Get the answers to all your corporate matching gift program questions.

8 Corporate Matching Gift Program Questions (and Answers!)


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While Double the Donation is focused on helping nonprofits increase fundraising from employee matching gift programs, we’re regularly contacted by corporations looking to institute matching gift programs.

Here are eight common questions from corporations looking to start a new employee matching gift program:

  1. What percentage of companies offer a corporate matching gift program?
  2. What’s the typical gift matching rate?
  3. How much does a matching gift program cost per employee?
  4. How do corporations benefit from matching gift and volunteer grant programs?
  5. How can we design a best-in-class corporate giving program?
  6. Should we use a matching gift or volunteer grant administrator?
  7. What are the main services provided by software vendors?
  8. Which companies use vendors vs. administer programs internally?

Ready to find out all the answers? Let’s dive in!

What percentage of companies offer a corporate matching gift program?

What percentage of companies offer a corporate matching gift program?

The percentage varies based on the sample you’re interested in. Specifically size of companies and what industries those companies are in play a big role in how prevelant matching gift programs are.

Large companies are far more likely than mom and pop businesses to offer comprehensive benefit programs and thus more likely to offer matching gift programs.

If you look at the Fortune 500 companies about 65% offer to match employee donations to a wide range of nonprofits (Source – Double the Donation’s Database). As you get into small companies the percentage goes down since sole proprietorships (technically companies) and 5-person companies rarely offer them.

The prevalence of matching gift programs also varies by industry. Companies with skilled labor forces (tech, pharmaceuticals, banks, etc.) are more likely to offer matching gift programs than industries with lower wage employees (restaurants, low-cost retailers, agricultural production, etc.)

What is the typical matching rate for a corporate matching gift program?

What’s the typical gift matching rate? (Ex. $1:1 or $.5:1 or $3:1)?

By far the standard is a 1:1 match.

We asked Adam Weinger, Double the Donation’s President, this question and he said:

“The number I throw out casually when on the phone is 90% are 1:1 and then 10% are either greater or less than 1:1. This calculation can get a bit tricky since some companies have different match ratios for certain employee segments (retirees vs. current employees) or different segments of the nonprofit space which they match to (higher ed. vs. arts & cultural) based on their corporate philanthropy goals.”

How much does a corporate matching gift program cost per employee?

How much does a matching gift program cost per employee?

That’s a tough one as there are a ton of variables.

The largest factor is the “maximum annual match per employee”. Whereas you can assume a standard match ratio of 1:1 the maximum amounts matched annually per employee are all over the board. Most companies fall into the $1,000 – $15,000 max per employee per year but it isn’t unusual to see maximums of $250, $500, $20,000, or $30,000.

Another factor is employee participation rates. Just because a company offers a matching gift program doesn’t mean its employees are aware of it.

Employee participation rates are also all over the board. A big factor in this is how well a company promotes employee matching gifts.

At some companies most employees are aware of the benefit (ex. Microsoft is a leader in sharing and promoting matching gift information to its employees) while employees at other companies have never heard of the programs.

A third factor is how much giving potential a company’s average employee has. For instance, think of a hedge fund vs. fast food chain.

Even if both companies have $50,000 maximums for all employees and have the same level of promotion to employees, the average charitable donation being matched is going to vary significantly.

How do corporations benefit from matching gift and volunteer grant programs?

How do corporations benefit from matching gift and volunteer grant programs?

We encourage you to read the following two different articles which our team previously wrote:

  1. The impact of matching gifts on employee engagement
  2. The importance of increasing employee engagement using corporate giving programs

But the short bullet point answer is there are all sorts of benefits including:

  • Develop a reputation for giving back in communities which your corporation is based in
  • Take a bottoms-up approach to corporate philanthropy by directing corporate giving dollars to the organizations which employees are passionate about
  • Encourage employee philanthropy and volunteerism
  • Increase employee morale and retention
  • Receive tax incentives

How can we design a best in class corporate giving program?

How can we design a best-in-class corporate giving program?

We could write a novel on how to design a best-in-call corporate giving program but we think all organizations should start with four elements.

Eligible nonprofits:

Employees are passionate about different causes. Allow them to select from any 501(c)(3) nonprofit or accredited educational institution or K-12 school. Typical categories that companies specify include:

  • Higher education institutions
  • K-12 schools
  • Arts and cultural organizations
  • Environmental groups
  • Health and human service organization
  • Civic and community based nonprofits

It’s important to remember that what’s important to you, the program administrator, isn’t necessarily the same causes that your company’s employees care about.

