnite is one of our favorite GoFundMe charity alternatives


BetterUnite is one of the most comprehensive fundraising software available – all with no monthly payments, no setup fees, and zero commitment. Their innovative fundraising software modules allow you to raise money for your organization in branded and customizable events and virtual events, auctions, walk/run races, crowdfunding campaigns, giving pages, and much more.

Further, BetterUnite fundraising modules are all supported by a robust donor management tool working on the backend to empower you to capitalize on data-driven fundraising.

Some key features:

  • Industry-leading and fully customizable events with embedded live stream, registrations, and immersive guest experiences  
  • Peer-to-peer campaigns with customizable fundraiser pages, triggered email responses, team packets, and leaderboards
  • Robust donor management tool working on the backend that empowers you to capitalize on data-driven fundraising

CharityEngine is one of our favorite GoFundMe charity alternatives


CharityEngine gives you more of the benefit of your most passionate supporters fundraising on your behalf. After all, personal (or DIY) fundraising is an enormous part of your donors’ journeys. When supporters fundraise outside of your tools, you lose valuable information and control of your brand.

CharityEngine ensures it’s easy to build peer-to-peer fundraising sites and personal fundraising pages for individuals and teams that automatically integrate with all of your other data and operations. That means no more imports/exports for your staff – just seamless operations and reporting for you and your most passionate supporters.

Some key features:

  • Peer-to-peer fundraising for events & DIY tools for birthdays, projects, milestones, & tributes
  • Brand control, payment processing, and marketing automation
  • Complete self-management for your supporters through donation forms, registrations, and sign-ups

Classy is one of our favorite GoFundMe charity alternatives


Classy is a B Corp Certified social enterprise that helps nonprofits maximize their impact through a suite of world-class online fundraising tools. Nonprofits of every size and cause – from human rights to disaster relief – use Classy to raise money, engage their communities, and advance their missions. From events to donations, to crowdfunding and peer-to-peer campaigns, you can create a consistent online presence across all of your fundraising.

Some key features:

  • Recurring giving management and migration to build and manage a community of reliable, recurring support for your mission
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising to mobilize your supporters and give them the tools to fundraise on your behalf
  • Campaign flexibility and customization to get creative with customizable fundraising campaigns that tell your story

Donately is one of our favorite GoFundMe charity alternatives


Donately provides incredible value in online fundraising. With customizable donation forms, peer-to-peer fundraising, donor management, recurring donations, text messaging, and more, your organization will get all of the top features available for a fraction of the cost of traditional platforms.

Some key features:

  • Customizable, embeddable donation forms
  • Effective peer-to-peer fundraising tools for supporters
  • Flexible integrations to thousands of web apps (including Double the Donation’s 360MatchPro!)


DonorDrive is one of our favorite GoFundMe charity alternatives


Drive more revenue for your cause with the enterprise-level fundraising platform that has a proven track record of driving growth for nonprofits. DonorDrive provides a better all-around experience for nonprofit staff, fundraisers, and donors. With over 20 years of innovation, DonorDrive has helped hundreds of nonprofits grow and become industry leaders.

Some key features:

  • Event registration and fundraising experience for peer-to-peer fundraising that coaches participants to raise more
  • One-time & recurring donations through customizable donation campaigns with many payment options on a beautiful, mobile-first experience
  • Open APIs & a wide range of powerful fundraising integrations (including Double the Donation)

Fundraise Up is one of our favorite GoFundMe charity alternatives

Fundraise Up

Fundraise Up leverages AI, machine learning, and data science to reduce friction in the online donation experience and double your donation revenue. This unique platform analyzes user behaviors to determine the best suggested donation sizes and ensure more targeted donation processes.

Some key features:

  • Conversion-driven, fully customizable suite of buttons, forms, and meters
  • QR Code Element to generate a code that when scanned, directs supporters to a particular campaign
  • AI-driven supporter insights to create better, more personalized donor experiences

Funraise is one of our favorite GoFundMe charity alternatives


Funraise is fundraising software that was developed by nonprofits for nonprofits. As an all-in-one, user-friendly solution, Funraise provides fundraisers with the tools they need to empower donors and further their mission. This platform provides donation forms, fundraising websites, and a donor CRM to help you raise more money, tame donor management, and customize online donation collection.

Some key features:

  • Beautiful online donation sites with an easy-to-use fundraising website builder
  • Recurring giving, peer-to-peer fundraising, social campaigns, and more to collect donations in a variety of ways
  • Donor data management with an intuitive CRM built to nurture and track supporter relationships

Givebutter is one of our favorite GoFundMe charity alternatives


Givebutter was founded in 2016 out of a college dorm room in Washington, DC as one of the first crowdfunding platforms geared specifically towards students. Today, Givebutter offers a full suite of online fundraising technology for payments, campaigns, and events of all kinds, powering more than $100 million in donations per year for over 35,000 organizations and causes.

Some key features:

  • Donation processing that enables cash, check, credit and debit cards, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and even text-to-donate payments
  • Multiple ticket and event types, from live-streamed campaigns to international walk-a-thons
  • Zero platform fees and complete transparency, with only a payment processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 transaction fee

GiveForms is one of our favorite GoFundMe charity alternatives


GiveForms is a powerful online donation platform that lets you seamlessly embed a form on your website, allowing visitors to donate using a credit or debit card, PayPal, Google Pay, or bank transfers. With a focus on intuitive, human-centered design, the GiveForms goal is to help you increase your online donations.

Some key features:

  • Embeddable and customizable donation forms directly on your website and optimized for mobile usage
  • Donor dashboard to help you search, view, and export your donations and keep track of multiple campaigns simultaneously
  • Monthly recurring donations and social sharing options to raise more through dedicated supporters

GiveGab is one of our favorite GoFundMe charity alternatives


GiveGab is one of the top Giving Day and year-round fundraising solutions trusted by community foundations, nonprofit networks, public media outlets, hospitals, and educational institutions of all sizes. With a mission to make it incredibly easy for fundraising professionals to be great at their jobs, GiveGab can help you experience the joy of fundraising.

Some key features:

  • Best-in-class digital fundraising solutions that are mobile-responsive, cloud-hosted, custom-branded, and tailored to each need
  • Modern and secure payment processor, GG Pay, designed exclusively for nonprofits, schools, and hospital foundations to collect donations quickly and efficiently online
  • Integrations with many popular fundraising tools including Salesforce and Double the Donation

GiveSignUp is a favorite GoFundMe charity alternative.

GiveSignUp | RunSignUp

GiveSignup | RunSignup is a leading all-in-one Support Engagement platform for endurance events and fundraising. More than 22,000 events, including over 9,000 nonprofits, use the GiveSignup | RunSignup free and integrated registration, nonprofit ticketing & fundraising solutions to save time, grow events, and raise more money for their organizations.

Some key features:

  • Ticketed event management, giving you the technology and control to grow your event using automated rewards and customizable event websites
  • DIY fundraising campaigns with the free GiveSignup – Facebook Fundraiser integration and free, easy-to-build websites
  • Virtual, hybrid, and in-person event fundraising that turns participants into advocates with the leading all-in-one registration and fundraising platform

GivingFuel is a favorite GoFundMe charity alternative.


GivingFuel helps people and organizations fundraise to change the world. GivingFuel offers the ability to create beautiful donation pages plus other fundraising tools like peer-to-peer, event registration, and text-to-give. Already one of the most affordable platforms, GivingFuel is currently offering six months free on their Pro and Enterprise plans.

Some key features:

  • Intuitive donation pages, peer-to-peer fundraising, and text-to-give functionality
  • Powerful donor management to track and build relationships over time, assisted by intuitive reporting and analytics tools
  • 2,000+ integrations, including employer matching with 360MatchPro by Double the Donation

Hopsie is a favorite GoFundMe charity alternative.


Hopsie is a fundraising application that provides custom, white-label, and responsive giving pages to nonprofits at an affordable price. The core features include donation forms, crowdfunding projects, peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, and transactional emails for post-gift automated communications.

Some key features:

  • White-labeled donation forms, peer-to-peer campaigns, and social fundraising efforts 
  • Automated tax receipts and post-donation drip email streams for ongoing engagement
  • No platform fees, which allows you to retain more of the funds you raise for your cause

Kindest is a favorite GoFundMe charity alternative.


Kindest brings modern marketing methods to the online fundraising world with simple and easy-to-use tools. Their platform combines email campaigns, scheduling, and SMS marketing with powerful CRM, donor engagement, and integrated analytics. This sophisticated yet simple combination takes all important fundraising use cases under one roof.

Some key features:

  • Clean, fully functional fundraising pages with milestones and donation tiers
  • SMS marketing to engage with donors on a more personal level
  • Email automation functionality that makes thanking, following up, or recapturing donations easy

OneCause is a favorite GoFundMe charity alternative.


