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The matching gift lookup tool is extremely user friendly and provides donors with exactly what they need to submit matching gifts. The plugin on our matching gift page and on the confirmation screen is boosting matches big time!

Valerie VierengelDirector of Donor StewardshipASPCA

We added the widget to the site, and changed our confirmation email to better market matching gifts. It’s telling that less than an hour after we changed the confirmation email, we were already notified by a donor that he was submitting a match. We are seeing real results. We love the tool.

Willemijn KeizerGrants OfficerSouthern Poverty Law Center

We have been so happy with your services.  Our matching donations have tripled since we signed up with you.

Susan SappingtonDirector of DevelopmentLazarex Cancer Foundation

We’ve been using Double the Donation for over three years. The service is a great way of reminding people to find out if their employer will match their donation and then makes it easy for donors and volunteers to submit these grant requests.

Jamie TobiasDirector of Major GiftsPiedmont Healthcare Foundation

Things are going great!  We have received 6 matching gifts since we began the service about a year ago.  Prior to getting the service we would only get 1 or 2 per year.

Gabi LloydMarketingGoodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania

Getting the matching gift plugin up and running on our website was easy, and I’ve heard many compliments from our tech team that our match page is much more user friendly and nicer aesthetically as a result. It was a huge help that we were able to access the plugin code as part of the trial. When we had questions, your customer service was impeccable.

Kyle Mackie (PRICING PAGE)Development AssociateTransportation Alternatives

Thanks for all your work building and maintaining Double the Donation. The tool is working great and I am impressed and amazed at your service and support!

Michael Kawalek (PRICING PAGE)Associate Director of DevelopmentSempervirens Fund

For years we used HEP. As we were looking into our matching gift strategy we did a side-by-side comparison of Double the Donation vs. HEP. It was clear Double the Donation’s data was more accurate and user friendly. When we decided to make the switch we were able to get Double the Donation’s plugin up in three locations on our website in the same day. We couldn’t be happier!

Melissa Wadley-McGhee (COMPARISON)Executive DirectorEncinitas Educational Foundation (EEF)

Adding Double the Donation’s plugin to our website was so easy. The entire setup process to add the plugin on our dedicated matching gift page, our ways-to-give page, and our donation confirmation screen was done the same day in minutes.

Melissa Wadley-McGhee (QUICK SETUP)Executive DirectorEncinitas Educational Foundation

We’ve been using Double the Donation in place of HEPCASE since August and have been really happy with the transition. They’re competitive on price and their matching gift plugin is much more user friendly than HEP’s. We love how accurate the data is and the fact we can easily add the plugin on multiple pages of our website – plus, their logo, “Double The Donation” in bright green letters on every confirmation screen is boosting matches big time!

Valerie Vierengel (COMPARISON)Director of Donor StewardshipASPCA

Double the Donation’s team does a great job of ensuring the information in their database is accurate and up-to-date. Whenever I’m curious about a company’s matching gift program I know I can count on the matching gift information in Double the Donation’s database.


We switched to Double the Donation and had no trouble getting the new plugin up and running on our website. Since then I’ve heard many compliments from our tech team that our match page is much nicer aesthetically and easier for donors to use as a result.

It was a huge help that we were able to access the plugin code as part of the trial before we even made a payment. Your customer service was impeccable throughout our transition.

Kyle Mackie (COMPARISON)Development AssociateTransportation Alternatives

I was tasked with finding a better matching gift tool and found Double the Donation. We switched because the matching gift data quality and ease of use of the tool is much simpler and clearer for our donors, which are the keys to helping them submit matching gifts.

Matt Hamilton (Comparison)Manager of Alumni Communications and RecognitionThe Cooper Union

We were using HEP for years but I constantly found myself going to Double the Donation’s demo page for information on matching gift programs. When the renewal period came up it was a no brainer to make the switch. Internally we were relying on Double the Donation’s data so when the HEP renewal period came up it was a no brainer to make the switch to Double the Donation.

We’ve had much more success since making the switch. They’re much more customer service friendly, their webpage format and search function blows HEP’s out of the water which is essential to having our donors submit matching gifts, and are also very competitive on price.

Brett Tidwell (COMPARISON)Matching Gift CoordinatorTexas A&M’s Association of Former Students
Our switch really made sense because of the price. I also appreciate the ease of search (auto-fill for companies that are in the database once you start a search is especially great) and the clean way the information is presented. This may sound trivial but I also love the link at the top to go back to search for another company. That is very helpful to me as I use the tool for researching potential matches from specific donors. I’m not saying that was not available with HEP but it was not something that we had set up in our search box with them.
Naylene Felt (PART COMPARISON AND PART PRAISE MODIFY URL)Assistant Director of The Woodward FundWoodward Academy

Double the Donation’s service is great. It paid for itself in the first month!

Beth Weaver (ROI was positive after month 1)Executive DirectorThe Greater Boston Chapter (GBC) of the National Spinal Cord Injury Association

We are all so happy with how great the page looks and how well the plug-in works.  We’ve already received a few Matching Gifts!

Alayne Dunn (Happy - Received MGs)Manager of Gift AdministrationFlagler College

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