DonorPro Double the Donation Matching Gifts Integration

Salsa Labs Integration with Double the Donation

***Salsa Labs acquired DonorPro so some of these screenshots are from when the software was branded as DonorPro but the partnership between Double the Donation and DonorPro/Salsa Labs is still in place***

Does your nonprofit use Salsa Labs’s donor management and fundraising software?

Are you looking to incorporate Double the Donation’s matching gift plugin into the donation process and across your other fundraising channels?

If so, this guide is for you! Simply follow the steps below.

Double the Donation’s relationship with Salsa Labs:

Salsa Labs is a leading nonprofit software company that provides award-winning fundraising and donor management software for nonprofits all over the world.

Double the Donation is a leading provider of employee matching gift data and tools to nonprofits.

This guide was put together to help organizations who use Salsa Lab’s fundraising software incorporate Double the Donation’s employee matching gift plugin into their fundraising pages. Salsa Labs and Double the Donation are two separate and unrelated companies.


At risk of stating the obvious, only organizations that have accounts with both Salsa Labs and Double the Donation can use the integration.

If you don’t have an account with Double the Donation and Salsa Labs you can:

There are two ways to integrate Double the Donation’s plugin with DonorPro’s software and your general website:

  1. Within the donation process (using Salsa Labs)
  2. Across your other fundraising channels (using Salsa Labs and your primary website software)

This integration guide will give you step-by-step instructions for both methods.

#1: Within the Donation Process

There are five easy steps for incorporating the plugin into the donation process. Once you complete the following five steps your donors will be able to access company specific matching gift information directly during the donation process.

Screenshot of a DonorPro donation form with the Double the Donation IntegrationDonorPro Donation Form with Double the Donation's Matching Gift Plugin



Step #1: Log in to your Double the Donation account. You can do this at

Double the Donation Login


Step #2: Copy your account’s Double the Donation API key. This can be found on Step #3B: Embed Our Plugin Into Your Website.

Copy the Double the Donation API Key


Step #3: Log in to your DonorPro account. You can do so at

DonorPro Login

Step #4: Open the DonorPro configuration portal and paste your specific API key into the preexisting Double the Donation API Key field. You can access the field under the general configuration page by clicking on the Credit Card section.

DonorPro Double the Donation Integration Setup

Step #5: And Voila! Your Double the Donation / DonorPro integration should be complete. Go to your donation pages and verify Double the Donation’s matching gift plugin is activated.

DonorPro Donation Form with Double the Donation's Matching Gift Plugin


Donors will now be able to type in their company name and determine if their employer offers a matching gift program:


When a donor selects their company they’re presented with everything they need to submit a matching gift to their employer including forms, guidelines, and instructions.

Sample Matching Gift Forms and Guidelines

That completes the Double the Donation setup within DonorPro. Now let’s look at how to incorporate Double the Donation’s matching gift plugin across your broader fundraising:

#2: Across Your Other Fundraising Channels

Step #1: Create a dedicated matching gift page on your main website.

Create a dedicated matching gift page on your own website

This is all done by using Double the Donation’s primary matching gift plugin which can be found in your organization’s Double the Donation account management pages. You’ll want to use the following steps:

  1. Log into your Double the Donation account
  2. Access the embed code
  3. Copy the embed code to the dedicated matching gift page on your own site
  4. Our searchable plugin will automatically load

Matching Gift Plugin Code Generates a Matching Gift Search Tool


Step #2: Direct donors to your dedicated matching gift page across your broader fundraising efforts.

Create a dedicated matching gift page on your own website

This includes in locations such as:

For our complete marketing toolkit which includes suggested marketing locations, downloadable graphics, sample wording, and examples visit

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