OneCause is a leader in the fundraising tech space, specializing in virtual events and all forms of online giving (especially peer-to-peer fundraising). This complete set of fundraising tools can help you acquire, motivate, and empower more supporters to take part and spread the word about your cause. A highly flexible solution, OneCause supports all types of peer-to-peer activities, including DIY fundraising, runs and walks, virtual campaigns, awareness days, and ambassador fundraising.

Some key features:

  • Highly customizable branding, registration, and campaign options
  • Range of gamification tools to boost engagement and energy
  • Social media feed integrations, social listening, and automatic reply functionalities

RaiseDonors is a favorite GoFundMe charity alternative.


Complicated, clunky software is costing you donors. RaiseDonors helps nonprofit teams get it right with an intuitive, flexible platform designed to build better donor relationships and increase impact with confidence.

Inefficient software derails your day, wastes your time, and stalls your growth. But technology should remove barriers. It should be intuitive. And it should help you do more. RaiseDonors helps scale your team’s impact without the stress by focusing on these key pillars of technological growth.

Some key features:

  • Beautiful, embeddable, secure donation pages with a simple self-service process
  • Automated and personalized follow-up with donors 
  • Integrations with other integral fundraising systems such as Double the Donation’s matching gift automation

Raklet is a favorite GoFundMe charity alternative.


Raklet is an all-in-one nonprofit management software designed with both donors and volunteers in mind. With Raklet, your organization can fundraise, create events and so much more – all with easy-to-use technology. Their robust solution delivers a wide variety of features so that you can power donor engagements and fuel your mission.

Some key features:

  • Membership management made easy by collecting applications and payments online
  • Impactful donation forms that drive gifts and simplify the process
  • Fundraising event management with online ticket sales and guest check-in functionality

Soapbox Engage is a favorite GoFundMe charity alternative.

Soapbox Engage

Soapbox Engage is a powerful set of online apps for changemakers. With their donations app, you can easily create an unlimited number of engaging, mobile-friendly donation forms. Your transactions are processed on your website and saved directly to Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, radically reducing overhead so you can spend more time on your mission.

Some key features:

  • One-time or sustaining gift functionality with pre-defined payment amounts specific to each frequency
  • Customizable gift amounts, dedications, newsletters, and confirmation pages
  • Variety of payment gateways for seamless and secure processing

With all these options to choose from, you’re bound to find the fundraising platform that’s right for you for this season and for years to come. And don’t forget, when you find a solution that helps with matching gifts, you’ll raise even more. Good luck!

About Double the Donation: Automate your matching gift fundraising with the industry-leading solution from Double the Donation. The 360MatchPro platform provides nonprofits with tools to identify match-eligible donors, drive matches to completion, and gain actionable insights. 360MatchPro integrates directly into donation forms, CRMs, social fundraising software, and other nonprofit technology solutions to capture employment information and follow up appropriately with donors about matching gifts.

Check out these top GoFundMe alternatives for powerful fundraisers in this guide.

Top 6 GoFundMe Alternatives for Powerful Fundraisers

As crowdfunding continues to become an increasingly popular form of fundraising for a wide range of causes, the need for a profitable and easy-to-use platform grows as well. Industry-leading crowdfunding website, GoFundMe, continues to be an obvious choice for hundreds of thousands of fundraising individuals and groups across the globe. Let’s explore why GoFundMe is one of our favorite solutions:

Why We Love GoFundMe

GoFundMe is one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms in both the nonprofit and personal fundraising spaces. With its low fees and high rates of success, it can be an excellent choice for all sorts of critical needs, from medical bills to church campaigns and more.

Plus, it’s one of the biggest names in the fundraising sector, which means friends, loved ones, and other supporters will feel good about giving through a well-established and secure platform.

Facts to Know About GoFundMe

Here are some fun facts about the GoFundMe platform that demonstrate its wide reach and impact on all sorts of fundraisers:

  • More people launch GoFundMe fundraisers than on any other platform.
  • GoFundMe pages receive over 1 billion visits each year, which boils down to more than 31 hits per second.
  • Each GoFundMe share on social media results in an average of $13 in donations.
  • GoFundMe users tend to skew younger than the average nonprofit donor demographic.
  • The GoFundMe platform processes an average of over 30 donations per minute.
Take a look at this successful GoFundMe campaign.

Example GoFundMe campaign

GoFundMe’s Most Noteworthy Features

GoFundMe offers an easy-to-use platform both behind the scenes for organizers as well as on the donor-facing front. Here are some of their features and benefits that stand out:

  • The Donate Button: GoFundMe’s donate button widget allows individual fundraisers to quickly and easily embed a campaign in their personal website or blog. This way, they can drive additional traffic to their crowdfunding page from external resources.
  • Team fundraising abilities: Families, friends, teams, clubs, and more can easily start fundraising together with GoFundMe’s group fundraiser functionality. Each participant can share the campaign, thank donors, and track their progress while the funds collected go toward a common goal.
  • Visual goal thermometers: Once an organizer sets their dollar goal, the GoFundMe campaign incorporates a visual fundraising thermometer that updates in real-time when each donor submits their gift. This is great for driving donations and leveraging gamification strategies!

However, if (for some reason) you’re still in the market for a top crowdfunding solution and you’d like to explore options beyond GoFundMe, you might want to consider the following fundraising sites as well:

  1. Fundly – Best GoFundMe Alternative for Mobile-First Fundraising
  2. Givebutter – Best GoFundMe Alternative for Donor Management
  3. Bonfire – Best GoFundMe Alternative for T-Shirt Fundraising
  4. Snowball – Best GoFundMe Alternative for Auctions and Events
  5. 99Pledges – Best GoFundMe Alternative for Walk-a-Thons
  6. Indiegogo – Best GoFundMe Alternative for Product Innovation

Let’s dive right in!

Fundly is a top GoFundMe alternative.

1. Fundly

Best GoFundMe Alternative for Mobile-First Fundraising

Fundly’s crowdfunding platform is one of the best. It’s easy to get started, the fees are low, and you get to keep whatever funds you raise (regardless of whether or not you meet your goal!). This “keep it all” (KiA) model allows fundraisers to focus on spreading awareness for their campaigns and recruiting more donors, instead of worrying about a deadline or a looming goal.

Fundly’s platform enables fundraisers to upload media, post updates, tell their stories, and share their campaigns via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Fundly is one of our favorite GoFundMe alternatives.

Why We Love This Platform

Fundly allows you to customize your campaign by adding logos, a background image, custom colors, and more to make your campaign truly unique.

Additionally, Fundly has some of the best customer service offerings in the industry. If you run into a fundraising problem, Fundly’s support team will help you fix it in no time.

Plus, it integrates with Double the Donation’s matching gift automation tool, 360MatchPro.


Fundly charges a 4.9% platform fee as well as a 2.9% credit card processing fee and $.30 per transaction.

Givebutter is a fantastic GoFundMe alternative.2. Givebutter

Best GoFundMe Alternative for Donor Management

Givebutter has everything you need for campaign fundraising in an easy-to-customize, easy-to-share format.

Add videos, tell your supporters about your campaign, and engage your donors’ creative side with the all-new live supporter feed. Plus, your supporters can fundraise as a team and track their group’s progress.

Givebutter is one of our favorite GoFundMe alternatives.

Why We Love This Platform

Givebutter has made a big splash in the online fundraising space with its intuitive and affordable solutions for organizations large and small and continues to expand functionality for their users.

They also integrate with 360MatchPro by Double the Donation, allowing users to capture match eligible donations and receive more revenue from matching gifts.


You can sign up for Givebutter Base for free, which gives you access to their Collect, Fundraise, Events, Platform, and Livestream Fundraising features.

Bonfire is a unique GoFundMe alternative..3. Bonfire

Best GoFundMe Alternative for T-Shirt Fundraising

If you’re looking for a way for your donors to support your cause even after your current campaign is over, offering t-shirts from Bonfire is a great way to do it!

The process is simple: You design your shirts and spread the word about the sale via a crowdfunding campaign. Once orders are printed and shipped to supporters, you receive all the profits.

Campaigns from this site can last up to three weeks, and if you don’t make your minimum number of t-shirts sold, you can start your campaign again.

See how Bonfire's GoFundMe alternative helps campaigns raise money.

Why We Love This Platform

Bonfire has concluded a long list of successful campaigns for recognizable organizations such as the Jane Goodall Institute, the Women’s March on Washington, and the Susan G. Komen Foundation of Greater New York City.


You receive 100% of the profits from your sales, though Bonfire charges a 3.5% processing fee and a 4.5% platform fee for additional donations.

