Matching Gift Acknowledgement

Feature Matching Gifts in Your Nonprofit’s Newsletters

How many times have you been scrolling through a website, minding your own business, and then BAM! A popup urges you to sign up for a newsletter. Like, um, no. I’m trying to read here.

Inevitably, you’ve signed up for at least a scattering of newsletters. Most companies and nonprofits release newsletters, and for good reason. Nothing tops a newsletter in terms of conveying a bulk of information through a single email.

To get an idea of what a newsletter should look like, here’s part of a sample email from the New York Chapter of the National Kidney Foundation:

Matching Gift Newsletter Example

When the donor clicks on either the matching gift graphic or the words “click here” they’re taken to the National Kidney Foundation’s matching gift page.

See, nothing intimidating, right? The top half is a short, meaningful story that creates emotional engagement with the nonprofit, and the bottom half is a creative and informative reminder about matching gifts. The great success of this newsletter is that it opens with a story, as opposed to the marketing portion, so that when the reader gets to the part about matching gifts it reads more as a nice opportunity to give to a good cause than an ask that fails to humanize what it seeks to benefit.

Here is a another sample electronic newsletter from Anne Arundel County CASA:

CASA Example of an email focused on matching gifts

In this case, the email took a singular focus on promoting matching gifts to recent donors.

Matching Gift Newsletter Advice:

Newsletters are versatile and can include links to blog posts, donation pages, social media profiles, and more. Newsletters provide both information and the opportunity to add layers to your connections with donors. Added layers include people choosing to follow your social media profiles, engaging with your online content, and donating to your nonprofit.

To learn more, let’s review a newsletter from Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association (CMTA):

CMTA Matching Gift Newsletter

When the donor clicks on either the matching gift graphic or the words “click here” they’re taken to CMTA’s matching gift page, which is hosted on Double the Donation’s servers.

This email newsletter is entirely dedicated to matching gifts and is a superb example to follow. While newsletters might provide links to a variety of your nonprofit’s services and content, it’s best to provide a singular focus to the actual written content of the newsletter. Donors might be able to understand simultaneous ideas, but it’s hard for them to take action when you’re asking them to do multiple things at once, such as to volunteer at an event or to check out a new blog post on top of the ask for them to seek out a matching gift.

This is the danger of cramming too much into too little space. How much can and will a reader take in at once?

You can go with an all-at-once approach, but you can also focus on different aspects of marketing in successive newsletters. For example, one month you focus on promoting your social media accounts, the next month on increasing the readership of your blog articles, and, in a subsequent message, you promote volunteer grant programs and matching gifts, as opposed to including all of these parts of your nonprofit in one newsletter.

By giving each marketing avenue its own time and space, donors will engage better with the content you provide. When the time comes to promote matching gifts, that program will be the focus of the newsletter and will grab the reader’s attention, as opposed to one of any number of other topics distracting the donor.

Select one, two, or a few newsletters a year to focus exclusively on matching gifts in order to maximize your readers’ attentions and haul in more donations.

Matching Gift Acknowledgement

Blackbaud® NetCommunity™ Matching Gift Integration with Double the Donation

Does your nonprofit use Blackbaud® NetCommunity™ to accept and process donations?

Are you looking to incorporate matching gift information into both your website as well as the Blackbaud® NetCommunity™ donation process?

If so then this guide is for you. Either follow the steps in the below article or download our complete Blackbaud® NetCommunity™ matching gift integration guide.


Blackbaud NetCommunity Matching Gift Integration Guide


Double the Donation’s Relationship with Blackbaud® NetCommunity™:

Blackbaud® is the leading supplier of software and services specifically designed for nonprofit organizations. Its products focus on fundraising, website management, CRM, analytics, financial management, ticketing, and education administration.

Double the Donation is a leading provider of employee matching gift data and services to nonprofits.

This guide was put together to help organizations who use Blackbaud® NetCommunity™ donation forms incorporate Double the Donation’s employee matching gift plugin into their fundraising pages.

Blackbaud® and Double the Donation are two separate and unrelated companies.


