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10 Ways to Donate to and Support Puerto Rico Relief Efforts and Victims

Updated 5:57:33 PM EST on Monday, October 16th. As the dust settles from Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma, it is important that we buckle down and stay vigilant about assisting the people in the recovering regions. Puerto Rico is going to take years to recover. Many in the U.S. territory are still without power and […]

8 Ways to Raise Money for and Donate to Victims of the Mexico Earthquake

Updated 9:57 AM EST on Friday, September 22nd. While reports come in about the earthquake that hit Mexico on Tuesday, the news keeps getting sadder and sadder. As of today, the death toll numbers 273 people and the rescue effort is still underway, meaning that number is likely to rise. Much of central Mexico has […]

What Happens After a Donor Makes a Matching Gift Submission?

HURRAH! You’ve done it. Your nonprofit has gotten a donor to see the light and submit a matching gift request. Now what? The most difficult work is done. Your promotional effort has worked. The responsibility is now in the hands of the donor’s employer — at least momentarily. Well, you can sit back and twiddle […]

The Top 6 Corporate Philanthropy Infographics

There’s a good news / bad news situation regarding data on corporate philanthropy. The good news: There is plenty of data out there. At Double the Donation, we’ve even gathered statistics on many aspects of corporate giving over the years and stored it in one easily accessible location. The bad(ish) news: Sometimes you’ll come across […]

The Road Map to Securing a Challenge Grant

A challenge grant is a commitment made by a grant making organization to donate a set number of funds to a nonprofit or educational institution once that grantee has raised a certain amount of money as specified by the challenge. They provide an excellent revenue opportunity for nonprofits. If your organization is interested in applying […]

The Ultimate Guide to Challenge Grants

Have you ever made a deal with someone that you would do something in the present in return for a future reward upon accomplishment? Kids and parents have arrangements like this all the time. Clean your room and you can have thirty extra minutes of television time tonight. Watch your sister this weekend and we’ll […]

What Are Challenge Grants

Challenge grants can massively boost a recipient nonprofit campaign’s final fundraising numbers. Challenge grants are less about reaching a fundraising goal and more about surpassing one. They are largely beneficial for nonprofits and educational institutions. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know much of our content is focused on the matching gift […]

Matching Gift Ratios and Amounts: How Much Will Companies Match?

You understand the basic concept of matching gifts. You know that in a matching gift program a company will match donations made by employees to a range of nonprofits. That’s the general definition and a good start. However, in order to succeed in acquiring matched gifts you’ll need to understand the nitty-gritty of the program […]

The 11 Must-Know Matching Gift Best Practices for Nonprofits

Have you ever been to a movie double feature? They are great. You get in the movie-going mood, take the time out of your busy life to make it to the theater, buy your popcorn, sneak in your candy, splurge on a huge soda, and then settle in for two great films. Oh, and most importantly, […]

Matching Gift Eligibility: Which Nonprofits Qualify?

Matching gifts are a goldmine for nonprofits, but there are some limitations on organization eligibility. It is crucial that you know where your organization stands in terms of eligibility before seeking out matching gifts. If your organization doesn’t qualify, all of your effort is futile. Since program standards vary company to company, there are no […]