Snowball is one of our favorite GoFundMe alternatives.4. Snowball

Best GoFundMe Alternative for Auctions and Events

Snowball offers a complete suite of fundraising software that works to maximize revenue for any cause. Through online donation pages, fundraising thermometers, text-to-give services, and more, you can raise additional revenue in less time than ever before.

Thanks to a comprehensive platform like this, you can own every aspect of the donation process— from spreading the word about your campaign to organizing and analyzing donor data.

Learn more about Snowball, one of the best GoFundMe alternatives for nonprofits.

Why We Love This Platform

Snowball is easy to use for both you and your donors! You can quickly get up and running with a brand new donation page, share it with supporters all over the world, and watch the funds pour in in no time.


Get started with Snowball’s Essential Plan for free, and receive access to the basic giving tools you need—including an optimized online donation page, a CRM dashboard, and recurring gift functionality. Or, upgrade to their Premium Plan for $549/year and unlock increased functionality, unlimited online donation pages, event ticketing, and text-to-give tools!

99Pledges is a top GoFundMe alternative for events.5. 99Pledges

Best GoFundMe Alternative for Walk-a-Thons

Geared toward “event-a-thon” style fundraisers such as walkathons and bike-a-thons, 99Pledges makes it easy to share and manage your campaign.

When you start a 99Pledges fundraising campaign, each participant automatically receives a donation page to share with friends, family, and followers over email and on social media.

Want to encourage a little friendly competition among your fundraisers? 99Pledges can track and share the progress of individuals or groups to show you who’s in the lead!

99Pledges is a great GoFundMe alternative for event-a-thon style fundraisers.

Why We Love This Platform

99Pledges campaign pages are accessible online and via mobile, making donations convenient and simple. This is the perfect way to encourage donations for a variety of popular fundraisers. If you’re looking for inspiration, they offer fundraising ideas that work well with their platform.


99Pledges charges no platform fees, and fundraisers are free to start. The only fees are standard credit card and PayPal processing fees of 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction. For cash and check donations, you keep 100% of what you raise!

Indiegogo is a great GoFundMe alternative for individuals and organizations looking to produce creative projects.6. Indiegogo

Best GoFundMe Alternative for Product Innovation

Indiegogo is a fantastic crowdfunding website for creative projects or entrepreneurial endeavors. If fundraisers meet their goal, they can then choose to sell their product in Indiegogo’s marketplace.

Indiegogo is an “all or nothing” (AoN) crowdfunding platform, which, unfortunately, means that fundraisers will only receive funds if they meet their financial goals within the specified deadline.

However, this platform also equips fundraisers with social sharing tools that make promotion simple. You can advertise your campaign across social media directly from your campaign page!

Indiegogo is a favorite GoFundMe alternative.

Why We Love This Platform

Indiegogo has made it easy for individuals to raise money and promote their products, services, and projects. Their interface is easy to use, and every crowdfunding campaign looks professional and thoughtfully made.

Indiegogo also offers a mobile app for fundraisers who need to keep up with their crowdfunding campaigns on the go!


Indiegogo charges a 5% platform fee. Depending on donors’ payment methods, additional transaction fees can range from 3-5%.

If you’re ready to get crowdfunding, we suggest launching a campaign with GoFundMe or one of our other favorite picks. You’ll see the dollars adding up in no time!

For more information, fundraising platforms, and strategies, be sure to check out these additional resources:

  • Our Favorite Fundraising Ideas for Individuals: Crowdfunding is one of the best ways to raise money for individuals, but there are other ways to fundraise for a cause you care about. Check out the top fundraising ideas for individuals and start raising more money!
  • Top Crowdfunding Tips To Raise More: Regardless of the crowdfunding platform you’re using to raise money, you might find yourself in need of some fundraising help and advice. Luckily, these crowdfunding tips can help your campaign from start to finish!
  • The Ultimate Guide To Crowdfunding Successfully: If you need some more information about crowdfunding in general, head on over to our ultimate guide to crowdfunding for individuals. We’ve got the strategies you need to succeed with your crowdfunding efforts.


Learn about the best group management software with our fresh guide.

Top 9 Group Management Software for Smart Organizations

Managing your association, members, or camp population can seem scary. How is your team supposed to keep up with the information and needs of thousands of people? Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite group management software options by specialty, so that you can learn which software is best for your organization.

Our favorites are:

  1. Fonteva 
  2. Salsa 
  3. CommunityPass 
  4. OmegaFi 
  5. CircuiTree 
  6. Doubleknot 
  7. Morweb 
  8. Church Community Builder 
  9. Alumni Channel 
  10. Bonus! Pathable

Let’s dive in!

Fonteva is a top group management software.

1. Fonteva – Top Group Management Tool for Associations

Group Management Tool Overview

Fonteva is a flexible and easy-to-use group management tool for mid-size to large groups. It can easily manage groups of any size (like trade associations, professional societies, and more!) due to its diverse toolkit of features in a lean and intuitive platform.

All Fonteva products are powered by Salesforce and come with full customer support so that your association can thrive.

Top Group Management Features

Some of the features that make Fonteva our top choice for associations are:

  • Cloud-based database.
  • Online community communication.
  • Event planning software.
  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-understand financial and reporting tools.

With these features, your Fonteva software can grow as your organization does. With software updates included in your subscription, you don’t need to worry about having to pay more if the system changes.


For an association that needs an intuitive and simple yet intelligent group management software, Fonteva is the right choice.

Fonteva's suite of features make it a formidable group management software.

Salsa is a top group management software.

2.  Salsa – Top Group Management Tool for Nonprofits

Group Management Tool Overview

This group management software from Salsa Labs is built specifically for nonprofits. By centralizing donor data and empowering users to seamlessly track relevant information, Salsa’s group management tool is perfect for nonprofits looking to optimize their fundraising strategy.

The donor profiles are easily customizable and allow for information like relationships, interests, demographics, and social media accounts, so that a nonprofit has a 360-degree view of their donors.

Top Group Management Features

Salsa’s group management software comes with valuable features such as:

  • Member management.
  • Donor profile customization.
  • Grant management.
  • Double the Donation, WealthEngine, and DonorSearch integrations.

These options allow a nonprofit to strategically target their donors and discover actionable trends, in order to maximize their fundraising capabilities and increase engagement with their community.


If your nonprofit is looking for a powerful and easy to use group management tool to maximize your fundraising success while strengthening supporter relationships, invest in Salsa’s software.

Salsa's versatility make it a top group management software.

CommunityPass is a top group management software.

3. CommunityPass – Top Group Management Tool for Community Centers

Group Management Tool Overview

CommunityPass is a group management tool that provides solutions for aquatic centers and pools, sports leagues and teams, adult education, and more for community centers through their cloud-based software.

This group management tool is great for getting everything done: it includes features for communicating with members through text and email, creating class schedules and online sign-up forms, and creating and issuing key cards, member ID cards, and guest passes. 

A community center can plan their season of classes, customize its registration forms, plan and implement their pricing structure, and accept payment all online through CommunityPass.

Top Group Management Features

CommunityPass has a lot of great features for running a successful community center, but some of our favorite group management features are:

  • Email and text alerts and reminders.
  • Automated receipts.
  • Rolling membership options.
  • Easy guest pass and membership purchase options.

CommunityPass’s engagement features allow community centers to successfully manage their guests and members, as well as create and plan the classes and opportunities those members want.


For a community center ready to streamline their group management strategy and combine all their administrative needs into one program, CommunityPass is the perfect software.

CommunityPass's multifaceted interface make it a top group management software.

OmegaFi is a top group management software.

4. OmegaFi – Top Group Management Tool for Greek Organizations

Group Management Tool Overview

With OmegaFi’s easy-to-use and mobile-optimized financial management, member database, and website/communications solutions, it’s the clear winner for Greek organizations.

OmegaFi’s three software solutions—Vault, Compass, and GINSystem—are all important aspects of OmegaFi’s group management tool, but the most important for members is Compass.

Compass manages members from the moment they’re offered a place in the sorority or fraternity to their later status as a continuing donor.

Officers can customize their dashboard based on the data that they need to see, and the OmegaFi team and the officers work together to build a reporting process that works for their specific organization.

Top Group Management Features

OmegaFi’s comprehensive fraternity/sorority support system has too many useful features to name, but here are our favorite group management features:

  • Custom dashboard.
  • Event management tools.
  • Member reporting tools.
  • Fundraising tools and online giving options.

OmegaFi offers Greek organizations all the tools they need to successfully manage their members as well as maintain relationships with graduated brothers and sisters.


Greek organizations who are looking to make their group management tasks easier and simpler, while raising more money for their organization, should look into investing in OmegaFi’s system.  

OmegaFi's precision and functionality make it a perfect group management software for Greek organizations.

CircuiTree is a top group management software.