Types of giving programs:

Employees give back to communities in different ways. Some choose to donate monetarily while others may give their time. Offer a variety of employee giving programs including:

Eligible employees:

It is standard to offer corporate giving programs to full-time employees. But don’t forget to include part-time employees, retirees, and spouses as they’re some of the most active donors and volunteers and can really help raise your company’s reputation within your communities.

Click on the following companies for samples of how they’re leading their respective industries with best-in-class employee matching gift and overall employee giving programs:

Well Run:

Designing well thought out program guidelines isn’t enough. There must be a concentrated effort to promote the employee giving programs both internally to employees as well as externally to the communities your company is supporting.

Measuring your company’s internal success with promoting the matching gift programs and ensuring the process is user-friendly can be done by looking at your company’s employee participation rate on a regular basis. When you launch your corporate match program make sure you have a well designed outreach strategy planned for the entire company throughout the upcoming year.

Should we use a matching gift or volunteer grant program administrator?

Should we use a matching gift or volunteer grant program administrator?

Double the Donation is focused on helping nonprofits maximize donations received from existing matching gift and volunteer grant programs.

We don’t setup or manage corporate programs, but there are a number of companies out there that cater to corporations. 3rd party matching gift and volunteer grant program vendors include:

What are the main services provided by corporate matching gift program software vendors?

What are the main services provided by software vendors? Does Double the Donation offer consulting services?

Each of the major vendors offers a suite of services. They’re designed to help new companies create employee matching gift programs as well as help existing companies improve and refine their matching gift program strategies and goals. These services help companies solve all technical and non-technical aspects of administering match programs including:

  • Program design (What should the guidelines be?)
  • Implementation of an online portal for employees to track volunteer hours and request matching gifts
  • Up-to-date reporting
  • Customer support for a company’s employees
  • Verification of the nonprofit’s status
  • Processing of grants

Yes, Double the Donation does offer consulting services to corporations.

Learn more about our corporate consulting services >

Which companies use vendors vs. administer corporate matching gift programs internally?

Which companies use vendors vs. administer programs internally?

Historically the larger a company is, the more likely they are to use a vendor. For instance, most Fortune 100 companies use a vendor while mom and pop shops almost always manage their programs internally.

Over the past few years we’ve seen smaller companies increasingly choosing to go with one of the newer vendors who offer excellent cloud-based services for a reasonable price.

View a list of many of the vendors who provide corporate philanthropy software to corporations >

There’s a lot to discover about how matching gifts and volunteer grants can enhance your corporate giving program. Are you ready to learn more about this exciting subject?

Check out these helpful resources to get started:

  • Corporate Matching Gifts: The Vital Tool to Double Donations. Still have pressing questions about matching gift programs and how your company can make the most of yours? Visit Goodshop’s blog for another deep-dive into the ins and outs of corporate matching gift programs.
  • Mercy Corps Matching Gift Page. Want to see how philanthropies and other nonprofit organizations incorporate matching gifts into their fundraising model? Try out Mercy Corps’ employee matching gift page to get an idea of how your employees might discover their matching gift eligibility.
  • Top 10 Volunteer Grant Companies for Savvy Nonprofits. Looking for a corporate blueprint of a successful volunteer grant program? Search no further! At 360MatchPro, we’ve got a list of the top 10 companies with volunteer grant programs in place that your business should emulate.

EasyMatch Matching Gifts

EasyMatch Companies (JK Group): An Insightful Overview

Looking for information on the JK Group or EasyMatch companies? Good news, while Double the Donation is a completely separate and non-related company, we can share much of the EasyMatch information you’re looking for.

What Does EasyMatch Do?

EasyMatch is a corporate philanthropy platform and service run by the JK Group.

Almost all major companies have philanthropic giving programs in place, but many contract out the administration of these programs to a company which specializes in managing the corporate employee giving programs. EasyMatch, the largest vendor of these services to corporations, provides matching gift and volunteer grant platforms for a few hundred companies.

If you’ve ever received a matching gift letter addressed from EasyMatch, odds are it’s being sent on behalf of a company with a matching gift program.

The JK Group works with companies to:

Visit the JK Group’s website.

Which Companies use EasyMatch’s Matching Gift Platform:

EasyMatch manages matching gift and volunteer grant programs for many of the world’s leading companies. Their list of clients includes:

Learn about these and the other top companies with matching gift programs.

