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JotForm Matching Gift Integration with Double the Donation

Does your nonprofit use JotForm to accept and process donations? Are you looking to incorporate Double the Donation’s matching gift plugin into your JotForm donation form?

If so then this guide is for you. Either view the below steps in this article or download our complete JotForm matching gift integration guide.

JotForm Matching Gifts


Double the Donation’s Relationship with JotForm:

JotForm’s form builder helps nonprofits create & publish online forms anywhere, anytime without writing a single line of code. Jotform integrates with a number of payment tools (ex. Paypal & Stripe) making it one of the easiest ways for nonprofits to create personalized donation forms.

Double the Donation is a leading provider of employee matching gift data and tools to nonprofits.

This guide was put together to help organizations who use JotForm donation forms incorporate Double the Donation’s employee matching gift plugin into their fundraising pages. JotForm and Double the Donation are two separate and unrelated companies.

Eight Steps to Integrate Double the Donation’s Matching Gift Lookup Tool with JotForm:

At risk of stating the obvious, the below steps and screenshots are applicable to organizations which already have an account with Double the Donation and JotForm. If you don’t have an account with Double the Donation you can:

In terms of integrating Double the Donation’s search tools with JotForm’s donation forms, it’s an eight step process:

Step #1: Log into your organization’s JotForm account

Start JotForm Matching Donation Process


Step #2: Choose the appropriate JotForm where you want to add Double the Donation’s plugin and click “Edit Form”

Choose the JotForm you want to modify


Step #3: Add an expandable section of the form by dragging a “Form Collapse” element (found under “Survey Tools” on the left side) to the desired location on your form. Rename the field (ex. “Click here for matching gift information”).

Decide where on your form to put the matching gift information by adding a collapsible field


Step #4: Add an iframe by searching for “iframe” under the widgets section. Drag the “Iframe Embed” element under the matching gift collapsible element.

Add a matching gift iframe


Step #5: Add a matching gift question, select the IFrame option, insert your Double the Donation IFrame URL, and click “Save & Exit”. Also make sure to change the height and width.

Add the Iframe URL (Provided by Double the Donation) and choose the width / height

Suggested Text to Enter as the Iframe Embed Settings:

  • URL: Use Your Double the Donation Matching Gift Iframe URL
  • Height: 350 (though you can adjust it based on your form’s height)
  • Width: 475 (though you can adjust it based on your form’s width)

Note: You’ll use the Iframe URL provided as part of your Double the Donation subscription.


Step #6: Make a few additional formatting changes by clicking on the gear in the upper right corner of the element then clicking ”Show Properties”.

Format the matching gift element


Step #7: Disable the Label and then click “Close Settings”

Disable Field Title



Step #8: Double the Donation’s matching gift plugin should be up and running. Either click “Preview” or “Save”

Preview Installed Jotform Matching Gift Plugin


Trouble Shooting Double the Donation’s Matching Gift Integration with JotForm:

The above steps are the typical steps an organization should take to integrate Double the Donation’s plugin into JotForm.

Question: One common question Double the Donation’s team receives when helping nonprofits integrate our plugin is “Additional fields after the matching gift plugin are being included in the collapsible area. How do I prevent that?”

Answer: Add an additional “Form Collapse” element after the matching gift plugin and before other fields. Then click on the new “Form Collapse” element and change its “Visibility” to “Hidden”.

JotForm Matching Gift Plugin - Extra Fields in Collapsible Area


Have Questions About Double the Donation or JotForm?

Double the Donation:


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