5. CircuiTree – Top Group Management Tool for Camps

Group Management Tool Overview

CircuiTree, created by people who know and love summer camps, is an all-in-one cloud-based group management software designed specifically to make running a summer camp easier.

This software manages everything from housing requests and food allergies to medical records and emergency contact information, all in one easy-to-understand database.

Parents will be thrilled to sign up multiple children, register allergies and medication conditions, and choose camp activities all from their own computers at home. With CircuiTree’s integrated point-of-sale technology, a camp can guarantee secure payment processing and accurate data management.

Top Group Management Features

CircuiTree’s software offers a multifaceted solution to collecting and storing all the information a camp team needs to have a profitable, safe, successful summer. Some of the best features for group management include:

  • Online registration.
  • Transportation tracking.
  • Activity self-scheduling.
  • Camper check-in.
  • Electronic health center.
  • Guest group management.
  • Donor management.

With all these features and more, your camp staff will be able to spend less time filing forms and more time making sure your campers have an excellent time.


If your team wants to spend less time tracking data and filing forms and more time having fun with campers and teaching them valuable skills, consider investing in CircuiTree for all your camp-running needs.

CircuiTree's centralized database make it a great group management software for camps.

Doubleknot is a top group management software.

6. Doubleknot – Top Group Management Tool for Museum Membership Programs

Group Management Tool Overview

Museum membership management can be complicated, but they don’t have to be with Doubleknot’s group management software. Built with museums and other similar nonprofits in mind, Doubleknot is built for maintaining member relationships.

Doubleknot’s software provides integrated solutions for everything from ticketing and registration to reservations, donations, sales, and more. Their product is constantly being updated with requests and feedback from clients, which makes it a valuable investment for the future of your nonprofit.

Because it integrates well with other software products, you don’t have to worry about having wasted your money on other software.  

Top Group Management Features

Doubleknot’s priorities are recruitment, rewarding, and retaining members for your organization, so their features are focused on helping those things happen. Some of Doubleknot’s best software features are:

  • Automatic onboarding messages and materials.
  • Automatic renewal reminders for members.
  • The option to gift a membership to someone else.
  • Member engagement tracking.
  • Member search and segmentation.
  • Historical member directory.

With these features, your museum can ensure that your members remain members and that you continue striving towards your goals.


Doubleknot’s group management tools, in addition with everything else that its software does to ensure that your museum or similar nonprofit runs smoothly, can help you reach more people and maintain strong relationships with your supporters.

Doubleknot's customizability make it a great group management software.

Morweb is a top group management software.

7. Morweb – Top Group Management Tool for Online Communities

Group Management Tool Overview

Morweb is the child of two companies: Morad Media Inc., which is an award-winning digital design agency, and Morweb CMS Inc., which is a website platform for nonprofits and associations.

Morweb’s group management tool is lightweight, yet functional: their cloud-based software allows online communities to keep track of members, manage events, allow or restrict access to pages based on membership level, and fundraising, all through the community website.

Top Group Management Features

In addition to providing beautiful, functional, and mobile-responsive websites to online communities, Morweb offers the following group management features:

  • Searchable member directory.
  • Member map.
  • Intranet and restricted-access pages.
  • Event planning capabilities.
  • Fundraising campaign pages and online donation forms.

Your online community can handle its group membership needs, all from your own website.


Online communities looking for a lightweight group management system with real-world fundraising and event functionalities will be thrilled to use Morweb.

Morweb is the perfect lightweight group management software.

Church Community Builder is a top group management software.

8. Church Community Builder – Top Group Management Tool for Faith-Based Organizations

Group Management Tool Overview

Church Community Builder is a fully functional group management and event planning tool for faith-based organizations. With their cloud-based, Software as a Service group management tool, your church can make sure that all of your members are engaged and included.

Their software, which is accessible from anywhere with internet access as well as through their app, allows church ministries to build profiles for anyone from first-time visitors to long-term members and volunteers.

Top Group Management Features

In addition to Church Community Builder’s ability to track church metrics, build intuitive web forms, provide online giving options, and streamline process queues, they also offer the following group management features:

  • Communication tools including email merges, direct mail, and texting options.
  • Attendance tracking for church services, small groups, and events.
  • Event planning, including room reservations in your church.
  • The Needs feature: your church can plan on-the-fly community events to help members with anything life might hit them with.

With Church Community Builder’s group management tools, your church can make sure that everyone feels at home and welcome, even from their very first visit.


Help your church family work better together, increase engagement with everyone from dedicated volunteers to new visitors, and encourage church growth by investing in Church Community Builder for your ministry.Church Community Builder's specialized features make it the perfect group management software for churches.

Alumni Channel is a top group membership software.

9. Alumni Channel – Top Group Management Tool for Alumni Groups

Group Management Tool Overview

Alumni Channel is a dual-use database and website creation software that allows your organization to keep track of your alumni while also providing a beautiful and functional place online to communicate, network, and learn.

This software allows your alumni and your team to access the website from anywhere with an Internet connection, even from smartphones and tablets. You can invite alumni to events, post news updates, send out email blasts, and ask for donations all from the same place.

Top Group Management Features

Alumni Channel makes it easy to manage your alumni community and improve your university fundraising strategy by providing you with the tools to keep them engaged visit after visit to your website. Some of those engaging features are:

  • Quick member search capacity.
  • Organized and segmentable member directories.
  • Data import and export options.
  • Member profiles.
  • Networking opportunities.
  • Job postings.

With Alumni Channel’s appealing interface for alumni and useful administrator features, you’ll increase engagement after graduation as well as giving alumni the tools they need to build an online community where they can network and grow.


If you’re looking to provide a functional and attractive website for your alumni to interact with others on while also creating an alumni database that your organization can use, check out Alumni Channel to see what else their software can do.

Alumni Channel is the perfect group management software for engaging alumni.

Pathable is a top group membership software.

10. Pathable – Top Group Management Tool for Events

Group Management Tool Overview

May 2020 Update: Don’t cancel your event yet. Click here to learn more about how Pathable can help you pivot your event from in-person to virtual.

Pathable is a custom mobile event app builder that creates a way for your event planners, attendees, and vendors to easily schedule meetings, attend sessions, workshops, and panels, and capture contact information for future relationships.

With an app built just for your event, your attendees never have to worry about out-of-date schedules or needing a map. They can use the app to keep track of CEUs, panels they’re interested in, networking meetings, and find the vendors they’re most interested in talking to.

Top Group Management Features

Pathable’s features are built around prioritizing engagement and relationship-building. Some of the most functional features for attendees and vendors alike are:

  • Badge scanning capabilities.
  • Networking/meeting scheduling options.
  • Discussion forums.
  • Live polls and gamification tools.
  • In-app sponsorships for increased revenue.
  • Document hosting for easy access.

With Pathable’s functional and customizable apps, you’ll be able to offer your attendees all of the features that they need to get as much value as possible out of your events.


If you need an event that takes the stress out of scheduling and coordinating vendors, speakers, and attendees for your multi-day event, Pathable has got the perfect solution for you.

Pathable is an awesome group management software.

With these options, you can determine the best group management software for your organization, no matter your mission. For more information on some of our other favorite software, check out these additional resources:
  • Top 11 Cvent Competitors. No matter what your organization needs event planning software for, we’ve got a suggestion for it. Check out our guide to Cvent competitors and learn more about how you can improve your event planning strategy.
  • Top 7 Silent Auction Software for Nonprofits. With this guide from OneCause, you’ll be sure to choose the right silent auction software for your needs and ensure that your next fundraising event is a massive success.
  • Fundly Reviews: Testimonials from Nonprofits and Individuals. Are you thinking of starting a crowdfunding campaign? Before you commit to any specific platform for your endeavor, read these reviews about Fundly to make sure you make the right choice.
Learn about the top companies with matching gift programs in San Francisco.

8 Companies With Matching Gift Programs in San Francisco

Here at Double the Donation, we frequently get questions from nonprofits regarding how to begin a matching gifts solicitation program. Our biggest tip? Connect with corporate giving programs by looking for programs that exist in your own backyard.

San Francisco and the surrounding Bay area is home to over 7.5 million people and has a GDP of over $518 billion. The area is a major financial hub for Northern California and is, therefore, the home of some of the nation’s best corporate giving programs. San Francisco presents major matching gift potential for nonprofits with a large donor population in the area.

We’re going to examine the matching gift programs of the following companies:

  • Wells Fargo
  • The Gap Corporation
  • Visa
  • Levi Strauss & Co.
  • Charles Schwab
  • PG&E
  • Marin CABT
  • LinkedIn

But first, before we look at some of the city’s most promising matching gift opportunities, let’s check out how you can begin soliciting matching gifts.

Here is the best way to discover matching gift programs in San Francisco.