Steps to Integrate Double the Donation’s Matching Gift Lookup Tool with Blackbaud® NetCommunity™:

The below steps and screenshots are applicable to organizations which already have an account with Double the Donation (Tier 2 and above) and Blackbaud® NetCommunity™. If you don’t have an account with Double the Donation you can:

In terms of integrating Double the Donation’s matching gift search tools into your nonprofit’s fundraising strategy there are three primary locations:

  1. Within the donation process on the donation confirmation page (modify Blackbaud® NetCommunity™ settings)
  2. Across your other fundraising channels on a dedicated matching gift page on your own website (use your other systems)
  3. In the donation confirmation email (modify Blackbaud® NetCommunity™ settings)


Let’s first look at how to incorporate Double the Donation’s matching gift data into the Blackbaud® NetCommunity™ donation process:

Add Matching Gifts Within Blackbaud NetCommunity's Donation Process


Blackbaud® NetCommunity™ Integration Overview: Follow the next six steps to allow your donors to access company specific matching gift information on your Blackbaud® NetCommunity™ donation confirmation screen. Notice in the below sample your donors will be able to access their companies’ matching gift information utilizing Double the Donation’s matching gift plugin.

Blackbaud Netcommunity Matching Gift Search


Step #1: Log in to your Blackbaud® NetCommunity™ account

Sign In to Blackbaud NetCommunity to Add Matching Gifts


Step #2: Click on the “View site” button

View your Blackbaud NetCommunity donation pages


Step #3: Make sure you’re on the main donation page then click on the “Edit this page” button

Modify Your Donation Pages


Step #4: Click on the icon in the corner of the actual donation form then click “Edit”

Edit Blackbaud Donation Form


Step #5: Scroll down to the confirmation screen options. Make sure you’re using the “custom confirmation screen” then click “View” and then “Code”

Modify NetCommunity Custom Donation Screen


Step #6:  Add a section about matching gifts which includes Double the Donation’s matching gift search tools

Use Double the Donation's

Text to Include:

  1. Add a header for matching gifts
    • Sample text: “Make Your Donation Go Twice as Far”
  2. Add a few sentences explaining matching gifts
    • Sample text: “Did you know that many companies match donations made by their employees to our organization? To see if your company will match your donation and to access the appropriate forms, guidelines, and instructions please use the below search box.
  3. Add Double the Donation’s matching gift iframe
    • HTML code is <iframe height=“300” src= width=“600”></iframe>

Then click update and save the changes.

Outcome: Donors will now be able to access company specific matching gift information directly on the donation confirmation screen

Blackbaud Matching Gift Search


Next let’s look at how to incorporate Double the Donation’s matching gift plugin across your broader fundraising:

Incorporate Matching Gifts Everywhere in Your Fundraising


Step #1: Create a dedicated matching gift page on your main website.

Create a dedicated matching gift page on your own website

This is all done by using Double the Donation’s primary matching gift plugin which can be found in your organization’s Double the Donation account management pages. You’ll want to use the following steps:

  1. Log into your Double the Donation account
  2. Access the embed code
  3. Copy the embed code to the dedicated matching gift page on your own site
  4. Our searchable plugin will automatically load

Add Our Matching Gift Search Directly to Your Own Website

Step #2: Direct donors to your dedicated matching gift page across your broader fundraising efforts.

Create a dedicated matching gift page on your own website

This includes in locations such as:

For our complete marketing toolkit which includes suggested marketing locations, downloadable graphics, sample wording, and examples visit



Next let’s look at how to incorporate Double the Donation’s matching gift plugin into your Blackbaud® NetCommunity™ donation confirmation email:

Include Matching Gifts in your Blackbaud NetCommunity Confirmation Emails



Blackbaud® NetCommunity™ Donation Confirmation Integration Overview: Follow the next three steps to include matching gift links in your Blackbaud® NetCommunity™ donation acknowledgment emails. Here’s a sample of what your donation confirmation email would look like:

Send a Matching Gift Thank You Email using Blackbaud NetCommunity


Step #1: Navigate to the donation page editor and then click on “Acknowledgement Email”.

Go to the Acknowledgement Emails


Step #2: Highlight matching gifts in the email that gets sent out to donors after donating. To add a link click on “Insert” then “Link”.

NetCommunity Matching Donations Thank You Graphics

Suggested Text:
“Make Your Donation Go Twice as Far: 

Did you know that many companies match donations made by employees to our organization? Click here to see if your company matches donations and to access the appropriate forms, guidelines, and instructions. It only takes five minutes!”

Then insert a matching gift graphic to call attention to matching gifts.

Don’t forget to link both the sentence about matching gifts and the image to your matching gift page.

You can design your own graphic or use one of Double the Donation’s premade graphics from


Step #3: When you open up the “Link” window  you’ll want to link to your dedicated matching gift page by clicking on “Create other type of link” and entering your organization’s matching gift URL.

Add Matching Gift Link within Blackbaud NetCommunity


Outcome: Donors will now be directed to your dedicated matching gift page via the Blackbaud® NetCommunity™ donation confirmation email.

Completed Blackbaud NetCommunity Matching Gift Donation Confirmation Email


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