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Three Keys for Private Schools to Raise More Money From Employee Matching Gift Programs

Matching Gift OverviewAre you a K-12 private school looking to raise more money from employee matching gift programs? If so, this article is for you!

A significant percentage of the companies that offer to match employee donations will double donations to K-12 private schools. But just because companies offer these programs, doesn’t mean your school’s parents and donors are following through with their match requests.

There are three keys to increasing the amount of money you’re raising from employee grant programs.

#1 – Know Which Companies Match Gifts to Private Schools

At the most basic level, we see some independent schools suggesting that parents “reach out to their HR departments.” But that’s just the beginning. If your private school wants to increase matching gift revenue, make sure you’re aware of the many companies that match employee donations.

In fact, hundreds of companies in nearly every major city match employee donations. While we can’t list out our entire database, here are a few examples to help your independent school’s staff get a better feel for the standard match programs offered by companies,


Heinz-matching-donationsThe H. J. Heinz company will match donations made to a variety of nonprofits including private schools, up to $5,000 a year per employee or up to $1,000 a year from retirees.

And don’t forget about your volunteers! Through the Heinz Cares program, the company offers a $250 grant for an employee volunteers for 50 hours or a $500 grant after 100 volunteer hours.

Read more about the Heinz matching gift program.

Pepsi Cola

pepsi-matching-gift-program-nonprofitsPepsiCo offers a matching gift program where the company matches donations to nearly all nonprofit organizations including independent K-12 schools. Each year Pepsi matches eligible contributions of up to $10,000 per employee, sometimes at a rate as high as 2:1 (effectively tripling donations.)

And don’t forget about grandparents! Pepsi’s employee match program is open to current employees as well as retirees or their surviving spouses and domestic partners.

Read more about the Pepsi matching gift program.

For a few additional examples, check out our article on the top matching gift companies.

Matching Gift Companies

#2 – Raise Awareness

Unfortunately donors must be the ones to actually initiate the matching gift process. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play a role in prompting donors to think about and submit matching gifts.

We encourage you to take a few minutes to review your fundraising efforts (ex. check your website, email templates, paper letters, etc.) to see where you’re promoting matching gifts. You’ll surely find a number of places where you should be including matching gifts. For instance:

If you have a few minutes look through our matching gift marketing resources for ideas and examples of how other organizations are effectively promoting match programs to parents and donors.

#3 – Make It Easy:

Let’s face it, parents and donors are busy. While they clearly care about your school, between carpool, coaching their kids’ sports teams, PTA duties, and of course their own jobs, time is their most precious asset. So ensure you’re making it as easy as possible for your donors to submit matching gifts.

Providing parents with company specific matching gift information so they don’t need to go to their HR departments can go a long way. This could include information such as:

  • Forms
  • Guidelines
  • Employee eligibility
  • Instructions
  • And anything else your donors need

Consider reaching out to major employers in your area to obtain the appropriate forms or subscribing to a matching gift service (such as Double the Donation).

AmeriGives Philanthopy

AmeriGives | Workplace Giving Tools

Are you a corporation looking for information on AmeriGives or a nonprofit looking to see which companies use AmeriGives?

Good news, while Double the Donation is a completely separate and non-related company, we can share valuable information you may be looking for on what AmeriGives is all about.

Amerigives Matching Gifts

What Does AmeriGives Do?

For two generations, AmeriGives has served as a trusted advisor and service partner to Fortune 500, mid-market and leading nonprofit organizations eager to mobilize their resources on behalf of favorite charities, important causes, and socially relevant programs. As a full-service provider, AmeriGives offers program administration, gift disbursement, data management, web-based solutions, and strategic consulting services to address every aspect of our Corporate Social Responsibility needs.

Having been around for 37 years, AmeriGives is the longest tenured services provider in the industry, and because of their commitment to strategic consulting, reputable service, outsourced staffing support, and dependable technology, AmeriGives continues to be one of the most respected corporate services philanthropy providers in the market.

Corporate giving programs that AmeriGives supports include:

  • Matching gift program administration
  • Employee giving campaigns
  • Disaster relief campaigns
  • Volunteer tracking & event management
  • Volunteer grants (Dollars For Doers)
  • Cause-related Giving Campaigns
  • Days of Caring
  • PAC Giving


Who Uses AmeriGives’ Corporate Giving Platform?

AmeriGives provides corporate philanthropy, matching gift, and volunteer grant tools to many of the world’s leading companies.

A few of its clients include:



Double the Donation’s Relationship with AmeriGives:

AmeriGives and Double the Donation are two completely separate businesses.

AmeriGives provides corporate philanthropy software and workplace giving tools to corporations whereas Double the Donation helps nonprofits raise more money from the employee matching gift programs offered by companies across the world.

Double the Donation’s database of companies which match employee donations includes those managed either internally at companies or outsourced to one of the many corporate vendors such as:

Click here for additional information on these matching gift vendors.


How Do I Contact AmeriGives?

If you’re a corporation interested in learning more about AmeriGives’ software solutions you can contact the company in one of three ways:

  1. By email –
  2. By phone – (800) 628-2446
  3. By mail – AmeriGives – Corporate Headquarters, 2400 SE Federal Highway, Suite 310, Stuart, FL 34994

Check out AmeriGives’ website.


Double the Donation:

It’s important to remember that Amerigives and Double the Donation are completely unrelated companies.

Double the Donation sells an easy-to-use tool to nonprofits to help them promote matching gifts to donors. Check out our service to see if it can help your organization increase matching gift fundraising. Our database of matching gift companies includes those administered by AmeriGives as well as those managed by other matching gift vendors.

Double the Donation’s team researches and manages a database of matching gift company guidelines, forms, and contact information which nonprofits and their donors can access. If you’re a nonprofit looking to improve your matching gift fundraising, test out our service.