The Best Way to Discover Matching Gift Opportunities

The biggest obstacle for a nonprofit trying to increase donations through matching gifts is a lack of awareness about the programs. Whether a lack of awareness on the nonprofit end or the donor end, it’s difficult to capitalize on matching gift programs when either party is unaware that they exist!

The easiest way for your nonprofit to combat this is with the help of matching gift software such as 360MatchPro. This matching gift automation software is well-suited for nonprofits looking to increase their existing matching gift solicitation processes. With this tool, you can automatically discover and contact match-eligible donors.

Now, read on for a look at 8 of San Francisco’s top companies with matching gift programs.

Check out the top companies with matching gift programs in San Francisco.

1. Wells FargoWells Fargo is a top company in San Francisco with a matching gift program.

Wells Fargo was founded in 1852 in the heart of the budding American West. Initially, the banks’ founding capital was only $300,000. More than 160 years later, the banking giant has generated over $86 billion in revenue.

The company is dedicated to corporate responsibility and has been recognized for its commitment to sustainability, philanthropy, and diversity.

Wells Fargo will match a donation as small as $25 and as large at $2,000. Full-time and part-time employees are eligible to have their donations matched in addition to retirees. Additionally, Wells Fargo donates more than $500,000 in volunteer grants.

Learn more about Wells Fargo’s corporate matching program.


2. The Gap CorporationThe Gap Corporation is a top company in San Francisco with a matching gift program.

The Gap Corporation’s hold on the clothing market expands far beyond its name-sake apparel store. The company owns Banana Republic, Old Navy, Piperlime and Athleta.

In 2010, The Gap spent $16.5 million dollars on employee-driven community investment and matched $2.1 million dollars in employee donations.

The Gap will match donations as small as $25 and as large as $10,000. Employees who donate at least 15 hours of their time are also eligible to receive volunteer grants of $150. The company also encourages teams of employees to volunteer with organizations that serve women or children by offering up to $250 in volunteer grants.

Learn more about The Gap’s corporate matching program.


3. VisaVisa is a top company in San Francisco with a matching gift program.

Visa Inc. employs over 7,500 individuals and generates over $9 billion in revenue annually. The credit-card giant processes billions of transactions every year.

Visa has a strong commitment to corporate responsibility and has been a proud sponsor of the Olympics and Paralympics since 1986.

Visa will match employee donations as small as $25 and as large as $5,000. The company encourages employees to volunteer by picking one outstanding member from each region to give a grant of up to $5,000 for the organization to which they had dedicated the most hours.

Learn more about Visa’s corporate matching program.



4. Levi Strauss & Co.Levi Strauss & Co. is a top company in San Francisco with a matching gift program.

Levi Strauss and Co. has been operating out of San Francisco since its creation in 1873. The jean company now employs over 16,000 individuals and generates more than $4 billion in revenue yearly.

Committed to social responsibility, Levi Strauss and Co. has hosted a worldwide day of service for the last decade. Employees from around the world are given the day off to volunteer with local nonprofits. The company also works with its factories located around the world to make the lives of the workers better.

Levi’s will match employee donations as small as $25 and as large as $1,200. The program applies to current and retired employees as well as part-timers. If a Levi’s employee volunteers for a minimum of 10 hours to a select nonprofit, the company will issue a volunteer grant of up to $2,400.

Learn more about Levi Strauss and Co.’s corporate matching program.


5. Charles SchwabCharles Schwab is a top company in San Francisco with a matching gift program.

Charles Schwab is a San Francisco based company that works hard to make a positive impact on the communities in which it’s employees live and work. Last year, Charles Schwab employees volunteered over 30,000 hours to hundreds of nonprofit organizations.

The company matches employee donations as small as $25 and as large as $1,000 at a 1:1 ratio.

Charles Schwab will also give group volunteer grants of up to $1,000.

Learn more about Charles Schwab’s corporate matching program.


6. Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)PG&E is a top company in San Francisco with a matching gift program.

PG&E has several philanthropic programs in place, including STEM education, focuses on economic and community vitality, and environmental education and conservation efforts.

Last year, Pacific Gas & Electric employees volunteered over 75,000 hours to support communities in Northern and Central California and donated $7.3 million, with many of those donations being matched by PG&E, increasing the total by $4 million.

PG&E matches gifts at a minimum of $25 and a maximum of $1,000 at a 1:1 ratio.

Learn more about PG&E’s corporate matching program.


7. Marin Center for Anxiety and Behavioral TherapyThe Marin Center is a top company in San Francisco with a matching gift program.

Marin Center for Anxiety and Behavioral Therapy is one of the leading Child Therapy practices in Marin County and San Francisco.

Marin CABT offers an employee matching gift program that’s accessible by both full-time and part-time employees, as well as their spouses. The practice will match donations up to $500 at a 1:1 ratio in most instances. However, if the donation is benefitting a nonprofit working with mental health issues, the donation will be matched on a 2:1 ratio.

Learn more about Marin Center for Anxiety and Behavioral Therapy’s matching gift program.


8. LinkedInLinkedIn is a top company in San Francisco with a matching gift program.

LinkedIn functions as a work-based social network, through which employers and employees in an industry can connect. 

The company matches gifts for full-time and part-time employees on a match ratio of 1:1, with the minimum match set at $25 and the maximum match set at $15,000. It doesn’t match gifts made by retired employees or offer a volunteer grant program.

Learn more about LinkedIn’s matching gift program.


Check out this list of top nonprofit technology consulting firms!

Top 9 Nonprofit Technology Consulting Firms — Reviewed!


Don’t forget to grab our Free Guide to the Top Fundraising Ideas.

For nonprofits of all sizes, technology is crucial. Especially as your organization grows in scale, you’ll need to find software solutions to help you manage donor information, market your campaigns, and track fundraising data. And those are just the basics!

To fully capitalize on your technology, however, you’ll need a smart captain at the helm to guide your efforts and work with you to develop custom solutions that align with your goals and needs.

The answer? A nonprofit technology consultant, of course!

In this post, we’ll introduce you to our favorite nonprofit consultants who specialize in all things technology:

  1. DNL OmniMedia
  2. Donorly
  3. Morweb
  4. Whole Whale
  5. Heller Consulting
  6. Idealist Consulting
  7. KELL Partners
  8. Apparo
  9. ScienceSoft

After checking out our favorite firms, you should be ready to take the first step in finding a trusted technology partner to help you get more from your software solutions.

DNL OmniMedia is our top pick for nonprofit technology consulting.

1. DNL OmniMedia — Our Top Choice for Nonprofit Technology Consulting

Consulting Firm OverviewDNL OmniMedia provides nonprofit technology consulting services including web development, Blackbaud and Salesforce solutions, and more.

A trusted Blackbaud partner and Salesforce solution provider, DNL OmniMedia understands nonprofit software—but more importantly, they understand nonprofits!

With Team DNL on your side, you’ll be able to develop a smarter nonprofit strategy that builds on the use of powerful technology.

Not only can DNL OmniMedia assess your needs and goals, but they’ll also develop software solutions that can bring your vision to life. Through custom web development and design, software configurations, and more, DNL can guide your nonprofit to more strategic fundraising and stewardship in no time.

Nonprofit Technology Services

DNL OmniMedia offers nonprofit-exclusive services including:

  • Technical strategy
  • Software implementation and customization
  • Website development
  • Data migration and clean-up

In addition to their services, DNL also offers custom nonprofit products to expand your Blackbaud Luminate system, including peer-to-peer fundraising and advocacy add-ons.

Nonprofit Technology Portfolio

Team DNL has worked with many different types of nonprofits tackling a variety of nonprofit technology challenges.

From boosting fundraising through custom Blackbaud TeamRaiser donation forms for the North Shore Animal League to designing a one-of-a-kind nonprofit website for the Interlochen Center for the Arts, DNL has proven their expertise for a number of clients.

Check out DNL OmniMedia's nonprofit technology consulting services and products!

Donorly is our top choice for nonprofit technology consulting.

2. Donorly — Our Top Choice for Nonprofit Technology Consulting

Consulting Firm OverviewDonorly is a donor research-focused technology consulting firm.

Ever look at your fundraising goals and wonder if you can achieve them? The nonprofit technology consultants at Donorly know that you can if you just have the right information and assets by your side!

Under the direction of president Sandra Davis, the Donorly team channels their creativity and passion into creating elegant donor research solutions specifically for your nonprofit. With their comprehensive donor information, your nonprofit can reach higher than you thought possible.


Nonprofit Technology Services

When it comes to donor research, the Donorly team provides your nonprofit with the foundations for:

  • Capital campaign management
  • Board expansions and recruiting
  • Grant proposal writing
  • Interim staffing

Donorly promises a customized approach, based on their unique engagement model.

