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5 Tips to Making a Difference in Your Community This Summer

Memorial Day marked the unofficial start of summer. While most of us equate summer with pleasure and relaxation, many others look at summer with a sense of dread. If you are financially strapped, summer means no access to subsidized meals for your children and childcare headaches as they are home from school. Summer is also […]

10 Tips for Your Nonprofit to Raise More This Summer

Although nearly one third of all giving occurs in December and 12% of all giving happening in the last three days of the year, summer can still be a great time for fundraising. The sun is shining and the days are longer. With all the colors emerging and the weather improving, people are spending much […]

5 Must-Know Ways to Get More from Luminate Online Today

Luminate Online Marketing is a comprehensive online fundraising and marketing solution that can equip your nonprofit with the tools to better understand and engage supporters as well as enhance your online fundraising performance. As you likely already know, Luminate can help organizations like yours do a lot. But when you know how to maximize your […]

Shoe Drive Fundraising: A Mini Guide for Schools and Clubs

Aptify Review | Our Assessment and Software Comparison

An association management software purchase isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. Your nonprofit, organization, or association needs to find a solution that can provide smooth operations and a positive member experience. One of the first ways to ensure that you’re getting the best software is to look for solutions that other associations like […]

6 Simple Fundraising Plan Tips [With Free Templates!]

Your nonprofit’s fundraising plan is the backbone of your success as an organization. Without a solid fundraising plan in place, there would be nothing to guide your fundraising efforts and no way to tell if your nonprofit is on track to meet your goals. Before implementing any change in fundraising strategy, you need to have […]

How to Use Mobile Apps to Raise Funds for a Nonprofit

It’s hard to believe that we’d never heard of apps little over a decade ago. The technology took off in a big way when invented in 2008. Whole new industries were created and existing ones were transformed. However, the non-profit sector has been relatively slow to adopt apps. That’s to its detriment. Over 80% of […]

How to Improve Your Supporter Engagement with Text Messaging

Every political and advocacy campaign is looking to get a communications edge. Staying in touch with (and top of mind for) your supporters is key to building a foundation for your campaign. With the prevalence of smartphones in nearly every pocket and purse, text messaging has emerged as a viable and cost effective way to […]

MemberClicks Reviews | Our Rating and Alternative Solutions

The search for the perfect association management software solution is a major undertaking for your association. You want to ensure your team has plenty of features at your disposal, but you also need a sleek solution that won’t bog you down or blow your budget. When reading MemberClicks reviews, you might think you’ve found your […]

7 Key Steps For Championing Your Grateful Patient Program

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