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15 Cheap Fundraising Ideas

It’s not easy fundraising these days. With increasing pressure for nonprofits to maximize impact while minimizing overhead, it can be difficult for fundraisers to justify big, fancy galas or swag-overloaded charity runs. But whether you’re a small, mid-size, or large nonprofit looking for creative ways to put on cheap fundraisers, here are a couple of […]

Top 3 Easy and Clever Political Contributions Search Tools

The Importance of Volunteering: Why Donations of Time Are a Path to Giving

Volunteers can offer vital help to your institution and to your alumni community, but the benefits can be even greater for the volunteer. By offering volunteer opportunities, you provide an outlet for alumni to gain experience, develop skills, improve career prospects, meet new people and increase their affinity to your institution. Asking alumni to share […]

Donor Data: Safeguarding Your Nonprofit’s Most Valuable Asset

We hear a lot about Big Data and how it has transformed the way we live, from hyper-targeted digital ads that drive us crazy to finding cures that may save our lives. There’s no doubt about its power to influence and inform. While you may not consider yourself to be an active user of Big […]

Membership Applications: 5 Strategies to Boost Enrollment

Supporters who make it all the way to your membership application are the superstars of your nonprofit. They care about your organization so much that they don’t want to just donate — they want to make a long-term commitment to your mission. The last thing you want is for your membership application form to be […]

How Crowdfunding Builds Community Support

Crowdfunding has existed, in one form or another, long before the online phenomenon that we know and love today. One famous example is the campaign to build a pedestal for the Statue of Liberty. Newspaper owner Joseph Pulitzer asked readers to mail in donations, raising more than $102,000—over 80% of that from donations of less […]

3 Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits That Leverage Email Marketing

Want an easy and inexpensive way to generate donations for your nonprofit? Consider email marketing. Online giving is more popular than ever, and email can help support your fundraising efforts. In fact, nonprofits saw a 10.4% increase in online giving from 2016 to 2017, according to the Blackbaud Index, and email marketing generates roughly one […]

5 Ways to Humanize Your Fundraising Emails (and Why That’s Important)

The average officer worker now receives 121 emails a day. And your inbox, and mine, will only get more crowded in the coming years (it seems) making the need for your emails to stand out and get opened important. But that’s just the first step, what are you going to say, and how are you […]

5 Healthcare Fundraising Strategies To Skyrocket Donations

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8 Awesome Logo Design Tips for Nonprofits

Imagine you are walking down a busy street in any major city in the United States. You look to your left and see a billboard with a sleek black check mark superimposed over a white background. Without text, without accompanying images, with nothing more than “the Swoosh” you know it’s Nike. All of a sudden […]