Nonprofit Technology Portfolio

Many of Donorly’s clients come from the arts and culture or humanities space, though the team has worked with nonprofits across the sector. Their client lists includes the Seattle Children’s Museum, Playwrights Horizons, Martha & Mary Lutheran Services, and the Studio Theatre.

Donorly offers donor research-focused nonprofit technology consulting services.

Morweb is our top choice for nonprofit technology consulting.

3. Morweb — Our Top Choice for Nonprofit Technology Consulting

Consulting Firm OverviewFind out more about Morweb, a top nonprofit technology consulting firm.

For nonprofits looking to get started building a beautiful website, Morweb will be the perfect partner. Pairing their unmatched CMS with expert support services, your web design strategy will be more effective than ever.

When you leverage Morweb’s consulting services, they’ll walk you step-by-step through the website creation and implementation process.

After your website is live, you can still call on them for additional consulting if you ever want to update your style, change your strategy, or otherwise improve the functionality of your site.

Nonprofit Technology Services

Morweb offers the following nonprofit web design services:

  • Customizable themes and layouts
  • Search engine optimization
  • Form builders
  • Donation processing
  • Technology and design consulting

Even better, Morweb has scalable products to meet the needs of all kinds of nonprofits. This way, you can pay for what you need now and have the option of upgrading down the line.

Nonprofit Technology Portfolio

Morweb has experience enhancing the web design strategy of a diverse range of nonprofits, from small, regional organizations to international ones.

Their portfolio of clients includes nonprofits like 4th Street BRZ in Canada, Habitat for Humanity of St. Joseph County, Society of University Surgeons, and the Driving School Association of the Americas.

Visit Morweb to learn more about how their nonprofit technology consulting firm can help your team.

Check out these top nonprofit technology consulting firms to find one for your organization.

4. Whole Whale

Consulting Firm OverviewWhole Whale is a nonprofit technology consulting firm specializing in digital strategy.

Whole Whale is a digital agency dedicated to helping nonprofits enhance their strategic use of technology. They’ll help your organization learn valuable skills and implement best practices so that you don’t need to rely on a consultant or third-party administrator. 

To achieve that goal, Whole Whale provides one-on-one consulting services for clients with like-minded missions. On top of their long-term projects, this firm also offers online training courses through Whole Whale University in areas such as social media, Google AdWords, and more.

Nonprofit Technology Services

Whole Whale takes a holistic approach to digital strategy, with key services that include:

  • Google AdWords grants management
  • Google Analytics
  • Web design and development
  • Content marketing

Each Whole Whale project is customized based on nonprofit needs, so you won’t have to worry about getting a canned approach.

Nonprofit Technology Portfolio

Notably, Whole Whale worked with the Malala Fund to improve the nonprofit’s use of Google Analytics for tracking user actions on their site. Following their engagement, the Malala Fund was able to successfully implement Google Analytics on their own, without any ongoing support from a consultant.

Get started with Whole Whale, a nonprofit technology consulting firm, today!

5. Heller Consulting

Consulting Firm OverviewHeller Consulting offers nonprofit technology consulting services for organizations of all sizes and missions.

Since 1996, Heller Consulting has worked exclusively with nonprofits to develop effective strategies in data management, communications, fundraising, and other vital areas.

In particular, the Heller consultants are passionate about working with nonprofits to get more from their CRM systems. With their services, your organization can outline a clear vision for your constituent relationship management, implement and customize your technology, and learn best practices for your software.

Nonprofit Technology Services

Heller Consulting works primarily with nonprofits and higher education institutes, offering a variety of technology services such as: 

  • CRM strategy and design
  • CRM implementation
  • Online fundraising strategy
  • Google Analytics

In addition, Heller Consulting maintains an active blog on their website to help organizations continue gaining and sharing knowledge about nonprofit technology.

Nonprofit Technology Portfolio

Heller Consulting has worked with nonprofit clients in multiple sectors, including advocacy, healthcare, higher education, and social services. Some of their past engagements include the ASPCA, Make a Wish National Foundation, and the Lincoln Park Zoo.

You can check out their website for more information on recent projects and case studies detailing their work with specific software solutions, such as the Salesforce Community Cloud.

Learn more about the nonprofit technology consulting services offered by Heller Consulting.

6. Idealist Consulting

Consulting Firm Overview Idealist Consulting offers nonprofit technology consulting services as well as general digital consulting for all types of organizations.

With about 60% of their clients being nonprofits, Idealist Consulting specializes in Salesforce and marketing automation consulting. They can help you build out a custom Salesforce experience that works for your organization, with strategic app integrations and personalized configurations.

Idealist Consulting works with organizations to get more from the Salesforce system and raise funds and awareness for their cause. Their four-step consulting process always concludes with increased impact made possible through strategic technology implementation.

Nonprofit Technology Services

Idealist Consulting offers services that build on your existing technology and online presence through:

  • Salesforce CRM development
  • Email marketing automation
  • Online form optimization
  • Salesforce application integration

On top of all of that, Idealist can also work with you to build out a custom Salesforce app of your own!

Nonprofit Technology Portfolio

Among their other nonprofit and for-profit clients, Idealist Consulting worked with The Banfield Foundation, an animal welfare organization, to move their data to the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack for improved fundraising and donor data management.

By learning how to track small donations more effectively in Salesforce, The Banfield Foundation increased their online donations by over 300%! Idealist Consulting also developed custom fields within their CRM and helped them generate unique reports showing donor trends and demographics.

See if Idealist Consulting's nonprofit technology consulting approach is right for you.

7. KELL Partners

Consulting Firm Overview KELL Partners is a nonprofit technology consulting firm offering unique products and software solutions.

As a Salesforce Premium Partner, KELL Partners strives to remove the confusion from the nonprofit data management and fundraising experience.

With KELL, you’ll have access to a full suite of services specific to the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. Their team of strategic consultants can analyze your data and current practices and develop a path forward that helps you achieve your goals, no matter how simple or complex they may be. 

Nonprofit Technology Services

KELL can lend their expertise to every phase of the nonprofit Salesforce experience, helping you with:

  • Data manipulation and migration
  • Systems integration
  • Application development
  • Web development

With their KELL360 plan, the KELL team can build out a system of must-have integrations to take your baseline CRM to a whole new level.

Nonprofit Technology Portfolio

KELL Partners helped the New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity centralize the data they’d been storing across multiple fundraising and volunteer management systems using Salesforce. With a newly integrated system, the nonprofit was able to see fuller picture of their constituents and more effectively design engagement strategies for each supporter.

See more of the case study here!

Check out KELL Partners for your nonprofit technology consulting needs.

8. Apparo

Consulting Firm Overview Apparo offers volunteer nonprofit technology consulting services to empower local nonprofits in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

Apparo seeks to “empower nonprofits through technology that enhances their missions.” They provide volunteer nonprofit technology consulting to organizations of all sizes and skill levels in the Charlotte, North Carolina, community. 

All of Apparo’s consulting services are individualized and unique to the organization. They’ll get to know your organization so they can most aptly pinpoint challenges and areas for improvement before working to push your mission forward.

Nonprofit Technology Services

Apparo’s consulting team offers a wide variety of free nonprofit services, including:

  • Basic Microsoft coaching
  • Nonprofit technology panels and forums
  • One-on-one technology assessments
  • Training groups

As a nonprofit themselves, Apparo is dedicated to helping philanthropic organizations within their community. Their volunteer consultants can help organizations with almost anything, from selecting the right software to learning the most up-to-date best practices in the nonprofit tech community.

Nonprofit Technology Portfolio

Apparo’s many success stories include the Carolina Raptor Center, a nonprofit working to rehabilitate and release injured birds. Prior to working with Apparo, the Center relied on paper tracking and Excel spreadsheets for all of their volunteer information, costing them time and data.

With Apparo, the Center was able implement more strategic software that reduced paperwork and increased their supporter engagement possibilities across the board.

Check out Apparo to see if their nonprofit technology consulting services can help your organization grow.

9. ScienceSoft — Our Top Choice for Nonprofit Big Data Consulting

Consulting Firm OverviewCheck out ScienceSoft as your next nonprofit technology consulting firm!

ScienceSoft is an international provider of IT consulting and software development services with 30 years of experience in heterogeneous IT environments. ScienceSoft is headquatered in Texas, US, and has offices in the EU and Eastern Europe. Today, the company houses a team of 550 experts, including more than 20 business analysts with an understanding of nonprofits’ specific needs and expertise in multiple technology stacks and platform-based solutions.

Nonprofit Technology Services

ScienceSoft offers an array of IT consulting services to help you achieve your organization’s mission:

Other platform-specific consulting – SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Magento.

