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Companies Match Employee Fundraising for Walk, Run, and Biking Events

Did you know many national and even international companies also offer what’s called a “fundraising match program”? This means that a company will match all of the funds raised by an employee for a fundraising activity, including walks, runs, and/or biking events. Companies Matching Employee Fundraising Efforts for Walk, Run, and Bike Type of Events: […]

Leverage Matching Gifts to Strengthen Nonprofit-Corporate Relationships

We recently had a reader ask Double the Donation about how to strengthen relationships with corporations that offer generous matching gift contributions to their organization. She said she wished she had more ways to reach out to these companies post-matching gift donation to show them how a strong relationship could provide some great public relations […]

Volunteer Grants and Matching Gifts from Board Members of Nonprofits

Many nonprofit organizations have a Board of Directors that make annual monetary contributions. Did you know that certain companies offer bonus matches or higher ratios and limits on matching gifts if their employees serve on nonprofit boards? Here are some of these companies that offer higher limits on matching gifts from board members: U.S. Companies […]

Sample Job Description for a Matching Gift Coordinator

Is your nonprofit organization missing out on potential funds from matching gift donations? Does your development department have someone who is knowledgeable about matching gifts and the intricacies of the process? Would you be interested in having someone on your staff who can bring added value to your annual fund? If the answers to these […]