What’s the difference between EasyMatch and the JK Group?

For most purposes, they’re one and the same. EasyMatch is the “brand name” which most users (both donors and nonprofits) recognize, while the JK Group is the corporate name for the company. As the leading provider of philanthropic technologies for corporations, the JK Group provides a wide range of services (geared towards corporation) including:

  • Matching gift program administration
  • Volunteer grant program administration
  • Employee giving
  • Disaster relief
  • And many other services

EasyMatch is the JK Group’s online giving system for corporate employees and nonprofits.

Quick fact – JK Group processed over $1 billion in charitable donations in the past year alone.

How Do I Contact EasyMatch?

If you fall into one of the following three categories, you should contact the company’s matching gift and volunteer grant hotline for assistance.

  1. Nonprofits looking to verify matching donations or those with questions regarding the status of a donation
  2. Employees looking for assistance with their employers’ matching gift programs
  3. Retirees with questions about their form employers’ retiree giving programs

There is no generic email address (ex. or phone number for EasyMatch that we’re aware of. EasyMatch assigns each of its corporate clients their own phone number and email address which is dedicated exclusively to each company’s programs. You can get some general information from the JK Group’s website.

Visit the JK Group’s website.

Double the Donation’s Relationship with EasyMatch:

Double the Donation is a completely different company from EasyMatch (JK Group).

While EasyMatch manages matching gift programs for corporations, Double the Donation works with nonprofits to help them raise more money from the matching gift programs offered by companies across the world.

Our database of matching gift companies includes matching gift programs managed either internally at companies or outsourced to a vendor. In addition to tracking companies which use the JK Group as their matching gift administrator, we also track programs managed by many corporate vendors such as:

Click here for more information on these matching gift vendors.

It’s important to remember that Double the Donation is a completely separate company from EasyMatch. We sell an easy-to-use tool to nonprofits to help them promote matching gifts to donors.

That being said, Double the Donation’s team researches and manages a database of matching gift company guidelines, forms, and contact information to which nonprofits can subscribe.

Chicago Philanthropy

Companies in Chicago, Illinois with Matching Gifts

We here at Double the Donation aid nonprofit organizations in their fundraising efforts using corporate matching gift programs. When an employee makes a donation to an eligible organization their company will “match” the gift. In this post we highlight some of the great local companies in the city of Chicago that currently offer matching gift programs.

As a nonprofit, the best place to start increasing matching gifts is knowing who the largest companies are in your area offering these programs.

Chicago, IL Matching Gifts

Illinois hosts 66 of the the Fortune 1000 companies. Chicago is the third largest city in the US by population size. The city is a major finance center involved in transportation, telecom, industry, commerce, and is home to one of the world’s busiest airports. The GDP of Chicago is ranked at #4 for cities, in the world.

Nonprofits across Chicago and Illinois could benefit from some of the generous gift matching programs offered by their city’s companies. Some of the familiar names around Chicago participating in corporate matches are listed below.

List of Chicago Corporate Donation Matching Programs

In order to help nonprofits get started increasing their fundraising, we at Double the Donation have created a short listing of some of the companies that currently offer matching gift programs in the Chicago area.

For more information on how you can start maximizing the funds raised through matching gifts, check out Double the Donation’s services.

Allstateallstate logo

The Allstate Corporation offers a Matching Hands matching gift program for donations to higher education at a 1:1 ratio. They also offer a 15 percent company match on donations to other nonprofits.

Read more about the Allstate matching gift program.

Baxter Internationalbaxter-international_200x200

Baxter is an American healthcare company headquartered in Illinois. Employees donating at least $25 to eligible organizations can apply to have their donations matched.

Read more about Baxter’s Matching Gift Program.


Exelon Energy Corporation, headquartered in the Chase Building in downtown Chicago, takes part in corporate giving by matching employee donations up to $2,000.

Read more about Exelon’s Matching Gift Program and volunteer grant opportunities.

Harris Bankharris_bank

Harris Bank or BMO Financial Group will donate up to $2,000 annually per employee match. Full, part-time, and retirees are all eligible.

Read more about the Harris Bank matching gift program.


McDonalds will match employee donations up to $5,000 per year per employee (and $10,000 per employee at or above the level of the Vice President) to qualified education, civic, cultural, health, and youth nonprofits at a 1:1 ratio.