Nonprofit Technology Portfolio

ScienceSoft has worked with multiple types of NPOs, including educational institutions, government entities and public service providers, supporting the nonprofits’ mission to expand their outreach with available tech capabilities. The examples of such cooperation range from solutions that make an NPO visible on the internet, improve member retention and engagement to multifaceted applications for an NPO’s external interactions with the focus on integrity and confidentiality. 

ScienceSoft can handle all of your nonprofit technology consulting firm needs!

Once you find the right nonprofit technology consulting, implementing and using your software will be easier (and more effective) than ever before.

Check out these resources for more help with your nonprofit software:

  • More Nonprofit Consulting Firms. From fundraising consultants to IT consulting and more, this comprehensive page will introduce you to even more great nonprofit consultants with a variety of specialties. Check it out!
  • Best Technology Solutions for Nonprofits. A nonprofit technology consultant can help you take your software to the next level, but if you’re not sure what software solutions to get started with, this helpful post from DNL OmniMedia can guide you.
  • Top Blackbaud Partners. Looking for nonprofit technology consultants with Blackbaud expertise? Want to expand your Blackbaud products with integrations? @Pay’s got a list of solutions (and solution providers) for you.


Check out the top Eventbrite competitors to help you save time and raise more money.

The Top 12 Eventbrite Competitors (Reviewed and Tested!)


Purchase the perfect fundraising software! Download our Top 10 Questions to Ask When Considering Fundraising Software!.

Let’s set the stage: your organization needs to plan a killer event that will engage your constituents and enhance your fundraising power (without causing too many headaches for your event planning team). You search for an event management solution to help you streamline the planning process, but software like Eventbrite doesn’t have the tools or capabilities to meet all of your unique needs.

If this situation sounds familiar, don’t fret! To help you find an event management solution that can meet all of your needs, we’ve taken the liberty of reviewing the top Eventbrite competitors on the market.

In this post, we’ll highlight some top solutions that are like Eventbrite, but even better:

    1. Mobilize
    2. Fonteva Events
    3. Soapbox Engage
    4. Snowball
    5. Doubleknot
    6. Regpack
    7. Ticketbud
    8. Eventbee
    9. Gather
    10. ZapEvent
    11. Fundly CRM
    12. SimpleTix

Each of these Eventbrite alternatives offers a unique take on event management, so every organization can find a solution that’s perfectly suited for their needs.

Mobilize is a leading Eventbrite competitor for nonprofits and other mission-based organizations.

1. Our Top Eventbrite Competitor: Mobilize

Product Overview

Mobilize is the leading events management and volunteer recruitment platform for mission-driven organizations.

This comprehensive solution makes it easier than ever to create new in-person and virtual events, recruit attendees, and boost engagement. Their top features include:

  • Quick and easy event creation and customization
  • Automated email and text communication
  • Seamless signup and peer-to-peer recruitment
  • Access to a growing network of over one million volunteers nationwide
  • Robust data reporting and analytics to review your performance

With a set of intuitive event management features and an impressive network of resources, Mobilize generates more value for your organization over time than single-use event registration sites. This solution will help you empower and connect with more supporters, volunteers, and event attendees.

Comparison to Eventbrite

The online Eventbrite platform can be a good choice for one-time ticketed events. However, mission-driven organizations like nonprofits and advocacy groups often have more complex, long-term needs than the typical Eventbrite user.

One major difference between the platforms is how supporters discover your events and opportunities. With Eventbrite, you send your event listing to a list of supporters. With Mobilize, you can promote your events to existing supporters and tap into a rapidly growing network of (over 1.7 million!) passionate individuals looking for their next volunteer opportunity.

This is amplified by the platform’s automated social recruitment features and cross-promotion opportunities between organizations. Organizations can also enable all-star volunteers to host events on their behalf, drastically expanding their reach.

With access to the Mobilize network and its amplification features, your organization will reach much wider audiences than if you relied on your contact list alone. Plus, plenty of CRM integrations make it easy to record new supporter details and post-event feedback, driving even more engagement over the long-run.

For mission-driven events of all sizes, Mobilize is the best choice for long-term value. Its toolset and expansive network of volunteers and partners make it a no-brainer.

Mobilize's features and network of volunteers make it a top Eventbrite competitor.

Fonteva is a fantastic alternative to Eventbrite.

2. Eventbrite Competitor: Fonteva Events

Product Overview

Fonteva Events is an all-in-one event management solution designed for Salesforce users.

With Fonteva, you’ll have access to virtually unlimited tools to plan, execute, and follow up on your event. Their all-encompassing features include:

  • Total logistics management, including event setup, speakers, vendors, and sponsors.
  • Attendee management tools such as a guest agenda builder.
  • Intuitive registration and ticketing options.
  • An event microsite generator.

Hesitant about using such a comprehensive platform? Trust us: Fonteva’s software could not be more user-friendly. Your staff will have no problem implementing the solution and actually capitalizing on all of its features.

Comparison to Eventbrite

Eventbrite was designed as an online solution, so Salesforce users who want to create Eventbrite events will need to integrate the platform with their Salesforce system.

Fonteva, on the other hand, was built explicitly for Salesforce users. Fonteva Events is a native Salesforce application, meaning there’s absolutely no integration required to sync up the two platforms; Fonteva and Salesforce work hand-in-hand!

If your organization already uses Salesforce, you can still use an external platform like Eventbrite, but you’ll be spending significant time and money to force the two solutions to work together. Why not spend that time planning your event instead?

Fonteva Events is the best Salesforce app for event management.

Soapbox Engage is a top Eventbrite competitor for its Events app for Salesforce.

3. Eventbrite Competitor: Soapbox Engage

Product Overview

Soapbox Engage offers a comprehensive suite of Salesforce apps for organizations of all sizes. Specifically, their tools are designed to help smaller organizations get up and running on what can otherwise be a complicated platform for newcomers.

Their Events app includes a number of robust features:

  • Unlimited event creation with customizable ticketing options
  • Built-in analytics tools to track traffic and registration metrics
  • Flexible options to choose your own payment processor
  • Customizable and fully mobile-optimized registration pages for your site

Most importantly, as an app for Salesforce, all of your registration and engagement data will report seamlessly from the Soapbox Engage platform into your CRM. It’s the easiest way to start making the most of Salesforce for your events.

Comparison to Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a web-based platform, making integration for Salesforce somewhat difficult. For Salesforce users, bouncing between two completely separate tools can become a major time-waster and distract your team from planning the event.

Staying within the Salesforce app ecosystem is the best way to see returns on your CRM investment, both in terms of raising more money with your event and saving more energy overall. This is especially true for smaller organizations just getting started with the platform.

Plus, as a full suite of online fundraising and engagement apps, each Soapbox Engage tool works seamlessly with the others, giving you more intuitive features and comprehensive views of your data.

The Events app from Soapbox Engage is a top Eventbrite alternative for Salesforce users.

Snowball's easy-to-use ticketing tools make it a top Eventbrite competitor.

4. Eventbrite Competitor: Snowball

Product Overview

Snowball is an easy-to-use, all-in-one platform for nonprofits. Their suite of tools is designed to help smaller organizations clear the hurdles that often stand between them and sustained growth.

For growing organizations, planning fundraising events can be particularly challenging. That’s because the costs of separate ticketing, online fundraising, text-to-give tools, and more can very quickly become overwhelming.

Snowball solves this problem by giving you a full suite of nonprofit-specific tools for an affordable price. Their tools include:

  • Event ticketing tools
  • Customizable donation pages
  • Fundraising thermometers
  • Text-to-give services
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising options

For organizations just getting started, being able to host events with efficient online ticketing and intuitive giving options like text-to-give can be a game-changer!

Comparison to Eventbrite

Using multiple separate platforms, especially for complex tasks like planning a fundraising event, is not usually a good idea. As a standalone web platform, Eventbrite will most likely operate very separately from the rest of your toolkit. For individuals planning one-time events like concerts or parties, a standalone platform could work well.

Nonprofits, though, rely on their events to accomplish a number of very important and interconnected tasks, namely engaging their guests, raising awareness for their missions, and soliciting donations. Working with a set of interconnected tools is the best way to save time and effort while also making sure no important data slips through the cracks.

Snowball’s suite of all-in-one ticketing, online fundraising, and text-to-give tools make it a powerful choice for smaller organizations. Centralizing your tools makes your job easier, creates a more streamlined experience for supporters, and gives your team fuller access to the important data you generate.

Snowball's event ticketing tools make it a top Eventbrite competitor for nonprofit organizations.

Doubleknot is an Eventbrite competitor that's perfect for museums and science centers.

5. Eventbrite Competitor: Doubleknot

Product Overview

Designed for specific types of nonprofits including zoos, museums, and retreat centers, Doubleknot offers intuitive event registration and program management tools to make event planning easier.

