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Companies with Matching Gift Programs in Tampa, Florida

Nonprofit Matching Gift Programs Matching gifts are becoming a favorite way of giving among America’s top companies. Matching gifts are an easy way to double your current donations. Familiarize your organization staff with this list of companies. Unfortunately, many donors are unaware that their companies have these programs. Often the responsibility falls on nonprofits to […]

Four Simple Yet Effective Ways to Increase Matching Gift Revenue in 30 Minutes or Less

Are you looking to raise more money from employee matching gift programs but don’t have much time? If you can find 30 minutes, you can make small adjustments to enhance your organization’s matching gift strategy. Four Easy Yet Effective Ways to Increase Matching Gift Revenue Promote matching gifts on social media Do you maintain Facebook […]

Virginia Beach, Norfolk, & Newport News Matching Gift Companies

Did you know that matching gifts could potentially double your nonprofits current donations? Double the Donation works with nonprofits to increase their fundraising from these unique programs. We’ve created a short list of companies in the Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Newport area that currently offer these programs. Corporate Philanthropy in Virginia Beach Virginia Beach is […]

Determining the Tax Deductible Component of Donations for Matching Gift Purposes

If your organization derives a significant amount of funding from membership programs, annual fundraising galas, or special events, you may have wondered whether those donations are eligible for corporate matching gift programs. Well the facts are in; your organization may be leaving money on the table by not promoting matching gifts to these donors. In […]

New York Companies with Matching Gift Programs

Since Double the Donation’s nonprofits clients come from across the country, we thought it would be beneficial to highlight a few select matching gift companies in key markets. New York City is the most populated metropolitan area in the country so we decided to highlight this city first. Like most major markets, New York is home […]

Reader Question: What Happens When Both a Husband and Wife Work at Two Different Matching Gift Companies?

Every once in a while, we get a question from one of our clients or visitors which we feel is worthy of sharing. Let us take a look at two similar questions we’ve received: Question #1: If a donation is made from a husband / wife who work at two different companies that offer matching […]