Read more about the McDonalds matching gift program

The Tribune Companytribune_company_x200

The Tribune Company, home of the Chicago Tribune, does offer a 2:1 matching gift program, where donations are tripled to the receiving nonprofits.

Read more about the Tribune Company’s matching gift program.

Learn more about other companies offering matching gift or volunteer grant programs.

Detroit Matching Gifts

Companies in Detroit, Michigan with Matching Gift Programs

Here at Double the Donation we try to help nonprofits increase their revenue with corporate matching gifts and volunteer grants. A good place to start is publishing information on some top companies in major cities for local nonprofit organizations.

After receiving several calls from the Detroit area we decided to write an article on a few of the big corporations in Michigan willing to match donations made by their employees.

Detroit, Michigan and Corporate Giving

As the financial and a cultural center of the state, Detroit is the largest city in Michigan. Detroit has long been known as the nation’s leader in the automotive industry. Even after the financial downturn many strong companies with philanthropic roots remain tied to the city. If you’re a nonprofit in the area, be sure to check with your donors to see if their employers offer matching gift programs that could double their donations to your organization.

Detroit Matching Donations List

Familiarize your members with this short list of companies with operations in Detroit and encourage your donors to check with their HR departments to see if their employer offers a matching gift program.

Alternatively share a list of companies which previously matched one or more donations to your organization. The following companies are a great place to start.

Ally Financialally_financial_logo__medium

Ally Financial Inc. will match donations between $1 and $250. Ally is unique in that it matches donations as low as one dollar. If you have a large number of donors making smaller donations, a matching program like Ally’s could make a significant difference.

Read more about Ally Financial’s matching gift program.

Cooper Industries (Now Eaton)

Cooper Industries will match donations to many nonprofits, including arts and civic organizations and educational institutions. The company will double donations made by employees that are up to 5,000.

Read more about Eaton Corporation’s matching gift program.

DTE EnergyDTE_Energy_logo

DTE will match up to $5,000 per employee. The minimum gift matched is $25. DTE Energy also has a generous volunteer grant program.

Read more about the DTE Energy matching gift program.

Fifth Third Bankfifth-third-bancorp

Both full and part-time employees of Fifth Third Bancorp are illegible to take part in the matching gift program. Bancorp will match gifts between $25 and $1500.

Read more about Fifth Third Bank’s matching gift program.

PricewaterhouseCoopersPWC pricewater

PricewaterhouseCoopers has one of the more generous matching gift programs in Detroit. They will match gifts up to $10,000 per employee each year. They will match donations made to higher education.

Read more about PricewaterhouseCoopers’ matching gift program.

At Double the Donation we maintain an up-to-date database of companies that match donations from employees to nonprofit organizations.

View a list of top companies throughout the US and Canada offering matching gift programs.

Fort Lauderdale Matching Gifts

Companies in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida which Double Donations through Employee Matching Gift Programs

At Double the Donation, we’re often asked about companies with matching gift programs in specific areas. We help nonprofits increase fundraising by optimizing potential matching gifts from their donors.

The first place to start when trying to increase your organization’s matching gifts is to familiarize yourself with some of the top companies in your area that offer these programs.

Miami Matching Gift Companies

Miami is a financial and cultural center in the state of Florida. With multiple, philanthropic companies in the area, it pays to know which corporations have matching gift programs. The city is also headquarters for many multinational corporations.

We’ve compiled a short list of some of the top companies in Miami and Fort Lauderdale area that have great employee matching gift programs.


Assurant will match donations between $25 and $1,000. They will match to most nonprofits. Part-time and retired employees are eligible to take part in the program.

Read more about Assurant’s matching gift program.

General MotorsGM

General Motors doesn’t offer a matching gift at the moment, but they do have a volunteer grant program. Organizations can receive $200 for employees who spend 50 hours volunteering for their nonprofits.

In the coming years we look forward to GM joining the trend among US automakers in offering their employees the option of a matching gift program.

Read more about the General Motors employee volunteer grants program.


Google has one the more generous employee giving programs out there. They match between $50 and $12,000 made by employees and board members. They also have an employee volunteer program that pays nonprofits $10 for every hour an employee volunteers.

Read more about Google’s employee matching gift program.

Office DepotOD

Office Depot will match between $25 and $10,000 per employee, making it the top matching employer on this list. Part-time employees are eligible for this program.

Read more about the Office Depot matching gift program.

Want to learn more about corporate matching gift programs?