Doubleknot’s software comes with rich features to help you manage all types of events and programs. With Doubleknot, you can:

  • Configure a custom event with ease.
  • Build registration forms that capture all the guest data you need.
  • Manage capacities and waitlists per session or event.
  • Create unique event categories based on your organization’s common needs.

You’ll also have access to all of Doubleknot’s impressive integrated nonprofit features, such as communications and marketing, reporting and analytics, and payment processing. Everything you need will be visible in one simple solution!

Comparison to Eventbrite

Eventbrite doesn’t provide half of the program management tools you’ll gain with Doubleknot.

Because Doubleknot was created with unique organizations in mind, this software allows you to design events and programs that are truly complex. Whether you’re planning a straightforward fundraising gala or an ongoing class with multiple track options, Doubleknot can adapt to your needs—not the other way around!

Regpack is a great Eventbrite competitor that offers flexible registration types.

6. Eventbrite Competitor: Regpack

Product Overview

Designed as an all-in-one system for registration, email marketing, and report creation, Regpack’s software comes with a variety of amazing features to help you manage events and enrollment.

With Regpack, you can:

  • Embed your form right on your website
  • Create new registration projects with ease
  • Easily communicate with registrants
  • Create and trigger discounts
  • Offer payment plans
  • Allow one person to register multiple people for your event

You will also be able to effortlessly manage your events, with automated workflow, data filtering, dynamic reporting tools, and data backed up in the cloud.

Comparison to Eventbrite

Regpack and Eventbrite both offer the ability to duplicate events that you host each year, so you only have to set them up once. However, Regpack offers more flexibility with registration types, such as conferences, one-day events, and trips. Their software offers an easy solution for even the most complex registration needs.

Regpack also offers a dedicated support team and a project manager who can build out your system based on your needs. Take advantage of their comprehensive knowledge database, too!

Try Regpack as an Eventbrite competitor.

Ticketbud is a comprehensive Eventbrite competitor that offers event management features alongside other nonprofit tools.

7. Eventbrite Competitor: Ticketbud

Product Overview

Ticketbud is an online ticket sales and event registration platform designed for event organizers.

Its comprehensive features are perfect for nearly every single event type out there. You have a wide reach with a lot of different ways to sell tickets through these Ticketbud features:

  • Sell tickets at the door and collect card and cash payments with the Ticketbud point of sale system.
  • Sell tickets on your website and Facebook page with the Ticketbud ticket widget.
  • Track all of your marketing efforts with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel integrations.
  • Manage collaborators and volunteers in one place.

Comparison to Eventbrite

Ticketbud has a fairly similar feature set compared to Eventbrite.

However, where they differ is that Ticketbud offers daily payouts for ticket sales, whereas with Eventbrite you have to wait until after your event to get paid. Also, with intuitive data reporting tools and customer support available by both phone and live chat, Ticketbud focuses more on the organizers and their needs.

Ticketbud's intuitive dashboards make it a strong Eventbrite competitor.

Eventbee is an Eventbrite competitor with a similar look and feel to Eventbrite.

8. Eventbrite Competitor: Eventbee

Product Overview

Eventbee is an online event management software available for any type of event, from small-scale parties to business events, festivals, or conferences.

Eventbee offers a number of features that are similar to Eventbrite, such as:

  • Online ticketing and customizable registration forms.
  • Flexible payment processing options.
  • Branded event pages on Eventbee’s website.
  • Check-in via Eventbee mobile app.

Plus, Eventbee offers event management options specific to businesses or nonprofits, so any type of event planning team can access the most useful tools.

Comparison to Eventbrite

Eventbee stands out from the crowd thanks to their flat fee pricing, making them a cost-effective alternative to Eventbrite.

They offer four distinct fee structures ranging from $1 to $3 per ticket sold. You can even use their handy cost calculating widget on their website to find out exactly how much you’ll save when you switch from Eventbrite, Ticketmaster, or Ticketleap!

Gather is an Eventbrite competitor for venues, restaurants, and professional event planning companies.

9. Eventbrite Competitor: Gather

Product Overview

A comprehensive event management solution, Gather can provide a robust look at all the elements that make up your event.

Designed for venues, hospitality groups, and event planning organizations, Gather includes features such as:

  • Workflow and team management tools.
  • Events calendar with past, present, and future viewing options.
  • Custom reports and data tracking.
  • Responsive web app for planning events on the go.

Gather also offers a number of useful guides and other resources to those who subscribe to their event management newsletters!

Comparison to Eventbrite

Because Gather is designed for event planning professionals, it provides a much more inclusive look at event management than Eventbrite does.

While still easy to use, Gather is a better choice for organizations and businesses who know their way around event planning software. If you’re new to event management or have only sporadic event planning needs, you might be better off choosing a more lightweight Eventbrite alternative.

ZapEvent is a lightweight event ticketing platform and top Eventbrite competitor.

10. Eventbrite Competitor: ZapEvent

Product Overview

ZapEvent is a web-based event registration platform designed to make selling tickets simple and secure for organizations of all sizes.

With an extremely user-friendly interface, ZapEvent provides all of the following essential tools:

  • Custom event pages.
  • Social media integration.
  • Flexible ticket and payment options.
  • Preset registration and financial reports.

Not only does ZapEvent make setting up your event easy; they make pricing easy too! ZapEvent’s flexible pricing model allows organizations to choose how they’ll handle processing fees, and they provide a price calculator to make mapping out a ticket strategy that much easier.

Comparison to Eventbrite

What sets ZapEvent apart from other event apps (including Eventbrite)? Their customers would agree that ZapEvent’s exceptional customer service seals the deal on the event management experience.

ZapEvent provides a wealth of videos and other online resources to help both novice and veteran event planning teams get the job done most effectively. On top of that, their team of event specialists are available to help you personalize your event and optimize your strategy.

Fundly CRM is a top Eventbrite competitor for nonprofits who need both donor management and event planning tools.

11. Eventbrite Competitor: Fundly CRM

Product Overview

For small to midsize nonprofits who want to manage constituent data and event logistics in the same system, Fundly CRM can provide all of the tools you need to do both (and a lot more).

In this robust constituent relationship management software, you’ll have access to built-in event management tools including:

  • Customizable registration forms.
  • Event project management tools.
  • Sponsorship management.
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising tools.

Unlike some nonprofit CRMs, all of Fundly CRM’s event management tools are included with their base package, so you don’t have to break the bank to afford these fantastic features!

Comparison to Eventbrite

Fundly CRM isn’t just an event management platform; it’s an all-in-one nonprofit constituent relationship management software.

If your organization already uses a nonprofit CRM to manage supporter data, you’ll have to integrate outside event management software to use both platforms simultaneously. Because integrations can be costly (and often ineffective), it might make more sense for your organization to upgrade to a CRM that can handle all of your fundraising needs, including event planning!

12. Eventbrite Competitor: SimpleTix

Product Overview

SimpleTix provides an intuitive, flexible ticketing solution for any organization holding an event. SimpleTix users range from pumpkin farms to culinary festivals, from zoos to performing arts centers. It’s intuitive enough for first-time organizers and powerful enough for organizers hosting big-time events.

SimpleTix excels at reducing friction in the ticketing process by providing features that allow organizers to customize their ticket structure and remove the burden of manual administrative processes. Their top features include:

  • Instant payouts, thanks to their official partnership with Square payment processing
  • Unlimited, customizable ticket types for early bird discounts, member rates, multi-day packages, and more
  • Customers can change ticket dates and time slots on their own
  • Sell concessions, merchandise, and on-site tickets from the same platform
  • An event website builder you can try for free

The SimpleTix team constantly adds new features and refines existing ones, and its YouTube channel shows tons of tips and tricks for making the most out of the platform. The platform comes with adjacent functionality like QR code-enabled etickets and mobile scan-and-go capabilities that make it easier to keep the line at the gate moving. Though SimpleTix may be a fairly single-point solution, SimpleTix integrates widely with other apps like Zapier, MailChimp, SalesForce, to name a few.

Comparison to Eventbrite

Like most ticketing platforms, Eventbrite holds ticket revenue for days or weeks after the event is over. SimpleTix’s official partnership with Square sets it apart in this regard. SimpleTix pays out ticket revenue immediately, which lets organizers use presale revenue to finance other aspects of their event. Eventbrite is notoriously bad at facilitating refunds, but SimpleTix makes that refund instantly accessible. Organizers can even offer a refund in the form of a Square gift card, which allows the organizer or venue to keep the revenue without sacrificing attendee satisfaction.

SimpleTix provides an event website that keeps your event front and center. Unlike Eventbrite, SimpleTix’s site builder doesn’t clutter your page with branding and promotions for other events.

Now that you know your options, it’s time to start planning your event!

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