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CyberGrants: Employee Giving and Grant Management

Are you a nonprofit or corporation looking for information on CyberGrants? Good news, while Double the Donation is a completely independent and non-related company which specializes in helping nonprofits raise more money from matching gift programs, we can share much of the information on CyberGrants you’re looking for. About CyberGrants: For over 20 years, CyberGrants has been […]

Matching Gift Participation Rates

Has your organization ever taken a look at which companies are consistently providing matching gift donations to your organization? If you have, you may notice that a disproportionate number of matching gifts come from a select few companies. Survey Results | Participation Varies Widely by Company: The Chronicle of Philanthropy released a report entitled “How […]

Team Volunteer Grants | Volunteers and Grants, the Best of Both Worlds

You’ve probably already heard of employee matching gift and volunteer grant programs, but has your organization looked into the benefits of corporate team volunteer grants? What are corporate team volunteer grants? Team volunteer grants are corporate giving programs in which a company provides a monetary donation to nonprofits when a group of employees volunteer together. Corporations offer these […]

Companies with Unique Matching Gift Programs

If matching gift programs were second graders on a playground, they might sound something like this: “My matching gift ratio is higher than yours!” “Who cares! My company matches bigger gifts than yours.” “My company had the first matching gift program.” “First is the worst! It’s all about matching fundraising pledges.” Those kids could bicker […]

Companies that Match PAC Fundraising Donations

Companies give to nonprofits in many ways, and one of the most popular methods is through matching gifts. While matching gifts are generally given when an employee donates to a nonprofit, companies are finding new ways to support the causes that employees care about. Companies and employees have political interests that can be funded by […]

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Matching Gifts

Earth has always been spherical, but it took until the Greek philosopher Pythagoras in the 6th century BC to dispel the myth of a flat world. Likewise, matching gifts exist, but a lack of donor awareness could be holding your fundraising back. The most common reason why people don’t submit matching gift requests is because […]

Our Favorite Fundraising Books for Nonprofit Management (Updated July, 2015)

The Double the Donation team loves Netflix as much as everyone else, but we also love books. Our interests range from The Hunger Games to Anna Karenina to Harlequin romance novels. What we all have in common is a fervent interest in reading about the nonprofit industry, and a recent conversation got us thinking about […]

Matching Gift Team Execution

You’ve got a matching gift leader and hopefully a team to back her up. What should your dedicated team be doing? Marketing matching gifts, of course, which all starts with planning, and might be best executed via word of mouth. Develop Your Matching Gift Plan Once you have a matching gift team in place, here’s […]

Use Direct Mail to Feature Matching Gifts

Some donors don’t respond to the internet, and others simply prefer a good, old fashioned letter. Many people who make major donations are older and less technologically savvy than the young people who haven’t yet struck their fortunes and aren’t inclined to give. An older generation of donors (and many young donors) still reads through […]

Feature Matching Gifts on Your Nonprofit’s Ways to Give Page

A ways to give page is where your donors can access the complete list of options for donating to your nonprofit. Those options might include regular donations, volunteering, matching gifts, and more. A good ways to give page promotes the breadth of a nonprofit’s donation options. Example: Cure JM’s Donation Options / Ways to Give […]